Chapter 199 – There’s A Chance!

When she sent her mental energy into the storage ring to explore it, the ring began to emit a faint bluish glow. ‘Woah! This is a Blue Grade Magic Equipment!’

There’s over a hundred cubic meters worth of storage space!

Princess Cang Xia’s Green Grade ring only had less than ten cubic meters of storage space; in comparison, the current one was way more powerful.

Ji Mo Ya didn’t have a favorable impression of Cang Xia. This was something that Huan Qing Yan noticed previously. That was why she dared to act rampantly against Princess Cang Xia. She knew that Ji Mo Ya would surely assist her and resolve the issue.

“What do you think?” The corners of Ji Mo Ya’s mouth curled up slightly.

Huan Qing Yan sweetly smiled and said, “I think the chances of it being a bonus is larger; after all, Young Master Ya is a gracious person. I will be cooking lots of delicious food in the future without receiving any extra benefits, so that means you would want to give me a bonus in advance… Aiyo, Young Master Ya, you are being too kind and courteous.”

Huan Qing Yan kept touching the ring as she spoke; her eyes were smiling, while her face was blooming happily like a flower.

Ji Mo Ya’s lips curled up even more, “You have just broken your latest record of shamelessness, this young master truly reveres you.”

“That’s an overpraise, an overpraise! Young Master Ya, what would you like to have for dinner? Qing Yan will go prepare it immediately for you…”

Ji Mo Ya seemed to be considering her request seriously before he replied, “Egg Tart?”

“OK!* I will go make them now.”
(*Cuppa: HQY spoke this in english in the raws.”

Huan Qing Yan moved like an agile swallow and disappeared in an instant.

Leaving behind Ji Mo Ya who was in an elegant and noble posture. Only when Huan Qing Yan’s figure completely disappear did he turn and return to the main building.

When dinnertime arrived, Ji Mo Ya arrived exactly on time.

The large dinner table was covered with sumptuous dishes. Compared to the time when they were trapped underneath the mountain, the conditions were much better, so the dishes created were also much better in terms of fragrance and appearance.

Huan Qing Yan diligently set up the utensils for him and gave him the best service by removing all the bones and shells of the food; in fact, she seemed well accustomed to the tasks.

“What else do you need, you can just tell me.” Ji Mo Ya said with his refreshing clear voice.

“Arhem, it’s like this. I heard that a Four-Star spirit master can start learning battle techniques; Qing Yan wish to *cough* learn a couple of techniques from Young Master Ya for self-defense purposes. This will allow me to defend myself under normal circumstances and save Young Master Ya the trouble of requiring your noble self to act personally. To go through all that trouble to save Qing Yan…” Huan Qing Yan shamelessly said.

“When did this Young Master go through trouble to save you?” Ji Mo Ya’s gaze was on a plate of fish when asking.

Huan Qing Yan quickly placed a piece of fish, that had its bones removed, within his bowl, “No, of course not, Qing Yan is naturally not important enough for you to go through trouble; I know that Young Master acted to save Little Feather, that’s just an analogy! Young Master is very powerful, if you can teach me a technique or two, then Young Master and Qing Yan would not only have the grace of a master and a servant, we will also have a virtuous bond of a master and a disciple. Won’t this be a deed that would be positively viewed by others and spread far and wide?

“In addition, you have also taught Xing Han how to write; you cannot be biased and not teach me anything too.”

Ji Mo Ya put down his utensils after he finished eating the fish. He seemed to be pondering.

“A Four-Star spirit master is still too weak. I do not have any suitable battle techniques for you to learn. However, I do have some basic techniques.”

When Huan Qing Yan heard him, ‘There’s a chance!’

She smiled widely and asked, “Sure! I will learn whatever you teach!”

Suddenly, she saw Young Master Ya’s body turning into a blur before he disappeared from her view. When Huan Qing Yan blinked to reconfirm what she saw, Ji Mo Ya had once again returned to his seating position…

If Huan Qing Yan had not focused her attention and was prepared in advance, she might have thought that she was seeing things.

Huan Qing Yan excitedly asked, “Young Master Ya, what technique is that?”

“Shifting Phantom Steps. When in battle, if you are unable to win the fight, you can use Shifting Phantom Steps to evade. After you master the basics of this movement technique, this Young Master might teach you the advanced level if I am in a good mood…”

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