Chapter 208 – Ashamed

His face was extremely dark; his psyche seemed to have wilted.

Huan Dong Hai stood out and said, “Old Ancestor, this Qing Yan is especially cunning and is also extremely vicious. Not only did she burn Bei Ming’s body, she also injured me, causing my cultivation to fall from a Four-Star spirit master to a Two-Star spirit master; she has never respected our relationship as fellow clan members. Old Ancestor, do not listen to her rubbish. This must be a trick she is using as she is not willing to accept any fostering!”

Huan Qing Yan really wanted to give Huan Dong Hai a ‘Like’, he really understood her well!

“Old Ancestor, when my papa was alive, he had great respect for you while you also respected my papa greatly. If not, why would you agree to help my papa guard our ancestral halls for so many years? Qing Yan had always felt gratitude for your efforts. However, this rule is really something that my papa had vowed to follow when he was alive; if Old Ancestor doesn’t believe it or if the fellow clan relatives do not believe it, then you are free to ask my papa’s tablet. Ask him if the words I have just spoken are true or not?” Huan Qing Yan immediately praised Huan Li An when she had the chance This old man was after all the oldest living member of the Huan Clan; since the others were trying to use him in their favor, she naturally could do the same for herself.  

Huan Li An said, “Really?”

“Yes, rather than letting these clan relatives spout anymore rubbish; it’s better for you, our elder, to ask.”

Huan Li An immediately turned towards Huan Bei Ming’s tablet and said, “Bei Ming, is what Qing Yan lass said true? Did you really make an honorable vow of sending all your male descendants who had reached adulthood to the Battlefield of Humans and Demons to train for three years?”

In front of everyone, a cluster of spirit energy began to appear above Huan Bei Ming’s tablet. The energy arranged itself and eventually formed the word ‘Yes’.

With such a weird phenomenon happening, coupled with the dark solemn atmosphere due to the various tablets representing the deceased ancestors of the clan in front of them, those clan relatives that were having ill intentions began to feel a chill running down their spine.

Especially the group of young men who were standing in the center, all of them went pale and quickly retreated to hide behind their parents.

“Brother Bei Ming is indeed an elite of humanity. From the time he fought in the battlefield on the neutral territory of Humans and Demons all those years ago, he has always been a role model for us. However, we are not as talented as Brother Bei Ming, and when I thought of my young son’s poor cultivation level, I feel that he has no qualifications to call Brother Bei Ming as his father. Let’s end this matter with that.”

“Same for our family’s Ying Hu, he is too stupid, and we are afraid that he would tarnish the honorable reputation of Brother Bei Ming…”


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In an instant, the people who had offered their sons had all changed their testimonials and called their sons back.

That included Huan Dong Hai. His son Huan Jin Jian was the most excellent one amongst his children; why would he send him to the battlefield that leads to a certain death.

Huan Qing Yan said with a disappointed expression, “Old Ancestor, tell me what do you think of this?”

Huan Li An had noticed since awhile ago that these people were just eyeing for Huan Bei Ming’s wealth and asset;, since they never planned to bring glory to the Huan Clan by supporting the main branch, he no longer wish to be involved in this matter.

“Qing Yan my lass, this old man nearly used his status as the eldest to do something irrevocable. Fortunately, you are a smart lass and stopped this old man from committing something I would regret. Lass, you are intelligent and quick witted; Bei Ming has few descendants, but with you around, I believe it will be enough to take care of your little brother. As for the matter of fostering, let’s end this matter once and for all; no one is to bring this up ever again.”

After he spoke, he released a long sigh and continued, “This old man is getting useless; my old eyes can no longer see things clearly. Bei Ming, Grandpa Shu is truly ashamed!”

On the old wrinkled face of the elder, a tear rolled down from his eye.

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When the clan relatives saw that their plan was unsuccessful, they all began to say their goodbyes, “Old Ancestor, if there is nothing else, we shall leave first then.”

Huan Qing Yan lightly coughed, “There’s no hurry. It is difficult for everyone in the clan to gather within the ancestral halls of our Huan Clan. Since we are all in front of our ancestors, it is a good time for them to witness our conscience. Qing Yan has something to ask all of you. On the day when my papa was supposed to be buried, who is the one that arranged for his body to be stolen?”

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