Chapter 288: Holy Priest arrived


Having heard what was said, Long Yi was startled, and lowering his head to look, he was stunned, but soon after that, he was unable to control his excitement, and his little brother continued to punish.

“My husband, it hurts, ah, quickly take out.” Leng Youyou felt as if her lower body was about to split open and she could only hit Long Yi without stopping.

Seeing Leng Youyou’s suffering appearance, and also seeing a trace of blood was seeping out from the place they were connected, Long Yi felt distressed and he had no choice but to discard the evil thoughts of his heart, then he slowly retreated.

“I’m sorry, Youyou, is it still aching?” Long Yi apologetically hugged Leng Youyou.

“What are you saying? You hateful husband.” Leng Youyou holding tears in her eyes repeatedly punched Long Yi until he begged for mercy.

“Sorry, sorry, how about I use a Light Heal Magic to cure?” Long Yi gently said.

“Don’t.” Leng Youyou however refused, then pulling the quilt, she covered her body.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, sometimes, a man is never able to understand what a woman is thinking.

Leng Youyou narrowed her eyes looking at Long Yi, this big fellow that was one pillar supporting the sky, then she coyly said: “My husband, if your fire is still not extinguished, then how about you go to look for Si Bi?”

Long Yi made a wry smile, then knocking the head of Leng Youyou, he said: “Forget it, since you felt pain, are you thinking of making Si Bi also feel pain? I am already contended with just a moment ago.”

“That’s not it, when am I so narrow-minded?” Leng Youyou discontentedly snorted.

Long Yi got up and wore his clothing, it was already morning, and he also needed to go to the military camp.

“My husband, where are you going?” Leng Youyou grabbed the hand of Long Yi and asked.

“Well, the sky is already bright, so I have to go to the military camp.” Long Yi sat down and said with a smile.

“Can’t you go a bit later? Now, I am very hungry.” Leng Youyou shook the hand of Long Yi and said acting coquettishly. This moment, she was just like a little girl, wanting her husband to coax her.

“Hungry? Then I will let a maid deliver something to eat.” Long Yi caressed the hair of Leng Youyou and said with a smile.

“No, you have to deliver personally.” Leng Youyou didn’t comply.

Long Yi was unable to make up his mind for a little while, but seeing Leng Youyou was full of expectation, he patted her head and said with a smile: “Fine, I will comply with you for today, but just this once.”

“M-hm.” Leng Youyou’s face wreathed in smiled and nodded her head. Actually, she didn’t want to pester Long Yi like this, she also knew that Long Yi had his own matter to handle, but they had just gotten together after separating for such a long time, making her especially cherish her time together with Long Yi. If she could she would have tied herself with him, and acted coquettishly and dumb just to get some gentleness of Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled and walked out of the room of Leng Youyou only to see Beitang Yu standing outside his bedroom. She appeared to be hesitating to call him.

“Yu’er, looking for me?” Long Yi walked forward and kissed on the face of Beitang Yu all of a sudden.

Beitang Yu immediately looked all around as if a thief, and only after seeing there was no one, her heart relaxed.

“I wanted to call you to go to the military camp, but fearing you were still wallowing in the land of warmth and tenderness, I was unable to do so.” Beitang Yu said with a red face, but her tone had a bit of sourness.

“You truly know how to speak, oh, by the way, help me tell everybody that I will be a little late today.” Long Yi laughed.

“Humph, I heard you brought women yesterday, did you think I don’t know? Big pervert.” Beitang Yu whispered.

“Yo, you are jealous, your jealousy is not small too.” Long Yi smirked and said, then kneaded the flat stomach of Beitang Yu.

“So hateful, who eat your vinegar, since you are not going, I will go first.” Beitang Yu rolled her eyes looking at Long Yi, then turning around, she ran out of the courtyard. [T.N: the literal translation of jealous (吃醋) is ‘eat vinegar’]

Long Yi smiled and shrugged his shoulders, then dashing to the kitchen, he brought back a bowl of gruel and some munchies.

“My little darling Youyou, quickly get up and eat something.” Long Yi called out Leng Youyou who was still lying on the bed.

Leng Youyou turned over and lied on her stomach, then supporting her chin with her hand, she said while looking at Long Yi: “My husband, my that place is still painful, so I am unable to move.”

Long Yi shook his head and smiled, then walking over to Leng Youyou, he picked her up and made her lean on the bedhead. Then, he handed over the tray filled with edibles to her and said: “Now, is it okay?”

Leng Youyou looked at Long Yi with her big eyes and shaking her head, she pitifully said: “My husband, feed me, okay?”

“Darling, your that place is injured, but could it be that your hands are also injured?” Long Yi said while his eyes moved towards her lower body.

Although covered with the quilt, but Leng Youyou felt as if Long Yi could see through, then with a red face, her little hand covered the quilt as if she would be able to obstruct the vision of Long Yi like this. Then, she angrily said: “Haven’t you seen enough? Are you feeding me or not?”

“Feed, how can I not fulfill the request of my wife?” Long Yi dotingly said. He sat down and making Leng Youyou lean on his bosom, he scooped the gruel and began feeding her.

Leng Youyou’s heart was sweet as if overturned honey jar, and the sweet smile on her face never disappeared, but her eyes nevertheless were misty. Such doting and gentleness of Long Yi made her have an urge to cry. She was an orphan, grew up in Dark Church, so where could she enjoy such tenderness?

Finally, after feeding all the breakfast to Leng Youyou, Long Yi gently wiped the stains on the corner of her mouth, and suddenly said with a smile: “Wow, darling Youyou, is your stomach a black hole? How can you eat so much?”

Leng Youyou shyly smiled and patting Long Yi, she said: “Well, now that I have eaten until full, you can go.”

“Ai, I truly wasn’t mistaken, you really pulled down the bridge after crossing the river again, truly isn’t a virtuous wife, ah.” Long Yi sighed.

“Then are you regretting?” Leng Youyou glared and said.

“Even if I regret, can I return the goods?” Long Yi with bitter face joked.

“Cannot, in this lifetime, don’t imagine that it’s possible to get rid of me, I am set on leaning on you.” Leng Youyou pulled Long Yi, then hugging his arm, she rested her head on the shoulder of Long Yi.

Two people hugged, and a touch of tender feelings spread all over the room. Leng Youyou couldn’t help thinking, if she could hug him like this forever, then how wonderful that would be.

“My husband, are you thinking I am especially overbearing today? And especially……not gentle?” Leng Youyou lifted her head and carefully looking at the complexion of Long Yi, she asked.

“I am accustomed to it, all along, you were not particularly gentle.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“So hateful, how am I not gentle?” Leng Youyou pinched the soft flesh of Long Yi’s waist.

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“Aiyo, look, look, you call this gentle?” Long Yi said.

Leng Youyou hastily loosened her hand, and feeling embarrassed, her face turned red.

“Youyou, don’t think too much, from the first day I met you in Light City, I knew that you are very strong-minded person, and although on the surface, you don’t acknowledge to cherish anyone, but in fact your heart is very nice, so in front of me, you don’t need to force yourself to change for me, as long as you be yourself, it’s fine. I also like the true you the most, no matter if it is indifference, overbearing, act coquettishly or act dumb, I like all of them.” Long Yi hugged Leng Youyou and said gently. He liked all gentle girls, but similarly, he also liked girls with individual characters.

Leng Youyou was moved beyond description, in this world, there were only a few men that could speak out such words to the women. She buried herself into the bosom of Long Yi and mumbled: “Thank you, my husband.”

“What thanks, silly girl, if someone has to thank, then I should thank you.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Well, Si Bi has been waiting outside for a long time, quickly go out.” Leng Youyou smiled and pushed away Long Yi. She being, spirit and dark, duel attributed magician, her sense was very sharp.

Hearing the words of Leng Youyou outside, Si Bi panicked and carelessly bumped against the door, creating a ‘bang’ sound.

Long Yi smiled and opened the door, and seeing Long Yi, neatly dressed Si Bi standing in the courtyard somewhat awkwardly said: “I……I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

“I know, you were just interested in it.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Si Bi glared at Long Yi and just when she wanted to open her mouth, he pulled her and flew up to the roof. Long Yi sat opposite to Si Bi, and with a keen gaze, he stared at Si Bi, causing the gaze of Si Bi to glimmer. Until now, she still didn’t dare to completely believe that she had actually kowtowed Heaven and Hearth with Long Yi, becoming his perfectly legitimate wife.

Gently unshipping the silk cloth covering her face, Long Yi caressed her left side face’s that blood-red mark.

“Don’t, don’t look, it’s very ugly.” Si Bi wanted to pull down the big hand of Long Yi, but how could she pulled down his hand with her little strength.

“It’s not ugly, this is the most beautiful mark on your body, because it makes your heart appear even more beautiful.” Long Yi gently caressed this birthmark, and thinking she must have gone through great hardship in the course of growing up, he felt rather distressed in his heart.

“Long Yi, I……” Si Bi looked at Long Yi, wanting to say something, but Long Yi used his finger to block her lips, making her swallow back the words she wanted to speak.

Long Yi slowly lowered his head, then he kissed that blood-red birthmark on the left side face of Si Bi. He didn’t care, he truly didn’t care.

The whole body of Si Bi trembled, and tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes, flowing to the lips of Long Yi, and salty taste spread out from the taste buds of Long Yi just like that time, when the tears of Si Bi had flowed on his chest. Only at that time, it was the tear of bitterness but now it was the tear of feeling sweet and sour complex emotions.

At this moment, Li Qing stepped out from his room, then looking up, he happened to see two people hugging together on the roof. His heart trembled and he tightly clenched his hands, then withdrawing his leg, he returned his room. After that, he weakly leaned against the door, and his handsome twisted in pain, could he truly let go of her? He couldn’t even though he repeatedly forced himself to forget her.

Long Yi’s lips left Si Bi’s left cheek after a long time, the looking at Si Bi who was in a complete mess, he said with a smile: “Si Bi, thank you for everything you have done for me, that piece of jade we dug out of that Earth Bear’s stomach, didn’t you already know that it was Light Spirit Tablet?”

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Si Bi nodded her head, she indeed knew that it was Light Spirit Tablet, but she insisted on leaving it with Long Yi.

“If it was not for this Light Spirit Tablet, I, Long Yi might have already died.” Long Yi said. At that time, if it was not for this Light Spirit Tablet, why would the elder of Dragon clan let them off so easily?

Si Bi exclaimed and asked in a panic: “Then, are you fine now?”

“If I wasn’t fine, then would I be standing here? Besides, I, your husband’s magical power……!” Long Yi had just spoken half, but he suddenly frowned and he looked towards the distant place.

“Master……Master is coming.” Si Bi muttered.


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