Chapter 3: A Name

David glanced at the large dragon that was watching them. What’s going on? A name holds certain power. David had to give an honest and purely truthful response, that’s the cost of his decision. Why would this small dragon waste such an opportunity? A name is the key to your soul, but this dragon forced David to bind their souls to each other. So dirty. No, the dragon isn’t seeking power, that’s not why it did it.


It wanted equality. If he named it under these conditions, then he must acknowledge that they’re equal. This demon had been trapped by a dragon. David wanted to cuss, but he couldn’t. He had to give it a name. The dragons3dragonsspecies were watching and waiting for his response. He couldn’t do anything until he gave it a name. He was frozen in silence for a moment. If he gave it a name, then he would simultaneously give away his own in exchange. What would happen after that will change everything.


“Come on demon, I don’t have all day.” (Large WCL Dragon)

David looked at the older dragon that was obviously threatening him. It was trying to take an opportunity. When David messed up and was exposed, the younger dragon and David will be hers. David couldn’t give any conditions, only a name. He had to think long and hard about a name for the dragon on his shoulder. The dragon was a girl, so some names he thought of immediately are;   

Lindias, Porle, Amanda, and Brennan. No, those names aren’t a good fit, the dragon was pretty loyal. Teana, Zoalaxia, and Carpender. No, none of those either, they aren’t faithful enough. The dragon was also wise. David was afraid of the large dragon, so the name Moondia Luncia was a no go, but he chose something rather close.

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“Yes.” (David’s Dragon)

The small dragon said, as it looked into the demon’s eyes like looking into his soul.

“I’m Luna, and we’re bound now demon.” (David’s Dragon->Luna)

The oath was completed now. The large dragon was too late to strike because it wanted a verbal response, but Luna was much wiser than she led the large dragon to believe. All David wanted to do was to wring the dragon’s neck, but all he could do was stroke it in the end. His sadistic nature was repressed, until he grabbed the large dragon’s neck.


“Is there anything else? If not, then get the hell out of here, you b****.” (Luna)

David didn’t speak those words, but Luna did, despite him wanting to say them himself. Equality. The dragon didn’t expect such a jolt of demonic personality. The large dragon didn’t waste any time in getting out of the grip of the demon. After going back to the room to contemplate, David didn’t realize that the dragon was no longer on his shoulder, but watching Tv and resting.


David knew that the strain of soulbinding wouldn’t be easy to recover from. It also brought advantages as well. Soulbinding with a dragon was something David would have never done under normal circumstances, so they both didn’t have an advantage. They were both very young, so their respective advantages wouldn’t show themselves until they spent many years practicing and training. David was weaker than the dragon, so that is all he thought about. He couldn’t craft items from other materials either.


Not as strongly as he once did at least. He will be weak and drained for years. On the other hand, he had time to recover and to get the dragon to bend to his will, if that’s possible at all though. No, he’s the one that gave her the chance to bond each other together.  He could never be the master he hoped, he was just an equal. Yes, an equal. If she wanted equality, she’ll get it. David turned the Tv off after pointing at it as he signaled the dragon to come toward him while he rested his weakened state.


“We aren’t done talking yet Luna.” (David)

She rested on his chest intentionally because she knew that David couldn’t actually bring her harm. She would have an advantage if David removed her and she would just return after a few moments.

“I admit, you got me. You played well into my scheming ways, I didn’t see it coming. However, you played a very dangerous game with that other dragon.” (David)

Luna looked into the demon’s eyes once more, but their souls weren’t locked to each other right now.

“A game? All I wanted was a name and a friend.” (Luna)  

David raised his hand and actually wished to pat her back.


“As a friend, I would have eventually given you a name anyways.” (David)

David stopped. He couldn’t lie. She would surely know the truth because of the bond they made. He had no intentions to friend anything, only use her to his advantage.

“I’m a demon and you’re a dragon. You’re a tool I wish to use to pursue my own agendas.” (David)  

Luna sat up straight and David continued to rub and massage her back.

“You aren’t the only one with an agenda you know.” (Luna)  

David forced the bed under him to make adjustments despite how much effort it took to do that small amount.


“I’m a demon, I crave power and followers. You’re a dragon. You surely only want what every dragon wants…. wealth.” (David)

Luna jumped off the demon’s chest from an odd angle and glided to the table, before turning around. By then, David was sitting upright.

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“That would be nice, but I don’t want that as much as the others.” (Luna)  

She stopped. Was she trying to hide her intentions as well? David thought that as he wickedly smiled.

“Not that easy is it?” (David)

Luna jumped off the table and intended to attack the demon, but she didn’t do anything but glide and get caught.


“Oh, you stupid dragon, we can’t lie to each other anymore. Not after what you did. At best, you can only keep secrets, as I do.” (David)

Luna opened her mouth to breath fire, but all that came out was a displeasing yelp. David thought it was amusing as he placed her down on his lap, then stroked her neck.

“We’re equal now, Luna. Your powers are the same as mine now, so we will always be even until one of us are dead.” (David)

Luna started to bite and pull on David’s clothing over his nether region. Her intentions weren’t clear as she got comfortable.

“Fine, I messed up. Now what?” (Luna)

David thought over the humorous situation and shrugged his shoulders.


“We agree on something now, everything in this area is mine. Unless I give you express permission, it won’t be intruded on or divided. That other area that you’ve been going to will be yours, and the same rules will apply to you. Agreed?” (Luna)

Luna looked up at David and laid her head down. The strain of them soulbinding started to affect her as well. David watched her as he nodded, yawned, and went to sleep. Without realizing it, he started to smile, even though he couldn’t figure out why. He was actually enjoying the dragon’s company, even though he wasn’t supposed to. He couldn’t move her now because his limbs were numb. All David could do was close his eyes as well.


When David woke up again, he widely stretched his arms. He then stood up and went to the sink to splash cold water on his face. He remembered that he didn’t turn on the Tv, so he went to turn it on when he noticed that the dragon was watching it.

“How’d you turn it on?” (David)

The dragon looked away from the underworld weather report, then jumped off the table.

“I had a clicker made. Those minions really

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