Chapter 2: Getting Started

David opened his eyes and noticed that the dragon was by his side, looking at him. It took a few days, but he finally made the cave that they were living in secure and comfortable. The dragon jumped up as David got out of the bed. He looked at the unpacked suitcase and was amazed about how short his planned supplies lasted. At least he still had money though.

He went to a sink filled with water as he turned on the Tv by pointing at it. Hygiene wasn’t something important to a demon, but he liked waking himself up with water. He noticed that the dragon was sitting down and quietly watching cartoons. It’s gotten more intelligent and has grown a few inches since it got here last week. It still ignored any name he tried to give it though.


“Time to go.” (David)

The dragon looked away from the Tv, then walked behind David on all fours as he left the room. David considered using the dragon’s life force to craft his new home, but it might affect the dragon’s growth and abilities later in the future, so he decided against it.

There was too much risk involved, even if the dragon accepted. David felt the dragon cling to his shoulder as he walked. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the entrance of the cave. The last thing that David created was a mailbox, because every leader of a territory needed one. He opened it, and saw that there was three letters inside, so he took them out and started reading them. The letters were from the minion’s guild, the dragon’s caretaker league, and his father respectively. He opened his father’s first and all it said was that he was set for the year. He was puzzled for a moment, then he put the letter down to read the next one.


Hello, new dragon owner,

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

We, at the dragon breeding and welfare offices, have been informed that you’ve recently came into possession of a dragon without proper training, so a trainer will be issued to you shortly. They will review and study your current living conditions, physical state, and the education of the dragon. If they aren’t at satisfactory standards, then the dragon will be taking from you, and you will be sued. Have a nice day.

Only allowed on

Vuirty of the WCL New Hatchling Division

Spoken by Vuirty, not written.

David read the letter again and was slightly worried, but he believed that there was nothing to worry about. He dismissed it and started reading the last letter.


Welcome, new territory owner,

We have received notice from the previous owner, so we have made arrangements to deliver a low level shop to your new town as soon as its built. A crew has already been hired and paid to clear away some land and build some architecture, but we still need to solidify the town plans. Encased in this letter will be a capsule filled with various maps of your territory and suggested placements and options for the town’s architecture. The construction for the first month will be paid for, but the bills after that will go to the lord’s account after you set it up with us. One year of the Minion’s Guild dues have already been paid to the company by your father.


You had no other options, so thank you for choosing us. The Minion’s Guild new customer support and billing section thanks you.


P.S. Thirty minutes after you open and read this letter, a contractor will be arriving there to meet you.


David looked at the note and did some quick math in head.

“Great!” (David)

He said, annoyed, as a rather large dragon landed right in front of him.

The dragon stared at the young one on the demon’s shoulder.

“I assume you’re from the WCL.” (David)

The dragon then shifted her gaze and focused on the demon that spoke,

“Correct, demon. All ranking members of the Wyrm Caretaker League are dragons3dragonsspecies or other greater wyrm. I am here to review the current conditions of your dragon.” (Large WCL Dragon)

The young dragon landed gently on the ground after jumping off David’s shoulder.


“He has been very kind so far, even though he’s a demon. Although he greatly misunderstands our relationship, it’s still only the beginning, it can be easily changed. I currently live with him because his size and abilities better protect me as I grow. However, I live in my own area, and so does he. As for my educational progress, I’m talking now, so that should mean something.” (David’s Dragon)

The large dragon looked over and started staring at the young one.

“So you are. You are well nourished and it looks like your growing properly. I’ll review your living conditions before deciding whether you should continue assisting this demon. I will need a guide to show me around, come with me.” (Large WCL Dragon)


David read through the last letter again after the dragon said that.

“Sorry, I’m busy, I have another meeting today.” (David)

The large dragon looked at the demon like she didn’t care about his reason.

David felt insulted by this lack of respect, but he knew he couldn’t get away with being rash. He had to be calm and collected. He will conduct his vengeance at a later date, so he had to figure out his long term goals. He had to keep the basics down for now.

David watched them go into the cave; so he made a table, a chair, and two torches. When he practices, he gets better at using his power. It was slow doing all of this practicing, but it was fine because David had plenty of time. It was at least another three hundred and fifty years before his siblings graduated. By that time, he will have a fully grown and loyal dragon by his side. David opened the capsule to look over the maps placed on the table he just made. He noticed immediately that they were very inaccurate.

They showed that the portal and the cave were right next to each other. While looking at the distance markers, he noticed that the land he was granted was huge. It was much more than he initially thought.

He was looking through his choices while a female humanoid fighter was staring at him.

“Have you chosen yet? I get paid by the hour, so the longer you linger, the more I get paid.” (Female Minion)

David considered retorting like a demon, but he didn’t want to waste any time.

“This part here.” (David)

He took the territory layout and pointed to a decent spot for the town. It was nearby the portal, a clean water source, and on level ground. He also had ample access to plenty of wood, and stone for roads that can be easily made a prime location for a quarry. She took out a whistle and blew it, which made a dozen various types of monsters and minions appear behind her.


“Earn your pay, or I’ll give each of you a good knocking while I talk with the client. Clear the land and prepare for the town to be built on it.” (Female Minion)

As soon as she was done talking, they left to get to work as fast as possible, then she shoved David off his chair. She took out the maps, and started looking over them. David stood up and was about to kick her out of his seat, but he stopped when she looked at him and said,

“So, boss man, let’s discuss the details. The building materials and the worker’s camp…” (Female Minion)

David felt defeated, but he pointed at the map.

“This is where I want the quarry made.” (David)

He then made a circle on the map.

“Clear this area so it can be used to store lumber.  The excess lumber and stone can be traded and sold, then the money can be used to buy meals and other things. Unless you wish to devote resources here.” (David)


He then pointed to an area that was rich and heavy in ore.

“Of course, there needs to be roads to both areas anyways.” (David)

She looked at the map, and said flatly,

“Roads cost extra.” (Female Minion)

David felt like punching her for trying to extort him, but he had an idea.

“You keep the basic leftover unused resources. Can you also clear some land for farming?” (David)

The fighter class minion looked at David like she was looking at something on the map just a moment ago.

“Any unused resources you say?” (Female Minion)

David almost hesitated.

“If their jobs are done properly, the extra wood and excess stone won’t be needed, as long as you don’t cut the stone unnecessarily, there will be lots of it.” (David)

She looked at the map again. David didn’t notice anything different about it, but she clearly did, and it affected her decision.


“I believe that’s agreeable.” (Female Minion)

She stuck out her hand to solidify their agreement, but David wasn’t a fool. She was probably going to play him any moment she could.

“We’ll do this properly then.” (David)

She started to grind her teeth after hearing that. David made an exact copy of the map of where everything will be placed and the land allocated to it. He wrote a simple agreement on the back of it after that. She couldn’t welch on the promise because she did a blood oath on the agreement, just like the demon. It meant that she would be paid more, but there is more work as well.

“Well then, I’ll leave you to your foreman duties.” (David)

David looked over the map again. He was very happy that he had his own copy and the details involved. It will surely come in handy when the workers start on those areas.


David came across the two dragons in the middle of discussion, and when the young dragon noticed him, it jumped on his shoulder.

“We must talk David.” (David’s Dragon)

David rubbed the young dragon’s chin and she shook him away.

“Well now. Aren’t you being a little serious? Fine, let’s talk. I’m a demon and you’re a dragon. What’s our relationship going to be like? Tell me, when has a dragon ever ordered a demon around?” (David)

David looked at the saddened look of the dragon on his shoulder.

“I thought you didn’t have an answer to that. I’ll help you because I expect it will be returned later, but I don’t think you see me as trustworthy.” (David’s Dragon)


The dragon looked up into the demon’s eyes.

“You should know, I no longer see you as a pet. You’ve shown your worth and trust worthiness more than once, so I’ll do a contract.” (David)

David bit into his thumb and put his bloody thumbprint on the dragon’s forehead.

“I will heed your command only one time of your choosing. It doesn’t matter, as long as it won’t kill you or me.” (David’s Dragon)


David lifted his thumb and healed it right away. He was surprised at how happy the dragon looked after their unwarranted blood oath. As his blood was absorbed into the dragon to seal the oath, he noticed that the young dragon grew stronger, much stronger than before. It actually wasn’t his essence that made the dragon stronger. At least, not as he understood it. No, it was getting stronger on its own. As soon as the pact was completely finished, the dragon had grown slightly in size as well. It wasn’t very much, but it was a noticeable amount for the demon to see.

“I command you to name me now.” (David’s Dragon)


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