Chapter 200 – A Night Conversation Under Candlelight

It has an advanced level?

Huan Qing Yan’s eyes shined like stars, ‘This is great!’

If she could master such a powerful movement technique and reach the point of leaving multiple afterimages on the field, she could also confuse the enemy with this technique.

“Young Master Ya, I want to learn this, teach me quickly…”

Ji Mo Ya performed the technique a few more times for Huan Qing Yan very patiently. Huan Qing Yan also began to practice on the yard outside the kitchen.

While standing along the corridor, Ji Mo Ya held an Egg Tart in his hand and was slowly taking one bite after another as he watched her.

Whenever Huan Qing Yan’s positioning was wrong, Ji Mo Ya would flick his finger and send an air bullet without hesitation; the air bullet would create a small crater on the ground just centimeters from her legs. If the air bullets were to hit her legs, the small crater would be on her legs instead. This scared Huan Qing Yan greatly as she began to adjust her positioning.

An hour passed by without anyone noticing, Huan Qing Yan finally managed to barely complete one set of steps.

As the master, Ji Mo Ya was also tired. Now that the session was completed, he was preparing to return to his accommodations to rest when Huan Qing Yan pulled him back, “Young Master Ya, the night is long and there’s no mind to rest. Why not stay back for a while and have a night conversation under candlelight with Qing Yan? You can also teach me that air bullet technique that you used earlier too…”

Ji Mo Ya lightly smiled. His smile was exceptionally charming while his eyes and expression were exceptionally gentle and suave.

This lass would spare no pains or effort for the sake of learning new things.

“Until you become a True Spirit Master and learn how to gather spirit energy to send it out as a pulse, you would not be able to learn that technique.”

Huan Qing Yan’s expression immediately collapsed.

Ji Mo Ya did not know why, but when he saw her dejected expression, he was also slightly affected and could not bear to see her like that.

“I can teach you how to write words with spirit energy. Though there are no offensive capabilities, it can still be used for miscellaneous purposes. Do you want to learn it?”

Huan Qing Yan welcomes anything that is new, “Yes, of course I will learn! Esteemed master, please receive this bow from your disciple.”

Ji Mo Ya lifted his finger and began drawing on the air. Threads of glowing spirit energy appeared… The energy stood out like the stars and was very eye-catching.


Over the next few days, Huan Qing Yan used every method she could find to create delicious food for Ji Mo Ya.

The matter of saving her life aside, she also received a magic equipment as well as techniques from him. To sum it up, Huan Qing Yan would feel embarrassed if she did not use everything she knew to repay Ji Mo Ya.

As usual, she would prepare two meals per day and would spend the remaining free time she had inside the dimension to practice her newly learnt techniques as well as improve her culinary skills.

After a few dozen days’ worth of training, she had obtained a small mastery of the movement technique. Although it was not as quick as Ji Mo Ya, it was enough to be used in fights.

She’s still only a Four-Star spirit master, it would be impossible to be as fast as Ji Mo Ya.

Of course, the skill’s effectiveness would also depend on the opponent. If the opponent was an ordinary person, her movement technique would feel like instant movement as the speed was beyond the limits an ordinary person’s eyes could capture, causing others to assume it was instant movement.

If the opponent was a high rank spirit master, the skill’s effectiveness would be greatly reduced. This was because the overall physical abilities of a high rank spirit master was higher than ordinary people by a large factor; they might even be able to observe the trajectory of Huan Qing Yan’s movement…

As for spirit writing, Huan Qing Yan also practiced it daily. Though the technique leaned towards the category of leisure, she treated it as an extracurricular activity when she got bored of practicing her other skills.

The Aged consulate received a large quantity of specialized spirit ingredients unique to a region from the royal family.

Huan Qing Yan planted some of them into her dimension; there were different types of bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and mosses.

But most importantly, there were also live spirit prawns, spirit crabs, and all sorts of spirit fishes, all of which were transferred to the small stream within the dimension.

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