Chapter 219 – Save Me…

Ji Mo Ya had planned to bring her to the Aged Consulate first and look for a method to force the drug out of her system; at this rate, it appears they would not be able to reach the Aged Consulate in time.

“En, Qing Yan is dying, is dying… Beast… Do not come closer… You must die, your whole family will die… Young Master Ya… Young Master Ya, save me…”

Huan Qing Yan was not making sense, but her tone was exceptionally meek and seductive; the eyes behind those long eyelashes were beginning to fall crystal-like tears.

Calling his name at this kind of situation?

Ji Mo Ya suppressed emotions immediately exploded, ‘This girl is interested in him?’

If not, why would she call out his name at this point of time?

“Little Yan, hang in there; we are reaching to the Aged Consulate soon.”

“Wu… Wu… Young Master Ya, Young Master Ya…” she repeatedly said as her bare body stuck even closer to him.

A small glint of heat began to appear within Ji Mo Ya’s eyes; if he wanted, he could easily have her. With his status, even if she woke up, she might not blame him… she’s interested in him after all, right?

However, this would still be an underhand method, against the ethics of a gentleman.

Finally, Ji Mo Ya released a heavy sigh, his eyes regained its clarity.

He creased his brows before biting down on his finger; as blood gush out from the wound, he inserted his bleeding finger into Huan Qing Yan’s mouth…

Huan Qing Yan was in a state of dizziness. All she felt was a liquid with an irresistible fragrance filling up her mouth.

This fragrance seemed to be coming from that item she had been wanting to eat for countless times…

Her gluttonous nature immediately activated, suppressing the heat that was rampaging within her body.

She used all her might to suck on the sweet delicious liquid.

This could be said to be the most delicious flavor in the word; the feeling she was having was indescribable as every single cell within her body was in a state of relax and enjoyment. Not only was the flavor delicious, it also possessed an unnaturally large amount of spirit energy, endlessly coursing through her entire body, before finally settling down within her Dantian.

Huan Qing Yan continued to suck, as she did, she slowly felt the heatwave within her body subsiding. That fragrant liquid not only possessed an unimaginable amount of spirit energy, it also possessed the ability to purify her blood…

The carriage finally reached the Aged Consulate, and Ji Mo Ya used a hand to carry Huan Qing Yan and brought her into her accommodation.

Mu Wu’s expression was hesitant before he finally was unable to hold back and asked, “Young Master, your body is exceptionally important, and your blood is exceptionally precious… how could you waste it on a woman!”

Ji Mo Ya coldly replied, “I know what I am doing, do not spread a word about this.”

“Yes.” Mo Wu dared not speak any further, but he felt a very bad premonition welling up within his heart.

The Young Master’s treatment towards this lady had long crossed the bottom line.

The Young Master’s blood could be said to be the most precious thing in this world…

If the elders of the Ji Mo Clan were to find out, this girl’s life would be in danger.


It was unknown how many mouthfuls of liquid she sucked but Huan Qing Yan eventually regained consciousness!

She opened her eyes…

Entering her vision was a large hand; it was fair and slender, and it was currently being roughly sucked on by her!

The sweet fragrant liquid in her mouth was blood?

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She’s sucking blood? And it’s human blood on top of it?

When she noticed this fact, Huan Qing Yan literally jumped in shock; she released that large hand and looked upwards. Ji Mo Ya’s starry clear eyes were looking at her, “How are you feeling?”

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To tell the truth, she was not feeling good!

She was currently having the urge of vomiting… after all, she sucked a person’s blood!

Not only did she ingest it, she also felt her stomach being rather bloated and full; her body had absorbed a large amount of spirit energy and was currently getting out of control.

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