Chapter 1: In the Beginning

The Supreme Overlord’s clone—a dark and mist covered shadow, looked at the report in his hand that his offspring just passed to him.

“David, this is the third time you’ve been sent home from being caught doing your homework.” (Supreme Overlord)

David, a demon on the smaller side, grinned his vampire teeth before responding,

“I was doing everyone’s homework actually. To keep the report at a unanimity, I had to do something with my name on it.” (David)


The Supreme Overlord’s clone looked at the doodle of the dragon.

“David, I don’t have any time for these trivial matters, but I can’t let it go. So, I’ll give you a choice. You can go back to school now, but if you get suspended again, I will destroy you.” (Supreme Overlord)

David gulped at what the Supreme Overlord said.

“Or… I will cast you out with what inheritance I deem you are worthy of right now.” (Supreme Overlord)


David considered his options very quickly.

“What would I get if I choose the latter?” (David)

A table with a title and a dragon’s egg appeared between them.

Within moments, it hatched, then the new dragon ate its shell and laid down to rest. This was just a small fraction of what he will receive for his inheritance. He will receive armies, a whole dominion, and a mountain of treasure based on the title he’s going to receive. The title meant that he was going to take control of a decently small underworld realm. It was very fitting for the spawn of an Overlord, but not for the spawn of a Supreme one. Time was limited, so he had to choose quickly.


“What about the stuff in my room?” (David)

The Supreme Overlord leaned forward to stare at his spawn, then said,

“Only whatever you can fit inside a single suitcase.” (Supreme Overlord)

A small travel bag was placed on the table next to the resting dragon. David looked at his options, then the clock. David knew that he would be sent home again eventually, it has only been sixteen years into the century-long school semester so far. He knew that he would surely get into trouble again. As the last seconds drew closer; David picked up the title, the suitcase, and the young dragon, then left the room.


David looked at the dragon as it laid down on what was once his bed, inside his room. He knew nothing about dragons3dragonsspecies, but he knew that they were very formidable when they grew older. He looked through his bookshelf to see if there was anything of use that he could bring. It was mostly full of manga and video game cheat books, which he hasn’t even read. However, hidden amongst his books, there were many that this young demon stole from the school library during his first year, but it was actually just important knowledge for toilet paper. He found the manga book cover that he hid the stolen books in and brought it out, then put it in the suitcase beside the staring dragon. He packed his favorite dagger, then the real food he kept in his mini-fridge, but not the snacks and sweets he eats before his meals. He put a lot of it in front of the dragon, but it didn’t try to eat anything that he packed. He barely noticed that the dragon gratefully bowed its head before David returned to making his preparations to leave.


David compressed his suitcase down with all his power before closing it. The dragon hopped on David’s shoulder, then it displeasing yelped at him because David took it off him by picking it up using its chest.

“Let’s make one thing clear. I am the master and you’re the pet. I’m the one that makes you do things, not for you to do things as you see fit.” (David)

The dragon responded by belching fire into his red face, which many a mortal would give a young, but handsome description of. Nothing hotter than one of the lowest level fire spells, but this was a clear act of defiance. He considered drop kicking the dragon, but it wouldn’t be wise to do that to a gift from his father while still in his dwelling. David suppressed his anger as he dropped the dragon, and caught it by the wing before it reached the ground, then it flew back on his shoulder.


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“Whatever.” (David)

David left the room and went to where the portal stone was.

Surprisingly, his father was watching in person, or maybe it was just an illusion. David looked at his father while being oddly happy. His father must see him as a bigger threat than he thought. David got the servant to put in the coordinates, then he went to say goodbye.

“Ehhh, who knows. I might just manage to gather enough power to overthrow one of my brothers right after he overthrows you.” (David)

The Supreme Overlord scratched the top of the dragon’s head on his son’s shoulder.

“Always the schemer, only looking at the endgame. You were always like that. I look forward to the day that your siblings fail and you’re caught with your pants down in surprise when you still see me in control.” (Supreme Overlord)


David was oddly happy to hear that.

He had a front seat to watch the battle of the ages, then he could wipe the floor with whoever won.

“Until then….” (David)

David said, as he went through the portal, then arrived at a heavily forested area.

It didn’t have a village, houses, or even a path.

“What the hell? There is nothing here!” (David)

David looked back through the portal just in time to see his old man smirking at him as it closed.

“Son of a b****!” (David)


The dragon left David’s shoulder, and amazingly, David let loose fireball after fireball at the portal. After calming down, he saw the dragon spraying a small amount of fire in the same direction.  

“Well then, let’s look for something, anything.” (David)

The dragon nodded, leaped up in the air, then flapped its wings before landing on David’s shoulder again. The dragon was happy it wasn’t disturbed and moved from its perch. It seemed like they walked for hours before they found a cave. David decided to take a look inside it after he saw the sun starting to set.

He lit a few floating fireballs for light and was amazed at how much room it had. He had really good luck. When he came to a fork in the road, the dragon jumped off his shoulder and went down the left path. David shrugged his shoulders, then went down the right path. He didn’t go far before it ended at a crevice. Someone has obviously been here a long time ago because it looks like it was used as a temporary shelter. There was an ancient fire and torn rags.


“It’ll do.” (David)

David got to work. He needed to transform this dank cave into his new home. First off, he lit a fire that never burns out, then made a bed.

“This won’t do at all, it’s more of a desk.” (David)

David rubbed his chin.

“For a Tv…. Yes, that’ll work.” (David)

He then turned around, while his power was fading. He only had the strength to change one more thing.

Comfort? No, I should secure the basics; Food, water, shelter, security, and power. There was a forest just outside the cave, and he had enough food for today. He surely has a source of clean water, so that’s fine for now, he can always collect it later. The cave is the obvious shelter, so that’s also fine. For power, all he needed was rest and nourishment. The question then, what’s the best way to set up security. He needed a simple and defensive wall or some traps.  


A wall was easy to make and the best at keeping animals out. Traps might also get him an easy meal, but the threat would be more difficult if he screwed anything up. His choice was obvious then. At the entrance to the cave, he started crafting a solid wall with an opening for a door. He endured while crafting the light door from the dirt under him. Immediately afterward, he started to admire his work when he heard scratching. He realized that he forgot that d*** dragon. For a moment, he considered leaving it, but the young dragon was an investment in his future.


“Fine.” (David)

David couldn’t risk using any more of his power until he rested, so he did the only other thing he could, he moved the door with his physical body. The dragon rushed in and set the rats in its jaws by the fire. David reset the door while looking at the dragon’s bloody head, it must have already eaten. David picked up one of the rats and bit hits head off while chewing the whole thing.

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“Not bad.” (David)

He sat down while leaning against the cave’s wall, then stared at the fire while thinking.

“I’m really on my own now. Only you and me….” (David)

David started gently rubbing the back of the dragon after it moved under his hand. This creature was odd, it was young but loyal.

What did it expect of him? How is it going to influence his decisions?

He then came up with another question he hadn’t thought of,

“Dragon, what’ll I call you?” (David)

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