Volume 1 Chapter 12: Reinforcements from Another Dimension

This was a floating castle situated in the clouds with a rather magical. Not only was it massive, but the entire castle also had a strong magical aura. Throughout the castle, there were many moving dolls, most of which were in the form of animals such as rabbits and bears; these were all magical puppets formed by infusing a doll with magic.

Currently, Bella and Noesha were walking up the path leading to the castle. Bella was using her original body as Felia’s had still not recovered from the previous fight.

“Noesha, is it fine? This is actually…”

“No problems, just follow me, she’s really easy-going.”

Bella was still a bit nervous as she looked at the smiling Noesha beside her. This girl had taken Bella to another dimension to find reinforcements and this castle was the residence of that other dimension’s ‘higher existence’; in simpler terms, this was where this dimension’s Creator resided.

“Noesha, why did you bring a demon god to me… there aren’t any Saviors messing around here. I have no need for a Worldbreaker…”

Soon after they had entered through the gates, Bella and Noesha encountered this dimension’s ‘higher existence’,【Magic Creator】Oliveira Bethia. Hearing the creator-god’s playful girlish voice, Bella turned around to look at the newcomer. This Creator was not only a female but also a little girl? Bella had always imagined the creator gods as old geezers.

It was a loli slightly taller than Noesha who had appeared in Bella’s view. Her unkempt but not messy, dark-red hair draped over her shoulders as if she hasn’t had the time to do her hair. Currently, her beautiful face showed her fatigue. She had evidently just woken up as her pink eyes looked like they would shut any second.

The fact that she had just woken up was further reinforced by her get-up: she was still wearing her white pyjamas and her cute fuzzy-bear slippers. In her hands, she was holding a white teddy bear. If it wasn’t for Noesha’s nod, Bella wouldn’t have believed that this little girl was a Creator.

“What is it, demon-god sister? Is there something strange on my face? You’re making me a little embarrassed~”

“Nothing… it’s just that you’re so cute… you are this dimension’s Creator?”

“Demon-god sister, your mouth is so sweet. I’m indeed this dimension’s creator-god, Oliveira Bethia. As you can see, I’ve just woken up and I’m still kind of tired and drowsy.”

Bella didn’t want to flatter Bethia; it was just that she was actually very cute. Not only that, her voice was also very natural, as if she was talking to a close friend. It seemed like she was indeed a rather easy-going person. Bella unconsciously started to flirt with her after realizing that she didn’t have to be scared of her being hard to talk to.

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“Hey Bethia, are you only wearing pyjamas? Is there nothing else underneath?”

“Er, I only have one set of clothes; Noesha gifted it to me a long time ago. The hall isn’t a good place for conversations. Come with me!”

As she said this, Bethia gestured with her right hand towards the distance and a massive and elegant carpet came flying towards them. This was probably a flying carpet or some other magical tool similar to it.

Bella and Noesha sat cross-legged on the flying carpet; Bethia sat down casually across from them, still with a sleepy demeanour. Looking at the loli creator-god who wanted to fall asleep, Bella unnaturally shifted her eyes away because she wasn’t wearing anything beneath her pyjamas. She was just like Angel and Mia when Bella had first met them.

“Demon-god sister, did you have a purpose for coming here?”

“Er, Bethia, it’s like this, sister Bella wants to look for some of your dimension’s books, specifically those on professions and skills. You know, for knights and magicians and the like?”

“This dimension’s books on professions and skills? Doesn’t your dimension already has what you need?”

After arriving at Bethia’s reading room, Bella and Noesha started to talk about the purpose for their visit. Bella had incorporated Eleanor and her knights into her forces. Moreover, Roland and Annie would likely be spending a considerable period of time with her. At their age, they would have normally attended human academies to advance their professions.

But, all of them had become Bella’s followers and would be unable to return to their original academies. To not let them leave any regrets and to increase her subordinates’ battle prowess, she decided to acquire some useful books. This would give them the ability to raise their cultivation without them having to attend academies.
“Bethia, there’s a reason for this. I want profession books from your dimension!”

“It’s like this huh. Although your dimension’s creator is already… but this isn’t right; we creators can’t casually interfere with each other’s dimensions, even if they aren’t here anymore.”

“Bethia, this isn’t interfering. Do you want more pretty clothes?”

Seeing Bethia’s hesitant eyes, Bella hurriedly took out a dark-red gothic lolita dress that she had recently made. It was originally designed for Mia, but since Bethia was only a little bit taller than Mia, she thought it would be fine.

“It’s so pretty!”

“Do you like it?”


“Then about the books…”


“If you agree, there will be even more pretty dresses for you!”

“Follow me!”

Bethia hesitated at first, but eventually gave in to the temptation of pretty clothes. She gestured Bella and Noesha to follow her, and then entered another room.

“Sister, are you curious why Bethia was so easy to talk to?”

“Yeah, it felt as if she was just a normal little girl.”

“She truly is a normal little girl: don’t be fooled by her status as a Creator.”

As they continued walking, Bella discreetly learned from Noesha that even though Bethia had the powers of a creator-god, she been living here alone after creating this dimension. Creators normally would not expose themselves to the mortal world, so she could only view her dimension through a magical mirror in her room.

So she was a lonely little loli. That’s why she was only surprised when they visited her, without any annoyance of being woken up from her sleep; there was also an undertone of joy in her voice. She probably wanted someone to accompany her after being alone for so long.

“Demon-god sister, Noesha, this is my grand library. All the books on magic and combat are in here.”

Bethia turned around to find Bella and Noesha frozen on the spot. They were shocked by the size of Bethia’s library; its area was undeterminable. Each bookshelf towered over a hundred meters and Bella couldn’t see how many shelves there were: they seemed to go on for eternity.

“These… all are?”

“Yep, find those that you want and I can translate them into the language of your dimension.”

“Can we take the books out of here?”

After discussing with Bethia, Bella discovered something tragic; there was no way she and Noesha could take back all the books that they needed as there were far too many of them. Noesha’s power hadn’t recovered much and she couldn’t bring so many books with them back to their dimension. Bethia had only allowed them to handwrite the copies and take them back but not the originals.

Even though creators also had control over space and time, it was only within their own dimensions; therefore, Bella couldn’t hope for Bethia to help them bring the books into their dimension. Right when she was at a loss, Bella suddenly remembered something. She took out the camera which she had discovered in Noesha’s room, but she wondered if it still worked…

“Sister… are you really…”

“Nonononono, I only want to take photos of these books and then just bring the camera back with us. It would save us a lot of time.” Noesha looked unnaturally at the camera, probably remembering the time when she was taught a ‘lesson’ by Bella…


In the central church of the Trevikon County, Archbishop Stanley sat cautiously on a chair. Across him sat a priest garbed in red, casually drinking a cup of tea.

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“Cardinal Andrews, why have you come to this small and secluded place?”

“There’s no need to be so cautious, old Stanley; did we not train at the same church in our youth?”

“What does the pope need that he sent a cardinal to this small place? If there is nothing, I still have lots of matters that I must attend to.” Stanley didn’t want to spend an extra minute with this cardinal.
Andrews Salo was one of the Church of Light’s three cardinals. Their position was second only to the【Ardent Pope】himself. Even though Stanley had trained with Salo in their youth, they remained out of touch for many years.

Stanley did not agree with this cardinal’s conduct. He had heard rumours about him secretly performing evil rituals, and he had apparently succeeded in summoning a demon from another world.

“I come here not by the pope’s orders but rather for a personal matter. I have something to request from you, my old friend.”

“This… I still have many things to attend to…”

“It’s about the Anola Clark Strip: I’ve heard that you sent a female knight as a missionary there last month?”

Stanley was about to leave but stopped in his tracks when he heard that it was something concerning Bella.


Bella was in another dimension with Noesha again but this time, a bright-faced Bethia followed behind them. She had donned the lolita dress that Bella had gifted her and also had her hair styled in a horsetail similar to that of Annie’s. Seeing her beaming smile, Bella mused how she could now brag about having done a creator-god’s hair.

But the current situation left her in a bind. They were in another dimension, neither their nor Bethia’s; it was a completely new dimension. It was different from the magical one of Bethia’s: the complete opposite in fact. There were metallic structures as far as the eye could see, similar to the scenes in the futuristic sci-fi movies.

“Sister Bella, this is the Machine Dimension. The owner here should be able to make a copy of that machine!”

“Hey Noesha, isn’t it rude to bring another dimension’s Creator with us to visit a Creator?”

“Bethia herself suggested to come here, so there’s probably nothing wrong! Anyways, if we have a disagreement with this dimension’s Creator, we can always rely on her!”

As Bella’s camera had run out of battery, it was unusable. In order to take pictures of the books in Bethia’s library and bring them back to her original dimension, she could only try to get more cameras. Although Noesha could return to Earth’s dimension without that many problems, she wouldn’t be able to bring back much technological equipment. So, they could only try their luck in another dimension.

Watching Bethia looking around curiously like a little child, Bella proudly thought how much of an achievement it was to have a creator-god level ‘bodyguard’.

“Noesha, I’ll ignore the demon-god you brought but why did you bring another dimension’s Creator? Are you trying to raid my dimension?” Below a metallic tower that seemed to reach the heavens, they met this dimension’s creator-god,【Machine Creator】Gladys Andrea.

She, this Machine Dimension’s higher existence, appeared to be at the same age as Bethia, and she also had the look of a loli. Her hair was silvery-white but different from Mia and Angel’s: it seemed to have a metallic sheen, making it much more brilliant than theirs.

Andrea didn’t specifically style her hair in any way, letting it drape around her shoulders. It seemed that she didn’t really know how to do her hair either. Her irises were a pretty shade of gold, and she wore a white lab coat similar to the scientists of Earth.

Bella compared her to Bethia: the two of them had the exact same height, only different in their auras. Another thing that she had wanted to comment for a while was that both these lolis weren’t flat-chested; was flat-chested lolis a thing only true in dreams?

“You are…?”

“The 26th dimension’s Creator, Oliveira Bethia, nice to meet you!”

“I am the 33rd dimension’s Creator, Gladys Andrea. You came through Noesha’s dimensional door, right? Why did you come?”

Andrea saw that Bethia didn’t have any ill-intention, so she returned a full-hearted greeting. Each creator had their own battle-form; the current bodies that Bella and Noesha saw were their normal forms. So they weren’t at fault for treating them as normal little girls.

“You want me to make a copy of this machine? Its quality is so poor. Which dimension did you get this defective product from?” Andrea took the camera which Bella had handed over. She shook her head after looking at it for a while, probably due to her dissatisfaction with the quality of the machine.

Leave some face for human technology! Bella had wanted to prove that the human technology was still good but decided to shut up after following Andrea around on a tour.

Inside Andrea’s control centre, the【Eternal Ark】, she discovered the level of technology of this dimension. All sorts of giant spacecraft were flying between the planets and the stars. Underneath the starry sky was a colossal planet. She was currently on a massive craft that flew above the said planet, feeling as if she was on a space-station in a sci-fi film.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Noesha and Bethia were still beside her, Bella would have thought that she had transmigrated to the far future. The beings in this dimension weren’t human but humanoids made of metal.

“Bella, those clothes that you designed are so pretty, can you… make me one, just like Bethia’s? I can give you anything from this place: if you like it, you can take it, no limits on the number.”

Andrea pointed to her armoury as she quietly asked Bella but she was frozen as she looked at Andrea’s armoury. It had every single weapon that she had ever seen in sci-fi movies or could imagine: lightsabers, laser cannons and the kind were everywhere. There were also many types of mechas and warships.

She didn’t dare to think about the consequences if she took these weapons back with her. She approached a 3m tall infantry mech and swallowed hard. Every boy has a dream of piloting a mech, and even though she was now a female, she hadn’t forgotten that dream.

“Do you want this mech? I can get the factories on the surface to produce around a million per day.”

“Andrea, Bethia told me that creators couldn’t interfere with each other’s dimensions, yet you really want to give me these weapons?”

“She’s not wrong, but I’m not violating any rules though! Your dimension’s Creator might not… but… you’ll know in the future. Do we have a deal?”

Andrea looked as if she wanted to talk about something but swallowed her words after Bethia signalled her with her eyes.

“I don’t need these weapons… I can make you the clothes but I need you to help me make something like that camera, is that okay?” Bella decided against bringing these weapons with her. She was afraid of the repercussions that might happen if she did.

“That’s simple, wait for me here. I’ll make one in the laboratory.”

Looking at the small figure of Andrea as she left the room, Bella quietly asked Noesha a question that had been bugging her for a while. Why did these two creators choose the appearance of a loli? Wouldn’t an older front be more suitable?

“They didn’t have any other reference when they were choosing their human appearances. I just happened to travel through their dimensions at the time, so they used my figure as a reference for their own bodies.”

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