Chapter 198 – Little Yan?

The servants who were enjoying the show also quickly left to complete their own chores. They did not dare to continue watching.

Huan Qing Yan glared at him in resentment. How could he do this? Favoring an outsider instead of someone who’s on his side! Their little boat of friendship is going to capsize!

Princess Cang Xia smiled happily, with a hint of cockiness she said, “Huan Qing Yan, you dare not admit that you are a thief? Young Master Ya has a good eye of judgement, do you dare to disavow…”

When suddenly, she noticed something. What did Ji Mo Ya call Huan Qing Yan as? Little Yan?

Were the two of them so close now?

Ji Mo Ya casually took out a ring with a design that was exactly identical as the one he wore and handed it to Huan Qing Yan, “Little Yan, you are getting muddle-headed, you kept forgetting to retrieve the storage ring that this young master gifted you…”

Huan Qing Yan was after all a quick-witted person, she cheerfully connected the story, “Oh, Princess Cang Xia, my bad! I did pick up an ownerless storage ring on the streets a few days ago, but since I was unable to locate its owner, I handed it over to Young Master Ya for safekeeping and also asked him to assist me to return it to its owner. Young Master Ya praised me for my noble character and unquestionable integrity and awarded me with a similar looking one; I made a mistake and mixed-up the two rings as both rings looked the same…”

To hell with this cheap storage ring belonging to Princess Cang Xia, how could it be compared to the one given by Ji Mo Ya?

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Even if they were the same grade, this was still a gift given to her by Ji Mo Ya himself; it has much more significance!

As she spoke, she wore the ring that Ji Mo Ya gave to her. Although it felt oversized initially, the automatic resizing function shrunk the ring to fit her finger snugly.

Just with that function, it has already proved that it was much better than Princess Cang Xia’s ring.

Princess Cang Xia glared at her with red eyes of admiration and jealousy; Young Master Ya really gifted something to this b*tch!

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Why didn’t Young Master Ya gift her something too!

If she knew this would happen, she would not have angrily asked Huan Qing Yan for the ring; she would have approached Young Master Ya and cried pitifully about her loss. Young Master Ya might have taken pity on her and gifted her a ring as consolation.

Huan Qing Yan treated the ring that Ji Mo Ya gave her like a precious baby while she treated Princess Cang Xia’s ring like a piece of trash and casually threw it back to its owner.

A series of colors flashed through Princess Cang Xia’s face.

Her heart was still unwilling to accept this fact; with an aggrieved tone that sounded like she was close to tears, “Young Master Ya, why did a noble person like you choose to casually give an item of high significance to a person of such low standing…”

Ji Mo Ya expression turned cold, “Are you telling this young master that the people who are serving me, are not as noble as you, Princess Cang Xia?”

Princess Cang Xia was shocked!

‘Did Young Master Ya get angry?’

When she received his reaction, Princess Cang Xia’s face turned ghastly pale; no matter how courageous she could be, she dared not reproach Young Master Ya…

“Young Master Ya, that is not my intention.”

“See the guest off. Princess Cang Xia has a high status, so you should not come visit the Aged Consulate in the future.” Ji Mo Ya expressionlessly instructed.

A few armed Feather Guards approached Princess Cang Xia and invited her to leave.

Princess Cang Xia was exasperated; before she left, she gave Huan Qing Yan a vicious glare.

Huan Qing Yan added oil to the fire and waved at her, “Good bye, I shall not see the princess off, do come back to play the next time.”

Princess Cang Xia really wanted to push away the Feather Guards and give Huan Qing Yan a couple of good slaps to her face, but with Ji Mo Ya around, she didn’t dare to do it. All she could do was to remember this hateful incident today and repay it on another day.

The figure of Princess Cang Xia quickly disappeared.

Huan Qing Yan said to Ji Mo Ya in gratitude, “Young Master Ya, thank you for helping me out today, is this ring really an advance bonus for this little girl? Or is it just a show to send that irksome princess away; now that the show is over, you plan to collect it back?”

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