Chapter 229 – Beast, Stop Your Actions…

Those young men that were recommended as adopted heirs had all been murdered; the hearts of these men were intact and not dug out. They were all simply murdered in cold blood; not only them, the direct relatives and the parents of these men were also murdered.

Within a night, members of the Huan Clan had turned into a river of blood.


The Huan Estate.

Two Feather Guards were currently standing guard outside the door of Happiness Blessing Court when they suddenly caught the scent of blood coming from afar.

After a simple discussion, one of the guards remained in Happiness Blessing Court while the other went away to investigate, dashing towards the direction of the bloody scent.

Within the firewood shed of the back courtyard.

Under the shine of the moonlight, a demon with the head of a bird and the body of a man was currently murdering servants that were isolated within the shed. These servants were all individuals that appeared within the name list that was provided by Luo Shuang; when Madam Huan returned, they were all rounded up and specially locked within the firewood shed.

Little did anyone expect the Greater Demon to visit them without any deliberate effort!

“Beast, stop your actions…” the feather guard loudly shouted.

The bird-head man threw the corpse in his hand like trash to one side and ran away without hesitation, and the Feather Guard chased after it.

The demon seemed to be familiar with the terrain of the Huan Estate; it deliberately chose the small corners and paths to shake off the pursuit before flipping over the wall of the Huan Estate.

Yet coincidentally, that Feather Guard happened to specialize in tracking; he was able to follow the demon with agile movements, and he also left the premises of the Huan Estate to continue giving chase…


Bamboo House.

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The first rays from the sun had seeped into the building; within it, an elder with a youthful face and white hair was currently mediating under the morning sun.

Suddenly, a flash appeared in front.

A spirit crane appeared within flapping wings and flew towards him.

It transformed into a row of words: Old Ancestor, the Greater Demon is getting out of control; it murdered all our chess pieces that we had placed within the Huan Estate. What do we do now, please give your instructions.

When the elder read it, a mixture of shock and anger crossed through his face.

He quickly replied with a spirit crane, ‘Stop all actions related to the Huan Estate now.”

He was wondering, that beast had not eaten much spirit masters, and even if it had the intention to rebel, they would not have lost control to such level. It was at most a Demon General; there was no way for it to gain any advantage by causing a ruckus within the capital. It would have properly used the Demon Sealing Talisman he provided and hid itself within the population. It would never choose to cause such a big commotion…

Unless something unexpectedly huge happened!

It caused the demon to rebel without bothering about the consequences…

What happened that caused it to act this way? It might directly affect Yu’er…

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The elder was unable to continue his meditation. He summoned an armadillo-like spirit treasure; this spirit treasure was already at the form of half-physical state, showing how powerful it was. The elder stood on it and began speaking to it using through his mind.

The armadillo immediately dived into the ground and moved towards the direction of the capital with astonishing speed.

In a short moment, they arrived within the capital of the Hanging Cloud Empire, and the elder appeared from the ground. He disregarded the mud on his body and immediately cast a spell to scan his surroundings.

The next moment, the corners of the elder’s mouth curled up into a cold smile.

His figure once again disappeared into the ground along with the armadillo…


Within the ancient bowl’s dimension.

Huan Qing Yan was relaxing within the sauna bath, relieving her fatigue…

When she suddenly recalled her actions when she was drugged, the scene of how she interacted with Ji Mo Ya, her face immediately flushed red, ‘D*mn! So embarrassing!’

‘Would Young Master Ya think that she is a thirsty and flirtatious woman?’

‘Oh the heavens and the earth, her image is gone!’

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