Chapter 43

Ning Meng Yao was quite surprised. She did not think that this man was not bad; at least he did not inherit Madam Chen’s personality. If not, then it would make people disgusted.

Madam Chen was rendered speechless by Yang Huai’s words. Yang Cui who was there with them became dissatisfied as she pointed at Yang Huai, roaring: “Is this how you speak with mom? Yang Huai, you read that much books for what?”

“You shut your mouth. If it weren’t for you being shameless, how can this matter be like this? The things you did yourself, I do not have the obligation to cover them for you.” Yang Huai did not leave a shred of feeling in the words he spoke to Yang Cui.

This sister of his was spoiled rotten by him. Now, he did not know how to handle her.

Yang Cui glared at her brother. From when she was small until now, this brother was not the one who pampered her the most. If discussing the matter of pampering, then her eldest brother was the one who pampered her the most while this brother of hers did not like her, even looking down on her.

Madam Chen glared at her son. She was originally not satisfied with him and now hearing him saying those words about his sister, her heart became even more unhappy: “Is this how you treat your own sister?”

Yang Huai did not say anything and only shook his head in disappointment. How could he not like his sister? When they were small, he pampered her, but a pity, she was now spoiled rotten.

Yang Cui glared heatedly at Ning Meng Yao and raged: “Ning Meng Yao, you shameless woman. You want to put a drift between me and my brother’s relationship, making my brother helps you.”

Ning Mng Yao was truly impatient towards this one family: “Please take your sister and mother away from here.”

Embarrassment flashed through Yang Huai’s face. Throwing his face in front of this kind of woman, really made Yang Huai’s heart unhappy.

“Mother, let’s go back. Don’t find trouble to others in the future. This is all what Yang Cui deserved.” Yang Huai faintly spoke and his voice carried thick impatient.

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These words not only hit Madam Chen’s face, also helping outsiders while bringing down his own sister.

Madam Chen was infuriated that she felt uncomfortable, but could not say anything. She pointed her trembling hand towards her son and was not able to say anything for half a day. In the end, she could only take her daughter away in anger.

She truly threw her face away so far today. Her own son actually helped other woman to bully them. Was there anything that was more ridiculous as this?

After the two left, Yang Huai looked at Ning Meng Yao with guilt: “I am sorry. The matters today are my sister’s fault. I hope you can forgive her and not dispute with her. She is still a child.”

He did not even believe these words, how could others believe this?

“A child? That’s only what your family thinks. You better look out your sister and don’t bring trouble to me. If not, I will not let the matter go this easily.” If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Huai’s personality was not bad, she would not let it go this easily. Running to her gate without reason and scolded her a round then able leave peacefully. There was never this kind of good thing under the heaven.

Yang Huai actually still wanted to get closer to Ning Meng Yao. He like this maiden, but under her reserved words, Yang Huai carried awkwardness on his face. He could only leave with a shamed smile.

Standing for a while on the door, Ning Meng Yao turned to leave. When she came back, the children had completed her assignments.

Seeing them, Ning Meng Yao smiled faintly. It was indeed happier to be with these kids.

When all the children left one by one in the afternoon, Yang Xiu Er walked from the outside and looked at Ning Meng Yao with a frown: “You mouth Yang Cui?”

Although these words were asking Ning Meng Yao, but that obvious tone was like interrogation.

Lifting her pupils to see Yang Xiu Er, Ning Meng Yao did not answer, only tidying the things in her courtyard.

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Seeing Ning Meng Yao ignoring her and treating her like empty air, Yang Xiu Er’s expression turned ugly.

“Ning Meng Yao, I am talking to you. Did you not hear? If you beg me, I will help you. My relationship with Yang Cui is not bad.” Yang Xiu Er looked at Ning Meng Yao with her head held high.

Finally, she finally had something that could contend with Ning Meng Yao. She would make Ning Meng Yao shamed in front of her.

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