Chapter 59: A Punishing Kiss


“What on earth are you talking about?” Jun Qian Che frowns unhappily; why is it so hard to communicate with her?

“Are you embarrassed?” Mo Qi Qi points at Jun Qian Che.  She sits next to him and bump her shoulder against his while giggling, “Aiya, I am an open-minded person!  I will not discriminate against you!”

Jun Qian Che still cannot understand her.  He stares at her.

Mo Qi Qi smiles coyly.  She whispers to him, “What I was trying to say is… You and the Prime Minister are indulged in the passion of cut sleeve.  You two are kind of compatible, actually.”

(TN:  The passion of cut sleeve refers to homosexual relationship.)

“Mo Qi Qi—-“ Jun Qian Che is furious beyond words.  He slams on the table angrily.

Mo Qi Qi is so shocked that her entire body trembles.  She moves away from him and cowardly says, “Did chenqie said anything wrong?  Everytime chenqie met the Prime Minister, it would be in your resting palace.  Plus, you do not seem to have any interest in women.  Don’t worry, Your Majesty.  I will keep this secret for you.”

Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes dangerously before slowly approaching Mo Qi Qi.

Mo Qi Qi leans backwards in fear as she looks at him with a large pair of eyes.

He continues leaning in closer, to the point where she is leaning back too much and is pretty much lying on the soft cushion now.

Mo Qi Qi’s heart unwittingly jumps faster as she nervously tries to calm him down, “Your Majesty, the Buddist teaching tells us that one must contain his anger.  The one who could not is bound to lose his sanity.  Contain your anger; if there is anything you are unhappy with, we can talk it out.  Hehe…..”

Jun Qian Che’s eyes suddenly moves away from her face.  It goes down and falls on her fair, ample chest.  He unconsciously swallows heavily.  The anger in his eyes slowly turns to appreciation and desire.  His body starts reacting as a strange feeling that he has never felt before fills his entire body.

Mo Qi Qi immediately covers her chest before glaring at Jun Qian Che, “What are you looking at, Your Majesty?”

They look at each other, just this time, Jun Qian Che’s eyes are burning in heat and want.

Mo Qi Qi is surprised when she sees that; she pushes him away.

Jun Qian Che restrain her hands, his voice is low and ambiguous as he speaks, “Zhen will let you know, whether or not zhen is interested in women.”  He lowers his head and kisses her in the lips.


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“En!” Mo Qi Qi wants to push him away, but her hands are constrained by him while his body is pressing against her from on top.  She does not have the ability to push him away at all.  She can only move her head away in hopes that it will put him to a stop.

However, Jun Qian Che’s kiss is overbearing, he does not give her the opportunity to resist at all.

Mo Qi Qi wants to cry.  She was really wrong.  How could she forgot that incident in the Dragon Pool?

Jun Qian Che originally only wanted to give her a lesson, but once his body comes in contact with her’s, his mind becomes filled with desire.  The kiss that was meant as a punishment now turns deeper.

It becomes soft and intimate.

Mo Qi Qi who was resisting, is now sinking into his kiss.  She forgets to fight him as she gives him a tentative response.  The two of them drown themselves in this strange yet beautiful kiss.

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Her response encourages Jun Qian Che even further.  He lets go of her hands and starts caressing her hair.

As for Jun Yue Hen, although he is disappointed that Mo Qi Qi did not show up, he is still worried about her.  He enters the palace today to look at her, to see if the emperor has done anything in the dark to punish her.

He finds it weird that there are no guards and maids guarding the entrance of Feng Yang Palace.  He is worried that something might really happen to Mo Qi Qi.  He rushes inside.

What he sees the moment he steps inside sends shockwaves throughout his entire body.  His feet remain numb on the ground, not moving.

The two people who are kissing on top of the soft cushion does not realized his presence.  They are too engrossed with each other.

Jun Yue Hen can hear his own heart breaking.  He slowly turns around and walks away.

Jun Qian Che holds Mo Qi Qi’s hand as he uses his other hand to undress her.  Just as he is about to do that, the scene from the viewing tower flashes in his head.   Mo Qi Qi with another man…..

He can no longer keep his cool, he immediately sits up and puts some distance between them.  Mo Qi Qi who is muddle-headed from the kiss quickly sits up, looking embarrassed.

Jun Qian Che coldly ridicules her, “Do you still believe that zhen has no interest in women?”

“You—-“ She glares at him angrily.  Turns out that kiss was just to prove his point!  Despicable.  Jun Qian Che, you trash.  You actually dares to humiliate this grandma?  I will remember this!  Try and get close to me again in the future!  See if I don’t castrate you!

“You are the empress, pay more attention to your words!  You will not be lucky everytime,” after saying those cold words, he walks away.

“Ya!” Mo Qi Qi stomps her feet angrily, “Jun Qian Che, you wretched thing!  You took advantage of this granny and still had the cheek to threaten me?  So what if you are the emperor?!”

Ban Xiang runs out to check on her.  When she sees that her mistress is just fine, she sighs in relief.

When Jun Yue Hen returns to his manor, his entire being seems soulless.  He does not say anything despite being asked repeatedly.

Bai Jiang and Wen Xuan look at each other in concern.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed and the grand empress dowager finally returns to the palace.  The empress personally leads all the concubines to welcome her at the harem’s entrance.

The grand empress dowager unboards a beaufitul carriage.  The empress dowager is the first to step forward to greet her, “Greeting the grand empress dowager.  Welcome home, imperial mother.”

“No need for so many formalities, empress dowager,” the grand empress dowager kindly says.

The empress dowager help the grand empress dowager walk; all in all, it is a scene of harmony between a mother and her daughter-in-law.

Mo Qi Qi leads the concubine to pay the grand empress dowager respect, “Chenqie greets the grand empress dowager.  Welcome back, imperial grandmother.”

The grand empress dowager gives her a kind smile, “Get up.”  She walks to Mo Qi Qi and holds her hand, praising her, “It has been a few months since we last met, the empress has gotten prettier.”

Mo Qi Qi’s heart blooms like a flower.  She smile as she curtsies, “Thank you for the praise, imperial grandmother.”  The grand empress dowager looks so amicable and kind.  She looks very pretty despite her age, it is clear that she was a great beauty once.

And then, she looks at the empress dowager who is standing next to the grand empress dowager.  The difference is like night and day.  Although the empress dowager is elegant and beautiful just the same, the way they treat their daughter-in-laws are too different!

Mo Qi Qi and the empress dowager personally send the grand empress dowager to her palace.  They chat a little before leaving, wanting the grandmother to have a good rest.

The empress dowager and Mo Qi Qi walks out of Yong Shou Palace together.   She looks at Mo Qi Qi in apparent dislike, “The banquet must go on smoothly, tonight.  Nothing should go wrong.”

Mo Qi Qi obediently replies her, “Yes, imperial mother.”

The empress dowager glance at her before walking away.

Mo Qi Qi heaves a long sigh, “Getting along with another person is so tiring!  When will I become the most powerful woman in the back palace?”

After that unpleasant encounter with Jun Qian Che back then, she has never seen him again.

Nearing dusk, Eunuch Lin comes over, saying that the emperor has something to give to the empress to be given to the grand empress dowager.

After Mo Qi Qi accepts the item, Eunuch Lin leaves.

Mo Qi Qi looks at the brocade box in her hand, a scornful smile is sketched on her face.

Ban Xiang is really curious as to what that box contain, “Your Ladyship, what is inside that box?”

Mo Qi Qi ridicules Jun Qian Che, “Such a small box, there probably isn’t anything worthwhile inside!  It is probably just a jade bangle.  He is afraid that I didn’t prepare any gift for the grand empress dowager.  He does not want to lose face.  Hmph, he looks down on people too much.  I am so multi-talented, how can I not prepare anything?”

“Why don’t you open it, Your Ladyship?  Anything that the emperor sent shouldn’t be bad.”

Mo Qi Qi raises her eyebrows at her, “Since you want to look at it so much, okay.”  She slowly opens the brocade box, revealing a pearl inside it.

Ban Xiang is pretty disappointed to see that, “This servant thought it would be a treasure or some sort.  Turns out, it is only a pearl.  Your Ladyship understands His Majesty really well.”

Mo Qi Qi is stunned in shock when she sees that pearl.

“What’s wrong, Your Ladyship?” Ban Xiang is worried when she sees Mo Qi Qi staring at the bead in a stupor.  “Your Ladyship, although this pearl is nothing much, at least His Majesty still puts you in his mind.  Do not be too disappointed.”

Mo Qi Qi picks up the pearl, she could barely conceal her excitement, “I didn’t think Jun Qian Che could be this generous!  He actually sent such a precious pearl.”

Ban Xiang looks at the pearl curiously, “This pearl looks ordinary.  It doesn’t look as pretty as other pearls.  Why are you calling this precious, Your Ladyship?”

“What do you know?  This is not a regular pearl.  Go and blow off all the candles in this room,” Mo Qi Qi instructs her.

Ban Xiang does not know what she is trying to prove, but she does the bidding anyway.

All the candles in the room are slowly blown off until the only light left is the soft light emitted by the pearl.  Under the dark sky, Mo Qi Qi’s room is illuminated with a soft light.

Ban Xiang is shocked, “Your Ladyship, this is a Ye Ming pearl!”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “Correct!  This is a very rare Ye Ming pearl.  It is unlikely for you to find another, anywhere else.  She managed to discover a Ye Ming pearl during her job, in the past life, but that Ye Ming pearl was nothing compared to this.

“Hehe, didn’t this servant told you that His Majesty’s gift are bound to be good?” Ban Xiang stares at the pearl happily.

Mo Qi Qi immediately teases her, “Then why did you looked so disappointed earlier on?”

Ban Xiang covers her face coquettishly, “This servant was too rash, please do not poke fun of this servant, Your Ladyship.  Place it back in it’s box.  Your Ladyship’s gift will be the best tonight.”

Mo Qi Qi possessively hugs the pearl before solemnly saying, “This baby belongs to me now!  Who says that I will be giving this to the grand empress dowager?”

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