Chapter 230 – Wavering Little Expression

Also, Young Master seems to be treating her really well; would it be possible that he was interested in her?

The reincarnated girl coldly said, “Young Master Ya had seen your pig-like image before, do you think a man would have any bit of interest in a woman who was that fat?”

“But, he came to the Huan Estate late at night… to save me.” Huan Qing Yan replied confused.

“You were drugged and was all over him, yet he still managed to remain calm, treating you politely and gentlemanly. Saving you also did not seem to cost him much energy; to him, that was just something that was as easy as lifting a finger. Do you have to overthink so much?”

Huan Qing Yan thought her words were logical too; what kind of man would treat the woman he likes in that kind of indifferent manner?

‘Ai, it seems that my charm is still not enough.’

The reincarnated girl added, “You are currently his spirit chef, a person that represents him. To come and save you could be said to be an act of maintaining his reputation, to deter people from trying to overstep. You should completely stop overthinking; what’s more, have you forgotten what he said? The Huan Estate is related to the Greater Demon murders; he must have been performing an investigation nearby and happened to pass by the Huan Estate, saving you along the way…”

Huan Qing Yan’s small hope was immediately burst by the reincarnated girl’s words.

Fine, the amount of beauties the other party have met must have been more than the amount of rice she had eaten. She is just a wild little flower off the roadside, so she should not continue her delusion anymore.

She felt a sense of loss.

At that moment, within the empty space above the sauna, a great spirit treasure war was undergoing; a tree leaf spirit treasure with a large shining Goose Egg star was currently being chased by a pig spirit treasure with four shiny Goose Egg stars…

The leaf spirit was exceptionally agile while the pig spirit was fat and slow; whenever a distance was made between them, the little leaf would extend its stem into a long vine and use it to perform all sorts of harassment at the pig spirit treasure; tickling, whipping, tripping etc.…

This caused the pig spirit treasure to grunt angrily, spurring it to chase at it in frenzy.

In reaction, the leaf spirit continued to run in circles around the sauna’s perimeter…

When the pig paused, the leaf spirit would continue harassing it…

Huan Qing Yan was getting tired at their antics, “Can the both of you get a rest? Can’t the both of you show some harmonic team spirit?”

As the pig spirit received a scolding, it uses its snout to angrily point at the leaf spirit’s direction… grunting in complain.

Huan Qing Yan said, “If you did not cause trouble when the other party was just born, would it have any reason to go against you?”

The pig spirit lowered its head; it stopped grunting and flew back into the spirit imprint on her wrist.

The leaf spirit glided in the air happily; it seemed to be performing a victory dance…

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Huan Qing Yan continued, “What’s a One-Star like you being smug about? There are tons of spirit treasures out there that can run faster than you. Is harassing the only technique you have since you are born?”

The leaf spirit also got dejected; it curled up into a leaf roll and returned into Huan Qing Yan’s spirit imprint.

The world was finally peaceful and quiet.

Looking at their dejected little expressions, Huan Qing Yan’s disappointed little heart also miraculously regained its balance.

Let’s all be hurt together. It makes no sense when the master felt jilted while the spirit treasures were happily fooling around!

Yup, that should be the way!

After resting within the dimension for a few days, Huan Qing Yan’s overall condition had also recovered. She also managed to steam large amount of spirit meat buns; they could be used as rations whenever she felt hungry in the future.

She estimated that the sun should be hanging high up in the sky already. Being worried about her family’s situation, she left the dimension.

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She discovered that Ji Mo Ya had left the Aged Consulate; she was told that he was summoned into the royal palace due to another Greater Demon incident.

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