Volume 1, Epilogue: Even in a Different World, I’m Being Loved to Death by Yanderes

— The Thunderburst fueled by my own anger quickly knocked out Lang and both of his men. As soon as Rose was free, she made her way back to the deck of the ship and, along with the help of her knight escort, took control of the ship.

We accidentally managed to take down the organization that had been kidnapping women and children.

But…the price I had to pay was too high.

A silver-haired pure looking girl with emerald green eyes that could suck you in. Even worse than that, the imouto-like blonde twin-tailed girl with strange eyes that are both blue and gold coloured. I was brought to a room by Claudia and Rose and tied to a bed.

“…so, umm, what exactly are you planning on doing to me?”

“Fufu~, isn’t that obvious? Now that I’ve become Yuzuki onii-san’s sex slave, I have to do my best to satisfy your urges as soon as possible. Besides, I’ve been patiently waiting ever since we took control of the ship.”

“When did you become my sex slave!?!”

“Eh? Yuzuki onii-san asked me to be your sex slave and obey all your perverted commands.”

“…that’s somewhat true.”

Why did I say something like that?

Right, I didn’t really have any choice.

“Now then….”

Rose lifted her skirt and got on top of me in a cowgirl position. By raising her skirt up to her waist, what would normally be covered by it was now lit up by the light in the room.

I could see her love juices overflowing from between her legs, and underneath her skirt, she wasn’t wearing anything.

“– why aren’t you wearing any?”

“That’s because, Yuzuki onii-san, you said you prefer it when I don’t wear any.”


Is she talking about the time I tried to escape from the mansion?

Does…does that mean she hasn’t been wearing any since that time?


No, I shouldn’t be gulping right now.

“Just calm down for a moment! In the first place, Rose, you became my sex slave, not the other way around.”

“That’s true, but…I don’t see your point.”

“Well, isn’t it obvious? I never asked you to do anything so why are you?”

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“Why? Because I am Yuzuki onii-san’s sex slave. I’ll follow all of your perverted commands but I never said I wouldn’t ask you to do things I want.”


I instantly looked up at the ceiling, resigned to my defeat.

Not because I agree with what Rose said — rather, she just reminded me that she’s an extreme Yandere.

…no, no, no, I’m definitely not being persuaded by her.

“Anyway, obey my orders and stop doing this right now!”

“I understand. But I’m just a horny slave, so if Yuuki onii-san isn’t asking for it then I won’t force you.”

“Th-That’s good then….”

Is it good though? I’m kind of reinforcing the idea that she’s my sex slave.

…I just shouldn’t think about it.

“Still…don’t you want me, Yuzuki onii-san? Look how wet I’ve become just thinking about you. Don’t you want to put it in me…?”


I swallowed the saliva that was pooling in my mouth.

She was grinding her uncovered body on my thigh.

I know that countless pleasures await me if I give in to her temptations. She’s been desperately craving this ever since we were last together.

“Hey, Yuzuki onii-sa~n. My body is aching to have you inside me. I want you so bad. Yuzuki onii-san…don’t you want me?”

Rose grinded against my leg even more. I can’t help but imagine having sex with her. Just imagining the night we spent together almost caused me to give in.

But, Rose is in her extreme Yandere mode right now. It would probably worse if I don’t give in, right?

“I want to put it in you and make you feel good! When we had sex before, I wasn’t able to move properly and ever since that day I wanted to do it again so I could please you even more!”

— what am I saying!?

I quickly covered my mouth but it was far too late. Rose just looked down at me, smiling.

“I knew it. Even if you try to deny it, I know how you truly feel deep down inside.”

“What are you saying…no way!”

I rushed to open my status window and there it was….

Contract with Rose.

You’ll desire the touch of Rose.

This was written there.

…and what is “You’ll desire the touch of Rose” supposed to mean?

Well, now that I think about it, the day when Rose and I had sex my pleasure resistance increased by two. Just thinking back to that time she was riding on top of me, it’s something I could never forget even if I wanted to!

Does this mean I’ll be forced to commit suicide again!?

…wait, is that it? Does the contract Rose forced on me force me to give into my own desires. The contract takes priority over my own instincts.

T-That must be it.

If not, I don’t know what it could mean. I looked around the room to find a way out and saw Claudia staring back at me…wait, Claudia should be on my side!

“Claudia, please help me!”

“Eh, I don’t want to.”

“Why are you answering so quickly!? More importantly, why not!? You were yelling at me before saying I shouldn’t cheat!”

“I’ve already forgiven Rose-sama after she’s helped us so much. Besides, didn’t I tell you I wanted you to do the same thing to me as you planned on doing to Rose?”

“Eh, no, that’s just…isn’t that just too strange!?”

I don’t even know where to start with what she just said.

Is she playing the sexual tsukkomi or something — wait, why is Rose taking my clothes off!?

No matter how much I struggled and tried to resist, I couldn’t do much with my hands and feet restrained. No, even if I wasn’t restrained, I can’t resist due to the effects of my Feminist skill.

Someone save me!

“Fufufu~, I enjoyed watching Rose-sama play with you. Thinking about what you’re going to do to me later has gotten me so…ha~an I got so wet too.”

“Don’t tell me that!”

“Haa~ haa~, Yuzuki onii-san’s smell is irresistible. I don’t think I can wait anymore. Yuzuki onii-san, you’re ready to go, right?”

“I’m not! I’m serious you two, calm down already! Both of you are too excited –”

Don’t tell me….

After knocking out Lang and his men and taking control of the ship, these two took me straight here. There really wasn’t much time between then and now. And that means….

Goddess Medea’s Blessing: Seven minutes remaining.

Euphoria +57%

Aaahhhh….Goddess Medea’s Blessing is still in effect — the Euphoria is still affecting all of us heavily!

“Both of you check your status windows! There’s an effect called Euphoria there! That’s why you’re both acting this way! Just wait seven more minutes and it will –”

“Before that time, I’ll just have to take this further so you can no longer back out! Don’t worry about anything, just leave it to me!”

“Me too! I’ll cooperate with you!”

“– uwaa!? It had the complete opposite effect!?”

…how did I end up in this situation? I just wanted to live a peaceful life with a girl that’s not Yandere.

This isn’t the life I wanted! This is nothing but an erotic life!

I can’t allow this to continue.

The only way I can see of removing the contract and waiting out the Euphoria timer is to kill myself. I’ll resurrect once the timer has ended and I’ll run away. I just need to activate Firebolt and target my neck.


The magic circle began to form beneath me —

“I won’t let you!”

“Eh — what are you doing!?”

Claudia placed herself between the Firebolt and my head. I quickly canceled my spell before it could hit her.

“That should be my question to you, Master. Do you know how much it hurt to see you do that to yourself in the city?”

“I’m sure it hurt, but….”

I can’t really say much against that.

However —

“You’re willing to die, just so you can escape this room? Do you know how insulting that is to Rose and I, Master?”

“That’s definitely not the reason!”

“Then don’t try to take your life so quickly!”


Although I don’t feel the same way as her, it is true that I’ve begun to take killing myself rather lightly. Claudia was still looking uneasy.

“…Master, do you hate us?”

“No, that’s…I didn’t say that….”

Of course Claudia and the Yandere Rose are cute. I may hate the Yandere part, but there’s no doubt that they’re both attractive women.

If I were to say that I’m not happy being in this situation, I’d be lying, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to just go along with them.

“Master, you promised us…didn’t you?”

“It’s just, I think we should wait a little longer before doing something like this….”

After I said this, Claudia and Rose turned to each other. They were quietly whispering to each other for a few seconds before turning back to face me.

“Jeez, why are you hesitating at a time like this even though you’re such a perverted man?”

“…it’s just…I’m not that experienced yet.”

My first time sleeping with a girl that I like and it’s in a three-way…it’s just too strange. I know that these two won’t give up on the idea, so I can already tell how the rest of my life will go…it’s almost enough to make me hesitant about our future together.

“I understand. I’ll let you choose.”

“…you’ll let me choose?”

“Well, if you keep your promise, Master, there’s no need for us to be so forceful.”

“Umm, that sounds okay, but….”

That could work. I’d want to wait a little while longer, around a year or so — but before I could say anything, Claudia and Rose spoke.

“So, Master, will you love Rose-sama and I to death?”

“ — Yuzuki onii-san, do you promise to love Claudia and I to death?”

““– we’ll let you decide which one of us you like the best.””

The love of these two is almost too much for me to handle.

…ah, how did my wish of living an ordinary life become like this?

…even if I think back I can’t tell what went wrong. I don’t know but….

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Claudia’s holding both of my hands and Rose is still riding on top of me. I can’t resist at all due to the effects of my Feminist skill.

And that’s why — even in a different world, I’m being loved to death by Yanderes.

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