Chapter 01: Prelude to passing through


Late at night, in the sky without stars and moon, a fierce wind was roaring, filling up the sky with blown sand. The dark and dense clouds seem to envelop the world. At this time, a shadow was staggering along, bursting in the wildwoods of Yunan frontier. Suddenly this figure seemed to stumble a bit, and fell awkwardly on the ground.

Crackle, a silvery lightning streak across the horizon illuminating the pale complexion of this figure. He was approximately a little over 30 in age. He was bald without even a blade of a grass in his head, but his eyebrows were very thick, and his long and narrow red phoenix eyes were cold and ruthless. There was a long scar from the corner of his eyes slanting to his chin, which somewhat increased a color of cruelty and brutality to his visage.

The figure struggled to climb up as the blood flowed out from the wound of his chest and back. His clothing was already dyed dark red.

“Come out, now do the people of Dragon Group likes to hide the head but show the tail?” The shadow weakly leaned against a big tree, but his taunting voice was powerful and vigorous.

He barely finished speaking and seven figures silently appeared out of thin air, completely surrounding him. Now he was trapped in the middle with all of his possible escape route blocked.

“Long Yi (lit. Dragon One), return back, don’t keep on making mistakes.” A voice that resembled both the voice of a man and a woman resounded in the air. Hearing this voice, people would involuntarily feel creepy.

“Return back, can I still return back? How can I return back? Long Wu (lit. Dragon Five), you should be clearer than me about what order has been pass down from higher-ups.” Long Yi loudly laughed bleakly.

“Long Yi, allow us to arrest you, then I will try my best to plead higher-ups for you.” Long Wu was dumbfounded and his voice contained some helplessness.

“Plead, hahaha, I, Long Yi don’t need it. You must be dreaming if you think that I will allow myself to be arrested with my hands tied.” Long Yi was leaning on the big tree but his momentum however was gradually rising to its peak.

“Long Yi, can it be that you really want to oppose our nation?” Long Wu asked in a stern voice.

“What is wrong with me taking revenge for Little Qi (Seven)? I just killed that *** minister, what is wrong with it? Little Qi also has done numerous extraordinary services for the nation, but what did the nation give her in return? She absolutely cannot be sacrificed like this in vain, you all are clear about it.” When Long Yi mention Little Qi, this name, a trace of tenderness and pain flashed through his eyes.

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Looking at Long Yi who seemed to be roaring like a wounded beast, Long Wu’s hand unconsciously trembled slightly, and his lips also twitched. Then, hardening his heart, he made the gesture to attack.

Rumble, with the clap of thunder, the rainwater accumulated for a long time finally cascaded down crazily. Dragon Group was the most mysterious organization in China with all members being capable and top-rated powerhouses including people with special power and talents. And among them, Long Yi was the only person who was able to use spirit power cultivating an ancient martial technique of China to the point of perfection, moreover, he was the strongest person within Dragon Group. If this was usual times, then Long Wu along with these six members of Dragon Group could never win again Long Yi, but at this moment, Dragon Group and also the assassins that came from ** sect had already been chasing him for three months. And after experience big and small battles several hundred times, he had already received serious injuries, so how could he resist Long Wu and the elites of Dragon Group he led?

Long Yi looked at those seven figures rushing towards him, and his momentum reached the peak, but the scene of these seven people growing up bit by bit flashed through his mind. These seven people were adopted by the nation from childhood, and after going through various inhuman training, they rose above others and entered Dragon Group. Long Qi was the only woman among them, and she was proficient in assassination and computer. She grew up to become innocent and graceful, and was the angel in the heart of these people. Although they didn’t speak honestly, everyone knew that unlike her appearance, Long Qi was frightening, but one year ago, Long Qi went to ** to carry out a task, but no one knew how the information was leaked, but she was besieged which lead to her death. And in the rage, Long Yi alone went to ** and killed several hundred big and small officials of ** along with several thousand casualties among common people of **. This greatly strained the relation of two countries, nearly leading to a war.

“Now that the nation doesn’t want to let me off, it would best to die at the hands of my brothers. Little Qi, wait for me, we will meet very soon.” Long Yi muttered in his heart, and when seven figures used their different style techniques towards him, he suddenly withdrew his momentum, and received them unguarded.

Boom, Long Yi was sent flying as if a broken string kite, and blood flowed out from all his body, but he had a carefree smile on his face.

Crackle, boom, suddenly a lightning which was as thick as bucket rained down from the dense black cloud, directly striking Long Yi who was in the midst of flying. Under the powerful electric current, Long Yi was completely evaporated into particles without leaving any remaining.

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Long Wu blankly grabbed a piece of cloth that slowly floated down. And now, it was unable to differentiate whether it was tears or rainwater that was sliding down his face……..

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