Chapter 289: Conflict of Judith and Long Yi


As it turned out, one of the two great Holy Priest Judith had come, and here he was thinking who had intruded. Long Yi looked at a light ball rapidly flying over here, and sensing that mild and fair spirit power and light magic elements, he was somewhat surprised in his heart. Why on earth was this old woman coming here at this time?

While Long Yi was thinking, that light ball arrived near them. And at that moment, Long Yi saw that there was a woman with an elegant figure dressed in snow-white priest robe inside the light. But her face couldn’t be seen clearly, however, just looking at this figure, how could anyone think that she was old enough to be called his **? All the places that should be protruding were protruding and all the places that should be sunken were sunken, in what angle did she resemble an old woman?

Judith elegantly landed on the roof not far away, then withdrawing the white light around her body, her appearance was revealed which greatly surprised Long Yi. That exquisite face, delicate white skin, and those phoenix eyes, he couldn’t find any trace of age on her face, on the contrary, she appeared as if a young girl. Long Yi didn’t know what kind of immortality pills she ate, but how could she maintain herself so excellently? Any woman that sees her would definitely go mad due to jealousy.

When Long Yi was surprised sizing up Judith, Si Bi stepped forward to welcome and said respectfully: “Master, how come you come here?”

Judith didn’t even look towards Long Yi, just stepping forward, she caught the hand of Si Bi, and her autumn eyes tensely sized up her disciple up and down. Finally, after a long time, she sighed out in relief and said: “Fortunately, you are okay.”

“Master, this is…?” Seeing the expression of Judith, Si Bi couldn’t help but become confused.

But not waiting for Judith to reply, Long Yi wasn’t able to endure any longer. Even if she was the master of Si Bi, she should not ignore his existence like this, moreover, this place however was Ximen residence. Granted that she intrude without prior notice, but she shouldn’t be so rude, did she think that just because she was able to maintain her looks so excellently, she was amazing?

Long Yi pulled Si Bi, then putting on a false smile, he said: “Hello, Your Excellency Holy Priest, please excuse me for not going out to welcome you, I didn’t know Your Excellency’s arrival to my lowly residence, please don’t take the offense.”

“Long Yi.” Si Bi called out lightly and pulled the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment. She naturally knew that her husband was a proud man to his bones, and he would seek revenge for even the smallest grievance regardless of the identity of the other person.

“I want you to call me my husband.” Long Yi smiled like a rogue and said.

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Si Bi looked at her indifferent master for a while, the gritting her teeth, she softly said: “My husband, don’t be like this.”

Long Yi complacently smiled, and looking at the expression of Si Bi, he didn’t argue anymore. Although this Judith person was beautiful and was still able to maintain her look so excellently even at her age, but Long Yi rather disliked her as she considered everyone was beneath her notice.

Only at this moment, Judith looked towards Long Yi, then sizing him up, she indifferently said: “Ximen Yu, let Si Bi go, I am taking her with me.”

The smiling expression of Long Yi stiffened, and his gaze instantly became fierce. Soon after that, his smile became even more brilliant, but those who knew him would definitely understand that this smile of his was very dangerous.

“Master, I……” Si Bi was somewhat in awkward position. She looked at Judith and again looked at Long Yi.

“Si Bi, do you think master will ever harm you? Today, you must go with me.” Judith said to Si Bi with decisive tone.

“What a joke, old woman, considering Si Bi’s face, I am enduring you. Now she is my wife, her husband is her heaven, so why should she leave her husband?” Long Yi coldly said, and he intently stared at Judith with a fierce gaze. But her eyes however were still indifferent without any waves.

“Master, now I am already married to him, I…I don’t want to leave him.” Si Bi tightly held the arm of Long Yi. She had made up her mind to be together with Long Yi with great difficulty, so even if there was a cliff in front of them, she wouldn’t think to retreat.

Judith looked at her treasured disciple and lightly sighed: “Could it be that you don’t want your Master, and also don’t want Light Church? Now Dark Church is pressuring our Light Church in every step, but you as a saintess, do you want to lay down everything?”

“How can it be, master, in my heart, you are always my most respected Master, if Master wasn’t there, then there will not be Si Bi of today.” Si Bi hastily said.

Long Yi was startled, and he still suppressed the anger in his heart, regardless of anything, she was still Master of Si Bi, presumably had taken great care of Si Bi, so it would only make difficult for Si Bi if both of them diametrically opposed to each other, besides, he also need to thank her for raising Si Bi.

“Since that is the case, then come and go with Master.” Judith lovingly looked at Si Bi. She was determined to take away Si Bi.

“Master……” Si Bi looked at Judith with imploring eyes. On one side, there was her husband, and on another side, there was her Master, she was in a very difficult situation.

“Your Excellency Holy Priest, don’t you all believe in Light God? You all teach others to be a good people, but how come you are set on separating us, the affectionate couple? this doesn’t seem to match with your identity at all.”  Long Yi said suppressing the anger in his heart.

Judith looked at Long Yi and indifferently said: “With your prior actions, even if I kill you, it’s sufficiently justifiable. As for the answer to your question, you are simply not good enough for Si Bi.”

“Good enough or not good enough, the heart of Si Bi is clear, it’s not like you want to marry me for me to be good enough for you.” Long Yi sneered. Honestly speaking, now he was truly disappointed thoroughly with the Holy Priest of Light Church.

The complexion of Judith changed slightly, and a killing intent flashed for an instant in her eyes.

“What? Want to kill me? Come kill me, it seems the cultivation of your mind still hasn’t reached that high.” Long Yi sneered and said.

At that moment, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing jumped over and stood behind Long Yi. Barbarian Bull was glaring at Judith, and as long as Long Yi gave him an order, he would attack.

Si Bi glanced at Li Qing, but she saw that Li Qing was expressionless like before on the surface. And now he was also coldly looking at Judith.

A state of hostility appeared on the surrounding, but Long Yi waved his hand and said: “Barbarian Bull, Li Qing, don’t be so tense, I am only joking with Holy Priest, how can a person of her status kill an innocent person?”

Judith turned to look at Si Bi and said: “Si Bi, Master is asking you for the last time, are you coming with me or not?”

“Si Bi will not go away with you unless I die.” Before Si Bi could reply, Long Yi coldly said.

Suddenly, on the hand of Judith, a magic staff with sparkling radiance appeared. Just looking at it, one would know that it was extraordinary. Even compared to Light Magic Staff in the hand of Si Bi, it was definitely a lot better.

“Truly stingy, setting aside only the used thing for Si Bi, and leaving good things to oneself, you are a frat Master.” Long Yi cursed in his heart. The Light Magic Staff in the hand of Si Bi was originally the magic staff used by Judith, but it seemed she had passed that Light Magic Staff to Si Bi because she had found a better magic staff. As a matter of fact, this was normal, but Long Yi thought like that because he had a prejudice against Judith in his heart, and she was also unpleasant to the eye, moreover, looking at her, she appeared to truly want to kill him.

Long Yi also took out a huge sword from inside his space ring, and using a kind of peculiar movement, he suddenly moved. Then his huge sword covered in a deep blue sword light slashed towards Judith.

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And to the surprise of everyone, Judith had blank look in her eyes, then neither did she move nor did she dodge, as if she was muddle-headed.

Long Yi immediately retracted his sword, but the clothing of Judith’s left arm however was torn, revealing her skin.


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