Volume 1 Chapter 11: The Battle Between 2 Transmigrators

Battling a transmigrator in another world was something that Bella had never imagined; she wasn’t sure what she should do.
Although Octavio Lisha was the younger sister of Bella’s substitute, Octavio Felia, according to Felia’s memories, this tenth princess seemed like a completely different person after she had woken up from her year-long coma.

For her unbelievable growth, apart from being reborn as a transmigrator, there was no other explanation that was believable. Lisha’s battle prowess was comparable to a light novel MC from Bella’s past life.

“Tanpur, get your avatars to gather all Cadre level monsters to me. This battle won’t be easy.”

“Your subordinate understands. I beg the ladies to worry not, for we monsters are all prepared to sacrifice our lives for you.”

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“Noesha, you can watch this battle. I don’t want to drag you into this.”

“No, sister Bella. Since, I’ve already decided to follow you, I can’t just sit back and watch!” Noesha didn’t intend to stay idle as the others fought. This oncoming battle reminded her of the time when she, Bella, Mia, and Angel had last fought together in that war ten thousand years ago.

Lisha was currently riding her golden dragon; she had only come as support for the Church’s Holy Maiden Hayley, and hadn’t expected to encounter so many monsters. So, she decided to let her subordinates use this as a training ground. Although the monsters’ numbers were great, there didn’t seem to be any that could pose a serious threat to the Knight Corp.

Not far from her, Skeleton King Fred was surrounded by a circle of knights. It seemed that he would fall any time now. Just as the anti-demon knights were about to celebrate, uncountable hands, made from what seemed like shadows, grabbed them by the ankles.

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“Just some puny tricks. Watch my anti-demon enchantment!” Hayden swung the God-tier staff in his hands, and cut all of the shadows on the ground.

“Bless Lord Hayden! Er… what happened to Lord Hayden?” The saved knights were about to thank Hayden but saw that the young magician’s face had lost its previously relaxed look and had been replaced with a grim one as he stared into the distance.

“Large amounts of monsters are being transported here through magic. Everybody be careful!”

As Hayden looked into the distance, he saw a large mass of monsters appear from nowhere. As soon as they appeared, they rushed in the direction of the anti-demon knights. From a distance, they looked like a black wave about to crash upon the shining knights.

“Teleportation Magic? Quick, Hayden, expand your…” Berserker Barthes was about to remind Hayden when he was knocked off his feet by a giant figure, the Warden Maltz.

“Human, I don’t like your scent.”

“Just another monster. Watch me as I smash you into pieces with my Pillar of the War God!” Barthes raised the giant pillar in his hands and charged towards Maltz.

The rearguard of the Anti-Demon Knight Corp still maintained order. Lisha remained unmoving on top of her dragon mount. Hayley and the knights of the church had reached the base of the hill. They had lost about twenty members, luckily their two Holy Knights were unscathed.

“Eleanor, I hope you won’t do anything dumb, uhm…” Hayley was just about to pray for her former friend when she noticed one of the knights in the rearguard had been ambushed and kicked away into the distance.

As she saw Eleanor show up in her dark purple armor, Hayley didn’t know what to say. Eleanor had just brought an army of monsters to attack the rearguard of the knights. Seeing the army of monsters behind Eleanor, Hayley knew that her former friend was unable to turn back anymore.

“Hayley, don’t bother. I’ll eliminate this heretic!” Leopold was afraid that Hayley might go easy on her former friend and decided to lead the Church’s knights himself. Hayley, left behind, was at a loss for what to do.

Noesha was the first to appear at the monsters’ position. She gestured with her hands and countless dimensional doors opened up behind her. Monsters poured out from the open doors. After her, Mia also arrived; she opened the black tome in her hands, and started to chant. The sky, formerly clear, was engulfed with dark clouds until they covered the entire area above the monsters’ army.

“These witches…My anti-demon enchantment is being suppressed! Impossible…” Hayden wiped the sweat off his forehead. His prided anti-demon enchantment had been blown away by Mia’s dark clouds. The monsters below the dark clouds, who had originally been suppressed by Hayden’s enchantments, could now fight back against the knights who were previously slaughtering them one-sidedly.

The Hand of Resurrection, Wulfe, was at the heart of the conflict. He didn’t care too much about the sudden change in the battle; as long as his Revival Staff was still in his hands, it didn’t matter how many monsters came. He didn’t notice a knight of the Church was currently shambling towards him.

“Which division are you from? Halt! Lord Wulfe is ahead. You can’t cross through here, you…” An anti-demon knight attempted to drive the Church’s knight away, but when he got closer, the knight latched on to him. An explosion blew both the knights into smithereens.

The other anti-demon knights in the area were more fortunate, managing to leave behind a body. Wulfe was about to revive those knights but the bottom of his foot was suddenly grabbed from below. He lowered his head and found a black shadow grabbing his foot.

“You monster, you’re asking for it! Light’s Judgement!” Wulfe stabbed the Revival Staff in his hands through Shadow Demon Tanpur’s chest. Tanpur didn’t attempt to dodge and let it pierce right through him; He then tightly grabbed the staff with his hands.

“Let go! What are you trying to do?” Wulfe panicked as he saw Tanpur tightly clasp onto the staff, even though its power almost shattered his hands. It was the first time that Wulfe had seen such a determined and tenacious monster. He furiously tried to pull the staff out, but Tanpur didn’t falter.

“Human, if it wasn’t for this God-tier staff, would you still be so arrogant? I’ll take this staff and show you the brave and dauntless spirit of us monsters!” Tanpur suddenly gripped harder and forcefully snatched the staff from Wulfe’s hands. Tanpur then drove it through his own chest.

“Lady Bella, this is your subordinate’s last moment of glory. I’ll leave the rest to you.” With a prideful face, Tanpur disappeared, leaving behind a blackened Revival Staff. This God-tier staff was now cursed by him using the price of his life; it would be unable to use its revival powers for 3 days.

Wulfe’s face paled as he looked at the Revival Staff on the ground. This God-tier staff had been awarded to him by Lisha; it had followed him for quite some time, and he hadn’t expected it to be disabled by a monster. As he bent down to pick up the staff, a black shadow lunged at him from behind.

“Lady Lisha, Wulfe is dead, we are now no longer able to revive our fallen soldiers.”

“What? Wulfe is dead, this… who are you!?”

Lisha was about to continue questioning Lola but was interrupted by the sound of chaos coming from the base of the mountain . Bella and Dolores had carved a path through the knights. Angel closely followed behind while commanding a large force of undead to fight the anti-demon knights stationed at the mountain.

“Why don’t you speak?”

Lisha thought that it was strange for Bella to just stand there unmoving so she questioned her. Even though this female knight wore a mask on her face, her figure seemed vaguely familiar to Lisha, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Her mount flapped its wings in unease. Through their contract, Lisha learned why. That masked female warrior with purple hair was a high-level demon. The golden dragon’s acute senses towards demons discerned Dolores’s identity as a high-level demon.

Lisha was only around fifteen years old and was quite a bit shorter than Bella. She wore platinum-colored armor that gave off a divine aura. Her hair was blonde like Felia’s, and she also had the same sky-blue eyes. The only difference was that her eyes lacked the innocence that one should have at that age; there was a slight edge of maturity within those eyes.

As she looked at the features that were so similar to her own, Bella further confirmed that the girl was in fact Felia’s little sister, Lisha. Bella didn’t know the gender of the transmigrator who had possessed that body, but she hoped that it wasn’t a male like her.

“Why do you, a human, stand on the monsters’ side?”

Bella ignored Lisha’s question, raised the sword which she had looted, and charged ahead with her shield raised in front of her. She was afraid that if she spoke, Lisha would be able to recognize her voice; it hadn’t been very long since Felia last saw Lisha. They probably still remembered each other’s voices.

The golden dragon below Lisha saw her attacking and swung its large talons, sweeping the charging Bella off her feet.

*cough**cough* “… seems the difference is quite large.”

Bella struggled to her feet, her entire body feeling as if it was falling apart. This dragon’s strength was way too large! Was it still possible to have any fun?

A dark shadow materialized in front of Bella as she was recovering. The female assassin saw Bella’s opening and took it; her golden dagger was pointed right at Bella’s chest.

In the nick of time, Dolores managed to intercept the dagger with her shield, but the dagger was unexpectedly sharp. It pierced straight through Dolores’s shield and left a cut on her arm.

“God-tier equipment… you human… unexpected…”

“It seems that you’re a high-level demon. You won’t see tomorrow’s sun!”

Lola gave up on Bella and shifted her target to Dolores. Bella could only watch them battle, unable to intervene; Dolores’s ability was greater than that of Bella’s substitute and she would just hinder Dolores if she intervened.

“Leave! You can’t even beat my dragon, not to mention me!” Lisha was shocked that Bella was able to directly take a physical blow from the golden dragon; they had reputably the strongest physical attack among all dragons. That blow would have easily one-shot most monsters.

Bella did not heed Lisha’s words and went for a second charge. Normally, the cautious Bella would have retreated facing such odds but, she didn’t know why, she didn’t want to give up this time. It was probably because of this body’s original owner; Felia’s indomitable spirit was driving Bella forward.

As expected, Bella was sent flying by the dragon once more. Lisha thought that this would be the end, but Bella stood up again. This time, a stream of blood trickled down from the corner of her lips.

“I never thought that you would be so stubborn, but that’s useless!” Lisha kicked the dragon’s back several times; it shook its mighty wings and flew into the air.

Bella was left completely dumbfounded. How the hell was she supposed to fight now? Her current body was only at the level of a Low-tier holy knight, and she had neither a mount nor specialized equipment, only an armor that she had taken from some unfortunate bastard. She had no way of attacking a flying target, and Lisha was a dragon-knight who could use magic. Bella was a sitting duck now that Lisha had taken to the skies.

As Bella expected, the dragon stopped its flight high up in the sky and countless spells rained down on her. It was now that Bella discovered she had been betrayed by what she had learned from light novels. Didn’t magicians have to chant some Chuuni s***? How was it that Lisha could launch magic immediately? This cheat was too shameless!

All she saw was a bunch of fireballs and icicles fly her way. She was about to back away but a red flash dashed in front of her. It was Eleanor who had just arrived at the scene.

Eleanor stood in front of Bella, her hands holding a giant pavise that she had taken from some dead soldier. A barely visible barrier of air formed in front of the shield; when the magic projectiles came into contact with the barrier, they exploded on impact. It was quite the sight.

“There’s also an unholy knight? Partner, show these two fallen souls redemption!” under Lisha’s command, the dragon sprayed out the signature move of all dragons in light novels, ‘Dragon Breath’. Its killing ability wasn’t something that Bella wanted to face.

“Bella, run!”

Eleanor turned around and pushed Bella away but before Bella could pull Eleanor with her, she saw Eleanor get ‘swallowed’ by the dragon breath. Then came a series of massive explosions; this dragon breath really wasn’t something to scoff at.

Bella hadn’t even had time to get off the ground when Lisha raised her sword to the skies and swung it in Bella’s direction. A flash of lightning traced the path of her sword and flew towards Bella. Just as it was about to turn Bella into a human lightbulb, it abruptly disappeared with the surrounding racket.

“What happened to the lightning magic? Partner, this…” Lisha was shocked. The time around her seemed to have stopped, and her mount, the golden dragon, was also frozen in mid-air. She saw a loli with pink twintails appear beside Bella. The loli wore a mask but it didn’t hide the rage that her shaking twintails openly exposed.

“Noesha, you’ve finally come,” *cough**cough* “I miscalculated. It seems that we can’t win this one.” Bella could only show Noesha a bitter smile and laugh helplessly. It was a miracle that this body had survived for so long at merely the level of a holy knight.

“Sister Bella, Eleanor’s soul has been collected by Angel. We can revive her later. Dolores’s side isn’t going very well; the opponent’s equipment is too strong. I’ve expended too much power, so this time-stop won’t last too long. That female dragon knight’s armor is immune to magic; she’s not frozen right now!”

“Tell Angel and Mia to use the last resort!”

“Sorry… sister Bella… I’m useless. I exhausted too much power before… or else…”

“You don’t need to feel any remorse. Go!”

Bella stood up and faced Lisha who was still on the back of her dragon. Currently, below them, the battle had escalated to the point where its fierceness was similar to the final battle of the last human-demon war.

“You’ve won, Lisha.”

“You are… sister Felia? Aren’t you already… why are you collaborating with the monsters!?”

“I’m surprised you still remember this useless older sister. Don’t ask. Victory has already been decided. Live on with your glory! I will be in heaven.” *cough*

Lisha looked in shock at Bella who had taken off her mask. She still had some impression of this sister as she was the first human that Lisha had encountered after transmigrating to this world. Bella walked to the edge of the mountain with a bitter smile on her face and waved goodbye to Lisha with her back facing towards Lisha.

“Goodbye… my little sister.”

“Sister! Wait…! I…”

Lisha watched as Bella fell, her outstretched hand frozen in mid air. She didn’t know if she was truly sad or if it was because of the guilt in her heart.

As she was still lost in the memory of Bella, the world returned to normal. After a while, the entire Adris Resting Ground seemed to explode as if someone had detonated an atom bomb beneath the surface. The knights and the horde of monsters that numbered in the tens of thousands were all engulfed by the explosion. The flag of the Anti-Demon Knight Corp was blown into the sky by the force of the blast, lost in the chaos.

On a plain, quite some distance away from the battle, a division of the Church’s reinforcements halted where they were and observed the explosion. This division numbered around fifty thousand. They were led by a priest clad in red. His army wasn’t here to reinforce the Anti-Demon Knight Corp but to converge with Hayley and the Church’s knights. Seeing the Anti-Demon Knight Corp’s battlefield blow up in an explosion, a sneer crept onto his face.

After jumping off the mountain, Bella ran away with Noesha’s assistance. Her words previously were merely to mess with Lisha’s judgement. She pulled all of Lisha’s attention on her so that Lisha couldn’t realise the changes in her surroundings. Angel and Mia had sacrificed ten thousand monsters to use the forbidden technique ‘Death Paradise.’ The force of the explosion had devastated the entire area.

If villains couldn’t beat their opponent, they could only self-destruct. They couldn’t help it; Lisha’s cheats were definitely too overpowered. Bella couldn’t fly so she was completely unable to hit her. She looked regretfully at the three ‘bodies’ that lay beside her. Eleanor was hit by the dragon breath in order to protect her. Although Dolores had managed to push back the female assassin, she had been hit in her vitals by the God-tier dagger and was currently unconscious.

As for Felia’s body, it had been heavily damaged during the battle with Lisha. Not many people could take a blow from a dragon with only their body. It was her fault for not being able to patiently wait and gather more information. Only after they had started fighting did she discover that all her opponents had God-tier equipment. She had no idea where in heaven had they gotten all of those. Was it because of Lisha’s massive MC aura?

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