Chapter 44

Yang Xiu Er was friends with Yang Cui ever since they were little, only because Yang Cui’s family’s condition was better than hers, so she wanted to play with Yang Cui, hoping the girl could help her family. But since she often went to the town, their relationship became fainter.

Now that she was back, although Yang Cui was haughty, but their relationship was still good.

Wanting Yang Cui to let Ning Meng Yao go could not be done with a sentence. Of course, what Ning Meng Yao had to pay for it was not something she could know.

Ning Meng Yao still did not spoke anything. After tidying her tables and chairs and walking towards the kitchen, she alone did not want to make anything exquisite and randomly fried two chicken eggs. Adding the rabbit meat sauce, she ate them all.

Seeing the things Ning Meng Yao ate, a covetous glint flashed through Yang Xiu Er’s eyes. The sauce smell from that jar was really good; making her could not help but drool.

“What are you doing? I will also want to eat.” Seeing Ning Meng Yao putting back the jar, Yang Xiu Er abruptly spoke out.

Glancing at Yang Xiu Er, Ning Meng Yao ignored her, instead, turning her body and put the things in her hand back.

Yang Xiu Er was still anticipating Ning Meng Yao begging her. You must know that Yang Cui’s brother was a scholar, but seeing Ning Meng Yao, she was not minding this matter at all.

This kind of though made Yang Xiu Er’s facial expression to turn ugly. When Ning Meng Yao wanted to leave, she wanted to say something, but saw Ning Meng Yao carrying a back basket: “I want to go out, if you have no other matter, then please leave.”

That faint tone indicated that Yang Xiu Er was a complete stranger.

Yang Xiu Er’s haughty tone made her unhappy, especially seeing Yang Xiu Er’s facial expression.

It was still better that the heart won’t fret what the eyes don’t see. Should she get angry, then it would not be good.

Seeing Yang Xiu Er’s unwilling expression, Ning Meng Yao’s lips raised in a ridiculing smile.

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Leaving while taking the back basket, Yang Xiu Er was kicked out of the house while looking unwillingly at Ning Meng Yao who walked towards the upper part of the mountain. A shady haze was obvious in Yang Xiu Er’s eyes and finally, she darkened her face then leave.

Seeing Yang Xiu Er who entered her house, Yang Cui was impatient: “How was it?”

“How else can it be? She did not put you in her eyes.” Yang Xiu Er curled her lips and unhappily answered.

Once Yang Cui heard this, she squinted her eyes at Yang Xiu Er and from the other girl’s expression, she was telling the truth.

“You sure?”

“Of course. She said this herself. I said that only if she is willing to apologize to you, you will forgive her, but she did not say anything.” As she said this, she also glossed over Ning Meng Yao’s expression to Yang Cui. That kind of expression angered Yang Cui until she threw the thing in her hand to the floor.

This Ning Meng Yao really thought that she was something. Even if she was not good, she was the sister of a scholar.

Based on what did she, an orphan, look down on her?

“She dared to look down on me? My brother is a scholar.” At this time, Yang Cui had forgotten how Yang Huai did not give her any face before at Ning Meng Yao’s house.

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Yang Xiu Er nodded her head and said to Yang Cui: “That’s right, this is really too much. How can it be like this? Whatever you’re like, you’re still the sister of a scholar. Who is she? She actually dared to treat you like this.”

These words were comforting Yang Cui and at the same time, putting oil in the fire, making Yang Cui even angrier.

As expected, after hearing Yang Xiu Er’s words, the expression on Yang Cui’s face became bad, as if she had eaten a fly.

Yang Cui smashed the thing in her hand onto the ground and raged: “I will definitely make Ning Meng Yao regret ever doing this.” The sinister hate in the voice made Yang Xiu Er could not help but laugh.

Go quarrel, make a fuss, at that time, she would get easy benefit.

These two people planned but what they did not think was everything they said was heard by the neighboring Qiao Tian Chang.

He knew the matter of Madam Chen kept on finding trouble for Ning Meng Yao these past few days and wanted to help, but he was clear that if he appeared in such a timing, then it would only make things more difficult for Ning Meng Yao.

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