Volume 1, Chapter 4-5: The Ultimate Sacrifice for Victory

Claudia and Rose are being held hostage.

When I tried to use magic to attack the enemies around me I was told I was unable to use magic due to my Feminist skill.

Umm…what does that mean?

Is someone among Lang and his men actually a woman…no, no matter how I look at them, they’re all men. What could it be? Is someone in the cage behind me considered to be one of Lang’s underlings?

No, the spell description specifically says, “The spell will only deal damage to creatures within range that consider the user hostile or that the user considers hostile.”

If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter if they are. Right now, I don’t consider any of them to be hostile, and the spell doesn’t affect people that may become hostile to me in the future.

Besides, for a spell to target someone that will become my enemy in the future is just ridiculous.

That could be used in so many different ways. The probability of such a convenient ability like that existing in this world is low.

In other words, there is a girl that is within range of Thunderburst that considers me to be an enemy.

Thinking this — I looked at Rose.

She definitely cares for me, but just a moment ago I was fleeing from her. Therefore…we could be considered to be enemies.

Obviously, the hostilities between Lang and I and Rose and I are astronomically different. I feel as if the spell system of this word can differentiate that.

Hey, are you watching me, Medea-nee!? I tried to reach her but there was no reply.

“…why are you suddenly so quiet? Don’t tell me you’re thinking about fighting us?”

“I’m not thinking about anything like that. I just want you to guarantee their safety.”

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I tried to hold off Lang a little longer, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to buy more time.

Honestly, no matter what happens to me, I have to get Claudia and Rose to safety.

If I fail here, there’s nothing to guarantee that Rose and Claudia won’t be sold as slaves and used for sex. And, after signing their slave contracts, they wouldn’t even be able to resist.

So, I need to find a way to end this…but I wasn’t expecting to not be able to use Thunderburst.

…hmm, if this system is actually considering Rose to be an enemy, then I wonder if I can change that by trying to think about her as a friend.

Rose is an ally, Rose is cute, Rose is an ally, Rose is sexy…Thunderburst.

System Message: Magic cannot be used due to the effects of the ‘Feminist’ skill.

…still no good. I don’t think either Rose or myself want to hurt each other right now. Am I just not serious enough about it or is it just impossible to change how the system of this world defines an enemy based off of what I think about them?

If I had to decide…I’d say it’s the latter.

The system is completely objective — and by that I mean the system decides who is hostile to me based entirely on its own mechanics.

It’s to be expected. At least now I know, or at least I think I know, how the system decides who is an enemy.

If so, I can get around that system.

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But…the price I’d have to pay is too much. It’s something I don’t want to do if possible, but I’m not seeing any other way of saving these two….

…it’s no use. I’ll just have to become indebted to Rose.

“How long do you intend to remain silent? Throw down your weapons and surrender. If you choose not to obey, well, I really don’t even want to think about what my men will do to your friends. Do you understand!?”

Lang’s patience was running thin.

“Sorry. I’ve finally decided.”

“Decided? …what have you decided? — If he tries anything kill those two immediately!”

Lang barked these orders out to his men.

“Calm down, it’s nothing like that, but, in a way, it’s something even worse than that.”

“…what are you talking about? Have you gone mad from being in this tense situation?”

“No, you’re wrong…I’ve decided…on Rose!”

I looked straight at Rose.

“Rose, you love me, right?”

“Eh? Of course, but….”

I can tell by the look on her face that she doesn’t understand what I’m saying, but I continued on regardless.

“If that’s true, then would you do anything for me?”

“…yes. I’ve prepared myself already. If Yuzuki onii-san can only save one of us then I already know I won’t be the one chosen.”

…is she thinking about my Resurrection skill?

Rose thinks that I’ll abandon her if they both die at the same time.

But…that’s just a misunderstanding.

I hate Yanderes. All of them just ignore my feelings and try to force me into doing whatever they want. I hate it.

But…Rose is different.

That may be an option to save Claudia, but I would never sacrifice Rose like that.

If Rose was the same as any other yandere she would never be okay with me saving Claudia over her. Besides, Rose was the first person I met in this world; I could never abandon her.

So —

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing sad like that.”

“…really? If not, then what is it?”

I can understand why she’d be confused. Towards the confused Rose, I declared loudly —

“ — Rose, become my slave!”

The moment I said this, Lang, Rose, and Claudia all looked dumbfounded.

I can understand why.

I think anyone would react the same way to hearing me yell that out.

The only way I can see of saving both Rose and Claudia is for me to use Thunderburst to knock out the two men restraining them, and the only way for me to do that is to find a way to change the hostile relationship between Rose and myself.

Under normal circumstances, this could be resolved by just becoming friends with one another.

But Rose’s Yandere love for me is at max. No matter what I do to become friends with her now, I don’t think I’d be able to get through her Yandere personality right now.

So, I originally thought about saying…Rose, become my lover! I don’t even want to think about what would happen if I were to say that to her.

If I were to do that I’d just make Rose’s Yandere stat even worse. If I do it this way, not only will I be in control, I’ll be able to restrict what Rose does.

And so…the best option for me here is to make Rose my slave.

To be honest, I don’t want to force her to do anything against her will.

But…it can’t be helped, right? If you had to choose between controlling the life of a girl or having your life controlled by that girl, well…the choice is obvious, right?

“Like I said, be my slave.”

I know I’m saying something completely ridiculous. Rose just looked at me blankly before tilting her head.

“Umm…if I become your slave, Yuzuki onii-san, will you be able to love me?”


“You’ll love me more than ever before? Even more than the night we spent together?”


What is she talking about?

“I-I don’t think now is the best time to talk about this.”

“Yuzuki onii-san was the one that asked me.”

…that’s true.

What should I do? If I go through with this, there’s no turning back, and Lang isn’t going to wait much longer. I have to decide now.

Aaah, damn it! I get it! I just have to say it and get it over with!

“I promise! If you become my slave, I’ll love you and take care of you. I’ll love you even more than that night, so become my slave!”

“Do you promise to love me whenever I ask for it?”

“Yeah, I promise.”

“Alright. I’ll become Yuzuki onii-san’s sex slave.”

When did I ever say sex slave!?

Even while I was thinking this I could feel the hostile relationship between Rose and me change. I definitely feel like I can use Thunderburst now.

I’ll just have to clear up that misunderstanding once we get out of here.

“Do you expect me to just stand here and listen to this ridiculousness?”

Lang is clearly done waiting for me to make my decision.

Well, I can understand why he’s ready for this situation to be over. He caught the people that found out about all of his crimes and thought he’d be able to get rid of them, but then one of the people he captured suddenly confessed to a girl right in front of him.

However —

“There was a reason behind this. This…was necessary.”

I paid a big price, but, with this, the hostile relationship between Rose and I has ended. And now, I can finally defeat Lang and his henchmen.

A broad grin floated across my face as I activated Thunderburst —

System Message: Magic cannot be used due to the effects of the ‘Feminist’ skill.

What is going ooooonnnnnnnnnnn!?

No, this situation is just too strange, right!? I’ve definitely ended the hostile relationship between Rose and me! Is it like I thought before? Did I not believe my own words enough? No, I was completely honest with my feelings!

Medea-nee! Your system is bugged!

I screamed out in my mind, angry at the situation this stupid system has kept me in. Suddenly, a voice as cold as ice cut through the rather tense atmosphere that had filled the room.

“…Master, what exactly did that mean?”

Claudia’s voice was like a knife cutting into my flesh. Just the sound of her voice caused chills to run down my spine.


“Did you spend a passionate night with Rose-sama?”

“Ugh. Th-That was just an act of God!”

“…oh, is that so? An act of God….”

“Y-Yeah, that’s right.”

“I understand. I believe you.”

Claudia looked more than just upset, so I’m relieved that she believed me.

“But — what did you say earlier?”

“Earlier…no, Claudia, this really isn’t the time to be thinking about things like that.”

“…Master, what was it you said? You said we’d stay together forever, didn’t you?”

“I…I did say that, but –”

“Then, why are you trying to make Rose-sama your slave!? Did you get bored with me!? Even after you tortured me in the inn until I passed out!”

“Wha –!? C-Claudia!?”

Why is she saying that when we’re in this situation!? Rose looks completely stunned, and why do those two men have black aura’s suddenly surrounding them!?

“Idiot! Master is a traitor! Sexual deviant! Just die!”

“Wai — just calm down. Don’t you realize you’re overreacting!? …wait, no way, have you become a Yandere!?”

“Absolutely not! This is the anger of a woman that’s been betrayed!”

“…I see.”

I thought about everything I said to Rose once more…I could definitely understand why Claudia would feel betrayed. Even if she isn’t Yandere right now, I could see her stabbing me nonetheless.

Still, I definitely feel like she’s overreacting….

…overreacting? I did activate Goddess Medea’s Blessing earlier. Did that cause her to become like this…?

…n-no, that only affects allies. If Claudia considers me an enemy right now, Euphoria shouldn’t be affecting her…I’ll check the skill details once more just to be sure.

“The spirit of anyone the user considers an ally will be raised.”

Aaaahhhhh! The description is slightly different than Thunderburst! Even though right now Claudia and I are technically in a hostile relationship, I still consider her an ally and the same goes for how Claudia feels about me.

“Master, are you listening to me?”

“ — Yes!?”

“If you are, then you should make me your sex slave and order me to do perverted things!”

“Why would you want that!?”

“Because, I know you’ll cheat if you’re left alone, Master! That’s why I’ll be the one to m-m-manage your sexual desires!”

“Wha-!? W-What did you just say!? You just need to calm down a little. Besides, you’d never need to do anything like that for me….”


She’s scaring me. She said she hasn’t become a Yandere but the way she’s behaving is even scarier than a Yandere. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist her.

“Aaaaaaahhhh, damn it! I understand, okay? I promise!”

“Really? The same things you promised to do to Rose-sama you’ll do to me?”

“I will, I’ll do it! I’ll do it all night long if I have to!”

“Ehehe~, then I’ll forgive you.”

— Again, I could feel the hostile relationship between Claudia and me end. This time…this time for sure I can activate Thunderburst.

“Seriously, what is going on? This entire time you’ve been speaking nonsense.”

I don’t even know how many times Lang has said this now. I did my best to hold back the anger I was feeling towards him.

“Everything you’ve said to me since the beginning was a lie! What’s with this ridiculous conversation you’ve been having!? Do you understand!?”

“Huh? No, well…I really don’t understand what you mean….”

“Then, I’ll just have to put it into words that you can understand! I want to live in peace! All I want is a peaceful and slow life! You said this to me, right!? Nevertheless, you’re here in front of me making these two girls into your sex slaves! Do you know how angry that makes me!?”

With that, Lang’s angry outburst was complete.

Anyway, Lang is dumbfounded by his perceived change in my behaviour. In other words, he’s confused about the situation and I should use that confusion to begin channelling Thunderburst. The magic formation began to form beneath me.

“Then, allow me to share my own anger with you!”

I put all of the anger and sadness that Lang had caused me into Thunderburst and was finally able to unleash it.

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