Volume 1, Extra: Claudia’s Character Introductions

It’s nice to meet you, everyone.

In the last part, I ranked up from sex slave to becoming my master’s master.

I’ll be in charge of introducing each of the characters that appeared in the world of the Yandere Goddess. There shouldn’t be any problem reading this if you haven’t read the first volume yet, but it will spoil some stories about the characters.

Well then, let the introductions begin.

[Minase Yuzuki]

He has black hair and black eyes. He has average looks.

My master, the man who took my first time…I’m his companion.

In the future, I’m sure we’ll be married with three children. I’ll be his first wife…and he’ll have another two wives, one of them will be Rose.

When I first met him, I thought, “He’s just a young man that’s been traumatized by Yanderes,” but, when I think about the night Rose and I spent with him…he’s truly a sexual beast.

Well…I really don’t mind my master being like this.

The author really pushed the limits of an R-15 novel.

[Rose Brad]

A blonde girl with twin tails. She has heterochromatic eyes; her right eye is gold, the other is blue.

Rose-sama. She was Master’s first.

In a separate work by the same author, Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai!, there is a girl named Sophia that this character was greatly inspired by.

By the way, Rose-sama was an ordinary girl until she encountered Master. She became like this due to the combined effects of his SSS ranked skill To Be Loved to Death by Yanderes and Yandere Time.

[Mary Brad]

She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Rose-sama’s mother and head of the Brad family household.

Just because Rose-sama’s mother appeared and her father didn’t, doesn’t mean he’s dead.

Rose-sama’s father was preoccupied in another room at the time.

…for now, you’ll just have to imagine what kind of person he is.


Straight, bluish silver hair with green eyes that are likely to suck you in.

Master’s top sex slave.

Are you thinking, “Wasn’t Rose his first sex slave?”

Well, you’d be wrong. Rose-sama may have become his first sex slave, but I was his slave long before her.

Therefore, I’m the leader of the sex slaves.

…I won’t accept any objections to this.

By the way, I’m not Yandere.

Yandere in this world refers to a person that has the ‘Yandere’ status in their status window.

No matter what terrifying actions I may take, I’m technically not a Yandere.

[Goddess Medea]

She has black hair and black eyes.

She’s the Goddess that created this world.

It’s a well-known fact that the Goddess Medea is Yandere…I wonder how Master lived before he was reborn in this world by her.

I’m sure Goddess Medea was watching him even before he was reborn here.

After all, she created this world to specialize in Yanderes just so she could have even more fun with Master.

…at least that seems to be the case. It’s a rather shocking fact.


This person has yet to appear in this world.

This girl…she was the one that killed Master.

She only has a name because the person that killed Master needed a proper name.

So, there are no plans for her to appear.

…at least for the time being.


She has red hair.

Rose-sama’s knight escort.

Originally, this character was supposed to be male, but it was decided that it made more sense for her to be a woman. Rose-sama prefers being around other women.


She has blue eyes, medium length blue hair, and elf ears.

She’s the elf receptionist at the Bandol Guild.

It seems almost like fate for her to become Master’s exclusive receptionist.

By the way, Sylphy is around 120 years old.

Since she lives among humans, she’s treated with a lot of respect. At the Guild, it’s pretty much the same, but this is due to the fact that Grave is extremely scared of her new Yandere personality.


A nice middle-aged man.

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He’s the master of the Bandol Guild.

In the past he was an adventurer, but…it was actually the 120-year-old Sylphy that ended his adventuring career when she was his enemy….

Somehow, I feel sorry for him.


A gentlemanlike middle-aged man.

A slave dealer, that was also the mastermind behind several kidnappings in the first volume.

By the way, at first, I thought he was a good man. He bought me even though I had been badly burned and he actually treated me well.

However, he’s clearly a bad guy now that I know what terrible things he was doing behind-the-scenes.


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An older sister type woman.

She’s a completely insane Yandere.

It seems this character was designed to be the most selfish kind of Yandere by the author.

By the way, this person was already Yandere before she ever even met Master.


An older man that looks like a hard-working person.

He’s one of the guards at the entrance of the Bandol Dungeon.

He was previously an adventurer but lost all of his friends on the fifth floor to the Boss Garum.

Master may have died the same way if it wasn’t for his ability to learn new skills.


A girl that belongs to the dog-eared (inumimi) tribe. She has black eyes and brown hair.

She was one of the adventurers abducted by Lang.

It seems like the only reason she appeared was to show that there are inumimis in this world.

It’s unknown if she’ll appear again in the future.

Well then, the character introductions for Volume 1 are now over.

Let’s meet again in the next volume!

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