Chapter 286: Forbidden Heaven Prison is my home


“Who?” Long Yi asked closely.

“A female disciple of Ice Palace, I forgot her name.” Murong Bo frowned and said.

“Ice Palace? You are not joking right?” The complexion of Long Yi became somewhat ugly, how come this matter again involve Ice Palace? Moreover weren’t all the people of Ice Palace water magicians? He had always thought so.

“Do you think I am joking? At that time, when your grandfather went to Origin Ice by himself to look for Ruyu Ice Silkworm, he nearly died there, but later was rescued by this female disciple of Ice Palace. I have seen her using Spinning Ice Wall once before, merely I don’t dare to confirm, that’s all.” Murong Bo said.

Long Yi touched his nose, feeling this matter was quite dramatic, as the experience of his grandfather was similar to him. He and Yu Feng took Wushuang and go to Origin Ice in search of Ruyu Ice Silkworm’s blood, resulting in them being rescued by the person of Ice Palace. If that female Swords Saint truly was the people of Ice Palace, then now, wasn’t she and Wushuang the fellow disciples?

“Old man, then why didn’t grandfather get together with her?” Long Yi asked.

“This…you can go and ask them.” Murong Bo said.

Long Yi rubbed the beard stubble of his chin, and began to ponder, now the matter was even more complicated. He wanted to rationalize the matter, but the more he thought the more confused he became, finally, he gave up rationalizing. When the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current, there inevitably will be a day when the whole thing comes to the light. Thinking this, the heart of Long Yi relaxed greatly. He thought that after returning, he would ask Skynet Intelligence Group to pay attention to the whereabouts of Wushuang. He had a premonition that Wushuang and he would eventually cross the path. The fate would definitely bring them together.

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“Boy, I think you are quite pleasing to the eye, want to go to my place and chat?” Murong Bo asked with a smile.

“Go, of course, I want to go and chat.” Long Yi hastily agreed. This old man however was Sword God, with regarding the understanding of douqi, who could compare to him. If he gave him some pointers, then he might break through the bottleneck of Great Swords Master realm and reach Swords Saint realm.

Along with Murong Bo quickly passing through Soaring Dragon City, the two people stopped at the strictly guarded remote place. Long Yi watched those groups of fully armed patrolling guards with his mouth wide open, he knew this place, this place was the same place from where Qiu Fu had broken him out at that time.

“Forbidden Heaven Prison, old man, don’t tell me that you live in this place?” Long Yi said in surprise.

“Correct, this is the place where I have been living for nearly 40 years. This place can be regarded as my home.” Murong Bo indifferently said.

Long Yi was speechless, pointing Murong Bo and again pointing the place below, he truly didn’t know whether to admire him or look down upon him.

“This place has things to eat and drink but no-one to disturb, there is no more comfortable place compared to this place.” Murong Bo looked at surprised Long Yi and laughed.

“This……how do we enter?” Long Yi confusedly asked. Forbidden Heaven Prison was known as the most strictly guarded prison in the entire Blue Waves Continent. With the current strength of Long Yi, it was impossible for Long Yi to sneak in without anybody knowing even if he wanted unless his AoTianJue reached the fifth layer. But he absolutely didn’t believe that Murong Bo was capable of such speed that no one could notice him. Although he had already reached Sword God realm, but even if he wanted to storm in, Long Yi believed that it was uncertain whether he could successfully enter this prison.

Murong Bo smirked, then pulled Long Yi to one corner in the periphery where the guards were comparably weaker, then his nimble finger poked several times on the ground. After that, a hole which was 0.5 meter in diameter silently appeared on the ground.


“Go down, why are you still in a daze?” Seeing Long Yi was in a daze, Murong Bo hasten him.

Long Yi no longer hesitated and immediately jumped down, he believed that Murong Bo wouldn’t harm him, if he really wanted to harm him, then with his Sword God realm strength, there was no need for him to go through such length.

After feeling he had fallen for several tens of meters, Long Yi saw the light, and unexpectedly a room appeared in front of him, furthermore, this room was complete with furniture, merely the room was a prison cell with an iron grille. They had truly entered Forbidden Heaven Prison. Long Yi pulled open the small window of the iron grille and looked outside, and sure enough, he saw rows of crisscrossed prison cells outside, moreover, patrolling prison guards were passing by from time to time.

At that time, Murong Bo also fell down, then the hole above them immediately revert back to the previous state.

“How is it, boy, my place isn’t bad, right?” Seeing Long Yi was surprised, Murong Bo sat on the sofa and laughed smugly.

“You are truly resourceful, you can even open the secret passage of Forbidden Heaven Prison.” Long Yi walked over and sitting opposite to Murong Bo, he said in admiration.

Murong Bo laughed hollowly and said: “I am not that resourceful, merely this Forbidden Heaven Prison was designed and build by my Murong clan’s ancestor. And in order to avoid the descendants of Murong clan falling into this prison, every prison cell has an escaping passage, but no one other than the descendants of Murong clan can find these passage.”

“F*** your grandpa, what’s this, your ancestors are awesome.” Hearing Murong Bo, Long Yi was speechless inwardly. The unbreakable Forbidden Heaven Prison unexpectedly had this kind of loophole.

“That’s natural, it seems you are not blind, want to know how to find secret passages?” Murong Bo was an experienced person, and seeing the expression of Long Yi, how could he not know what Long Yi was thinking.

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“Even the best fall down sometimes, in case, I am unfortunately confined in this place one day, then wouldn’t that be terrible? You also know how awful this place is, we can neither use douqi nor magic, it’s very difficult to escape.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Who said you cannot use magic and douqi inside Forbidden Heaven Prison?” Murong Bo waved his hand, and dazzling golden douqi streak across in the air.

Upon seeing this, Long Yi thought that this prison cell of Murong Bo was different from other, so he tried to sense magic elements in the air, but there truly weren’t any magic elements, and he also couldn’t use douqi, however why could Murong Bo use douqi? Truly was absurd.

“Actually, the reason is very simple, your strength is too weak, wait until the day when you are able to use the domain, after that, you can come and go as you please from this Forbidden Heaven Prison including those five special prison cells of this Forbidden Heaven Prison.” Murong Bo said with a smile.

“You are talking nonsense, aren’t you? I am pretty sure that even if you were confined in those special prison cells, then even if you have a domain, it would be as useless as a fart.” Long Yi said. At that time, he had experienced being confined in that place, so he knew this much.

“Do you truly want to know the secret passages of Forbidden Heaven Prison?” Murong Bo asked with a smile.

“Of course.” Long Yi became alert, as he was not sure whether Murong Bo harbored ill intentions or not.

“It is not impossible to tell you, but there is no free lunch in this world, naturally there is a condition.” Murong Bo laughed.

“What condition, just say it.” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and said.

“You are to my liking, boy, hereafter every night come to this place and spend some time with this old man, and conveniently, we can also explore about the problems of the martial arts.” Murong Bo said and smiled, appearing harmless.

Long Yi suspiciously looked at Murong Bo, this was the condition? This old man, a Swords God giving him pointer every day was the greatest fortune for him, but does this world really have free meals like this?


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