Chapter 02: Sully


Blue Waves Continent, Violent Dragon Empire’s Soaring Dragon City, the night scene was very enchanting. Stars were all over the sky, and a pleasantly cool gentle breeze was slowly blowing. This truly was a quiet and tranquil night.

Kakaka, a demonic and perverted laughter echoed from inside the gloomy woods at the outskirt of this city, increasing the strangeness of this tranquil night. Inside the woods, a young man wearing luxurious brocade clothing was reclining against the tree. He looked quite handsome, merely his slightly pale complexion and perverted eyes displayed his innermost lasciviousness and viciousness.

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On the meadow not far away from this young man, a peerlessly beautiful young girl was lying. Whether it was her clothing or her temperament, all explained that this young girl’s status of noble. This moment, this young girl’s soft and fair face was flushing, and her eyes were emitting intense humiliation and anger. She appeared as if she wanted to struggle up, but her body didn’t have even a trace of strength.

Seeing such scene, even an idiot would also realize what was happening here, and what would be the end fate of this young girl.

“Heh heh, Long Ling’er, my noble Her Highness the Princess, did you ever think that you will have a day like this?” The young man wearing luxurious clothing smiled sinisterly and his gaze watching this young girl was full of cruelness and **.

Long Ling’er couldn’t help but shiver slightly, although she normally was an aloof and remote princess, she was merely a 16 years old young girl, yet confronting the upcoming miserable fate, she was calm and didn’t panic.

“Ximen Yu, you dare to be rude to me, my emperor father will definitely kill you.” Long Ling’er powerlessly threatened.

“That’s for when Long Zhan, that old fart knew this, do you think you will leave alive from this woods? You foul whore, although you think of yourself as high and pure, that’s only on the surface, wait until I taste you, heh heh heh.” Ximen Yu intently stared at Long Ling’er exquisite figure, and the lower part of his body couldn’t help standing up making a tent.

Long Ling’er hopelessly closed her eyes seeing the ugly appearance of Ximen Yu. She knew that she would be sullied by this beast tonight, then he would kill her and destroy her corpse to eliminate the evidence. Death wasn’t terrible, what was terrible was, he would sully her pure as jade and clean as ice body.

Seeing she seemed to have accepted her fate, Ximen Yu took out a porcelain bottle with a lascivious smile and ate the fiery red pill. This pill was called Uncollapsable Golden Spear Pill. It was something he had spent a big price to buy. This evening, he risked his life to use Bone Softening Powder to capture Long Ling’er who was already a Master Magician. So, if he didn’t play with her to the fullest, then how could that be worth his trouble?

He felt the efficacy of the drug slowly rising from his dantian and he stared at Long Ling’er as if a vicious wolf. He had already ** this pitiful young girl countless time in his mind. He slowly walked over to one side of Long Ling’er, then squatted down. After that, his wolf claw gently caressed the devastatingly beautiful face of Long Ling’er. He had dreamed about Long Ling’er for a long time, and tonight, he could finally taste what he desired.

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The hand of Ximen Yu slowly slide down, and all of a sudden, he violently tore the clothing of Long Ling’er, revealing her silk innerwear and underwear together with a large portion of snow-white skin. The pupils of Ximen Yu enlarged admiring this scene, and his Adam’s apple continuously slid up and down as he swallowed saliva.

Feeling her skin was exposed in the air, two drops of glittering and translucent teardrops slide down from the corner of Long Ling’er’s eyes. She secretly vowed in her heart that even after she died and reached the 9th later of the hell, she will never let this beast off.

Smelling the intoxicating body fragrance of Long Ling’er, the efficacy of Uncollapsible Golden Spear began to boil. He breathed heavily, then rudely tear apart all the remaining clothing of Long Ling’er. Soon, Long Ling’er was completely naked in front of his eyes. Seeing such a beautiful jade-like body, the fire of lust of Ximen Yu burned even more violently. He impatiently stripped all of his clothing, then lifting up the legs of Long Ling’er, he propped up his spear, preparing to enter Long Ling’er’s cave.

But at this moment, strange event occurred, along with a clap of thunder suddenly resounded in the night sky filled with stars, a lightning as thick as bucket cut the starry sky into half, and a pitch-black space rift suddenly split open quietly behind Ximen Yu just like a monster opening its mouth to eat a person.

Ximen Yu’s forward movement cease abruptly as if the time had suddenly stopped. Suddenly, Ximen Yu trembled, and his handsome face twisted in agony, moreover, silvery lightning wandered about on the surface of his skin.

Slowly, Ximen Yu no longer trembled. His face also calmed down, moreover, that silvery lightning also entered into his body.

Long Ling’er had closed her eyes, so she really didn’t notice anything. Her heart was just surrounded by fear and despair. But even after waiting for a long time, the scene she had expected to occur didn’t occur. She opened her eyes filled with hope, but she saw bloodshot eyes staring fixedly at her. It was full of suffering and struggling.

Long Yi didn’t dare to believe, he had unexpectedly reincarnated in someone else’s body, moreover, this person was actually a trash that was about to ** this young girl. At the same time, his consciousness had already swallowed the consciousness of this Ximen Yu. But after going through the intense battle, his willpower was very weak, and outside of his expectation, this fellow had actually eaten very strong aphrodisiac, so it was already getting very difficult to resist the physical instinct of ** with his willpower.

When Long Yi was struggling persistently, Long Ling’er suddenly opened her limpid eyes. This pair of starry sky like luminous eyes destroyed the final bits of Long Yi’s willpower, and he who had just reincarnated in somebody else’s body fell into the ocean of desire.

Long Yi hysterically hugged Long Ling’er’s waist, then to her greatest despair, with a single thrust forward, the burning hot hard thing pierced through the last barrier, completely entering her warm utopia cave. Plum blossom burst into a bloom, as she felt pain.

Long Ling’er’s eyes were blank without any focus, and her delicate body swayed as if a small boat floating on the sea. Her sparkling and crystal-clear soft breasts, with the teasing of Long Yi’s big hand, formed various kinds of shapes.

The efficacy of Uncollapsible Golden Spear Pill was truly strong. Throughout the night until dawn, Long Ling’er repeated the process of entering the state of stupor and again waking up due to pain many times. Only when the first glimmer of dawn appeared on the horizon, Long Yi roared and rapidly stirred her up then gushed out. After that, his entire body powerlessly collapsed on Long Ling’er.

Gradually, Long Yi’s consciousness return to his mind, and he felt incomparably regretful of what he had done to this young girl. Although he knew that this body was under the effect of strong aphrodisiac, none of them were important, the important point was he had become a criminal whom he despised the most before.

Long Yi got up from the body of Long Ling’er and quietly wore his clothing. But the bloodstained lower part of Long Ling’er’s body was voicelessly accusing him of his crime.

Long Yi picked up a cloth and covered Long Ling’er, then absentmindedly sat beside her. For a good while, countless pieces of memories that didn’t belong to him flowed into his mind, making him feel unbearable pain.

Long Ling’er solely woke up from the stupor. The endless physical pain and mental torture of yesterday night nearly made her have a mental breakdown. Fortunately, she was a genius magician who had become a Master Magician at the young age of 16, and her spirit power was naturally many times more powerful compared to an average person. Seeing Ximen Yu with suffering expression sitting beside her, she naturally was unable to tell that the master of this outer body had already changed long ago. She hated him greatly, but strangely, she became calm, she buried all of her hatred in her heart. She didn’t want to see this beast’s immensely proud face, still, why did he have such suffering face now? Could it be that he was regretting?

“Don’t you want to kill me and destroy the corpse to erase all evidence? Now is precisely the time to make your move.” The voice of Long Ling’er seemed to be coming through an empty spirit of fairyland. There was not even the slightest trace of humane warmth and feelings.

Long Yi woke up with a start, then turning around and looking at expressionless Long Ling’er, he felt cold in his heart. A young girl, revealing such expression after **, this was absolutely a terrifying matter. Long Yi clearly knew, as long as Long Ling’er didn’t die, he would definitely have a lot of trouble in the future.

“Kill her, quickly kill her.” A thought suddenly appeared in the mind of Long Yi which greatly shocked him. Although as the leader of Dragon Group, he was cruel and ruthless, and sometimes, for the mission, he silenced some innocent people, but facing a girl whom he just had a physical relationship for the first time ever since his birth, how could he be so ruthless?

Long Yi looked at this young girl with a complicated gaze, he didn’t raise his hand, just decided to leave. Now the most important thing was to clearly understand this world. From the clothing of them two, it was unlikely that he was in that same previous world.

“Hereafter, you are my woman, so I will not kill you.” Long Yi looked at Long Ling’er and said in a domineering manner. His woman for one day will be his woman forever no matter how much that woman hated him.

Before the absentminded gaze of Long Ling’er, he stood up and walked towards outside the woods. But just after he walked a dozen or so steps, he suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed on the ground. At this time, noises came from outside the woods. He seemed to hear someone saying: “Hurry up, quickly find Her Highness the Princess.”

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