Chapter 287: Rear Flower Garden


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The night was already pitch-black, and the entire city began to quiet down. Only the magic lamps illuminating on the roadside were swaying due to the wind.

Long Yi quietly and slowly walked towards Ximen residence, and his shadow was changing continuously along with the swaying of magic lamps, for a moment, it was short and in another moment, it was long, for a moment, it moved to the right and in another moment, it moved to the left. But only the discussion about douqi he had with Murong Bo was stuck in the mind of Long Yi, perhaps all creations in this world were basically ‘grasp this fundamental point and all the rest will follow’, the understanding of douqi and even magic might were extremely attractive to him. After this discussion with Murong Bo, he again broadened his field of vision which he already considered to be very wide, making him reap no little benefit. Thinking he would be able to explore every day like this, Long Yi was unable to suppress the excitement of his heart. Although he didn’t know the real purpose of Murong Bo, but he knew that Murong Bo didn’t have ill intent.

When he returned to Ximen residence, it was already daybreak, and the people of the residencehad already gotten out of the bed and were bustling about. Long Yi returned to his courtyard, but he sensed the rooms of Li Qing and Barbarian Bull were empty, and seeing they had yet to return, Long Yi couldn’t help but frown. Did something happen to those fellows?

When he was thinking, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing’s figures appeared at the entrance of the courtyard.

“Boss, we are back.” Barbarian Bull said to Long Yi.

Long Yi nodded his head and looked towards Li Qing. It seemed there was nothing unusual, merely he had become even grimmer and ice-cold without a trace of warmth.

“Li Qing, do you hate me?” Long Yi indifferently asked.

Li Qing shook his head and said without any expression: “I’m sorry Young Master, I made you worry. Before, Li Qing was having wishful thoughts, now I know that Young Master can give Madame Si Bi happiness, so I have no regret.”

Long Yi softly sighed, then walking to the side of Li Qing, he placed his hand on his shoulder and slowly said: “Can you really let go?”

The corner of Li Qing’s mouth twitched, but without making the slightest concession, he looked at Long Yi face to face and slowly said: “I can.”

“Go and rest.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Li Qing and said. Some matters couldn’t be forced. He also had no other way but to hurt Li Qing, as with regarding the feelings, he was very overbearing, his women can only belong to him, Long Yi.

Long Yi entered his bedroom, and saw Nangong Xiangyun was lying on the big bed, sleeping soundly. Long Yi sat on the edge of the bed, and warmly looked at this girl who had just become his wife. Her long eyelashes were curved as if the crescent silver moon, her rosy face was glossy, and her soft and pink lips were slightly stuck upward. It seemed she was having a sweet dream.

And looking down, Long Yi saw a pair of ** wrapped in a silk bra. And more than half ** visible outside the bra formed a deep alluring cleavage.

“This girl, her figure is well-developed.” Long Yi pinched ** of Nangong Xiangyun and lightly said with a smile.

And not wanting to wake her up, Long Yi gently covered her with the brocade quilt she had kicked off to one side, then he lightly kissed her forehead. But just after Long Yi got up, a little hand suddenly stretched out from the quilt and grabbed his sleeve.

Long Yi turned around, and saw Nangong Xiangyun was looking at him with blurred eyes, which showed her love towards him.

“Did I wake you up?” Long Yi sat down and gently asked.

Nangong Xiangyun shook her head, then pulling Long Yi to recline, she snuggled into his bosom.

“My husband.” Nangong Xiangyun softly called out.


“Don’t forget me, even if you have many women, do not forget me, okay?” In the bosom of Long Yi, Nangong Xiangyun said in a low voice. When she had learned that Long Yi had married three other women on the same day of her wedding with him, although she didn’t say anything, but she still was extremely frightened in her heart. She was an extremely confident person, but after seeing the other women of Long Yi, her self-confidence disappeared without a trace. Each one of them was not below her in beauty and intelligent, but were even above her. How could this not make her nervous?

“Don’t let your imagination run wild, even if I forget to breathe, I will not forget you, I promise you.” Long Yi could be considered to have a great experience to deal with this kind of situation. Speaking out sweet words and honeyed phrases, he calmed down the beauty in his bosom.

And obtaining the promise of Long Yi, Nangong Xiangyun cutely rubbed her head in his bosom. She was no longer unruly like before, it seems marriage not only mature men, but also make girls become sensible.

Two people hugged for a long time, and then separating from the bosom of Long Yi, Nangong Xiangyun said: “My husband, I don’t have enough sleep yet. You can go to big sisters’ place to roll around.” Said Nangong Xiangyun, then turning to the other side, she covered her head with the quilt.

Long Yi smiled faintly. How could he not know that Nangong Xiangyun was letting him go and accompany Si Bi and Leng Youyou? This instantly moved his heart, with such wife, what else could husband demand. Having such understanding wife was his blessing.

“Xiangyun, wait for tomorrow night, your husband will accompany you nicely.” Long Yi smirked and then patted Nangong Xiangyun’s elastic and soft ** separated by the quilt making her grumble in a flirty manner.

Long Yi stood at the entrance, the day was still not completely bright yet. He knew that Si Bi was inside the left wing-room and Leng Youyou was in right wing-room, which room should he go? At this moment, Long Yi hesitated, in his heart, he had a wonderful fantasy of sleeping together with everyone, but that time was still far away in the future.

Just at that time, the door of the left-wing room opened with a creek, and Leng Youyou’s small head bore out, then with a pair of seductive eyes looking at Long Yi, she said angrily: “Blockhead, why are you in a dazed there, still not coming in quickly.”

Being invited by a beauty, Long Yi didn’t hesitate, like a streak of smoke, he entered the room of Leng Youyou. At this time, Leng Youyou with her hair loosely hanging down was walking towards the bed. She was wearing only underwear, exposing her fragrant shoulders and thighs. Moreover, with her round and bulging ** swaying with her step, she truly was extremely sexy.

It had already been a long time since Long Yi and Leng Youyou had last gotten affectionate. The figure of Leng Youyou was simply excellent, in one word, it was awesome. That plump **, that very thin waist, that slender **, all of them were of best quality.

Long Yi quickly stepped forward and tightly hugged Leng Youyou from behind. And with that familiar girl fragrance entering into his nose, he was unbearably **. His big hands skillfully grabbed those big ** which couldn’t be completely contained in his hands, and began fondling, kneading and pinching. And Leng Youyou in his bosom was already breathing heavily, and her charming eyes were blurred.

Leng Youyou was wet already, and with her passion ignited, she turned around her head and her lips sought the lips of Long Yi. She missed this warmth of entangling these lips and tongues.

Long Yi sucked the lips and tongue of Leng Youyou, then, being no longer satisfied with only her mountains, his hand gradually moved down the plains, and began teasing the most secret place of a maiden separated by only a small panties. Not long after, his fingers felt wet, and a water stain appeared on her small panties.

“Mmm……my husband.” Leng Youyou moaned, then turning around, she began to tear the clothing of Long Yi, as she yearned for the skin to skin, most intimate contact.

Getting up to the tricks, two people were frank and open face to face, and the battlefield also extended to the soft bed.

Leng Youyou turned over and pushed Long Yi down, then looking at Long Yi in a trace with her seductive eyes, she sweetly said: “My husband, I missed you very much, I want to take a good look at you.”

Long Yi smiled and said: “Then you can take a good look, as for me, I will touch you nicely.” Long Yi stretched out his hands towards the snow-white pert buttocks of Leng Youyou, then neither lightly nor forcibly, he grabbed her buttocks. Her buttocks were truly elastic to touch.

Feeling his touch, the breathing of Leng Youyou got rapid and heavier, and especially when the claws of Long Yi entered the crack of her buttocks, reaching her delicate ravine and he caressed it, she was even more unable to bear. Her little hand gently pinched Long Yi, soon afterwards, grabbing little Long Yi, she propped it up, then pushing her body downward, little Long Yi entered a warm and moist passage.

This rapid and intense integration made two people moan, then Leng Youyou riding Long Yi played the role of a horsewoman. Her jade body moved up and down, causing a pair of soft meat buns on her bosom to toss about up and down. Moreover, she frequently let out a moan arousing **.

After a horsewoman galloped for a good while, her body was covered with fragrant sweat, and the fluid flowed out from the place of intercourse had already soaked the sheet under Long Yi.

“My husband, I am dead tired, help me.” Leng Youyou’s body became limp. Although she was about to reach the peak, however she didn’t have any strength to move, so how could she not be in a hurry?

Long Yi was ready to serve. Holding the slender waist of Leng Youyou with his hands, he violently rammed his hips upward, and not long after, Leng Youyou let out a long **, then twitching, she collapsed on the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi caressed Leng Youyou who having the aftertaste of **, while whispering gentle words in her ear, but little Long Yi however was still hard inside the contracted ** passage, and this tightening and loosening feeling was undoubtedly the best massage in this world. This made Long Yi feel very pleasurable.

After a good while, Leng Youyou woke up from the aftertaste, and swaying her waist, she said: “My husband, still not eaten enough?”

“You also know your husband is comparably more powerful, I am still some distance away from eating enough, how about we continue?” Long Yi smiled, then turning over Leng Youyou, he pushed her down.

“Don’t, I have already eaten until full, so how about I ignore you?” Leng Youyou rolled her eyes looking at Long Yi, and she swayed her waist not allowing little Long Yi to enter.

“You meanie, actually dare to pull down the bridge after crossing the river, see how I will punish you.” Long Yi also smirked and openly joked with Leng Youyou. Sometimes, this kind of small-scale play in bed could enhance the fun.

Long Yi sucked Leng Youyou’s **’s pink breast pearl, and the tip of his tongue lightly licked around her mammary areola, attempting to crush the resisting will of Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou closed her eyes in pleasure, but her waist however moved continuously, making the longing little Long Yi pound several times without entering successfully.

Long Yi straightforwardly lifted Leng Youyou’s **, and suddenly thrusting his hips forward, he felt more than half of the little Long Yi had entered a very narrow and small passage. It was very tight.

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“Ah, my husband, quickly pull out, you entered wrong one, it’s really painful.” Leng Youyou screamed, and her entire body was stiffened. Her little hands also firmly grabbed the shoulder of Long Yi and tears appeared in her eyes.

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