Chapter 207 – Enough!

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Secondary Son?

When the clan relatives heard her, they wanted to voice out their displeasure. However, when they thought about Huan Qing Yan’s firm and powerful stance that was backed by her status as a Four-Star spirit master, they held their tongues and went with the intention to obtain whatever they could take with the current situation.

Huan Li An pondered for a while, “Indeed, this old man didn’t think it through properly; there is a need to have a distinction between the true heirs holding the main bloodline and those who don’t. Let’s use the method of fostering them as secondary sons.”

This old man who was close to a hundred was already at the door steps of death; as he had lost his children and grandchildren a long time ago, he decided to spend his remaining life as the guardian of the ancestral hall. The reason he called this gathering was not for his own benefit but due to being persuaded by Huan Dong Hai and the others, and thus the topic of fostering was brought up today.

Madam Huan was also surprised, ‘Why would Little Yan agree?’

However, she was very confident with her daughter’s decision. The lass had always thought things in a bigger picture as compared to her, so she did not voice out her concerns.

Huan Xing Han was a pro-sister activist; his sis had put herself in danger to save him from the claws of bad men. This had made him her number one fan.

There was only one thought in his mind, ‘Anything that Sis says is correct!’

Huan Qing Yan slowly walked to the center; the group of people also uncontrollably began to step back from her, that also included the group of excellent young men who stood in line…

For reasons unknown, when they looked at her, a small sense of guilt began to prick at their conscience.

This was partly due to Huan Qing Yan emitting the pressure of a Four-Star spirit master. As a young girl, other than her smart words, she also needed to use a suitable amount of power to effectively shock these people.

After looking at her surroundings one time, she smiled and said, “These brothers are all spirit masters, that is great! When my papa was around, he had always regretted that Xing Han was not old enough to serve our country and do his part for humanity. My papa is a true man who excels both in the arts and in martial prowess. When he was young, he had participated in the Human Demon Racial War multiple times, earning fame and honor for our Hanging Cloud Empire and being a good example of humanity…”  

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When everyone heard her words, they began to feel that something was not right.

The group of young men also started showing an uneasy expression.

Huan Qing Yan continued, “When my papa was around, he had vowed that all his sons who have reached the age of sixteen, would serve in the battlefield between the Humans and Demons for three years to train their courage and to kill demons for humanity. Only then, could they call themselves as the descendants of him, Huan Bei Ming. Since these brothers were to join our family, Qing Yan would be anticipating your performance on the battlefield between Humans and Demons, please make sure that you do not insult the great name of my papa…”

A commotion exploded immediately.

Especially the mothers within the families, they were unable to hold themselves back and started talking.

“What? To the battlefield between Humans and Demons? Isn’t that as good as sending them to death? My son, please do not go, this old mother still needs you to take care of me when I am old!”

“My son is only a Two-Star spirit master, going to a battlefield where death is everywhere, isn’t it equivalent to the end of our Huan Clan’s third branch bloodline? No, absolutely not!”

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“My son had just been engaged to a good family and will be marrying in two years; going to the battlefield for three years is impossible as the in-law’s side would not be willing to wait. If the engagement gets called off, we would lose our betrothal gift. My son will not be fostered.”

“This must be that damn lass scaring us, when did Brother Bei Ming set such rules? D*mn lass, just tell us that you disagree with the fostering, there is no use putting out lies to scare us.”


When Huan Li An heard them, he felt a sense of discomfort welling up in his heart.

He originally thought that these people truly had good intentions for Huan Bei Ming’s line when they offered their sons to be fostered. Yet, it was apparent that they just wanted to obtain profits out of this incident. Some even hoped for their son to take care of them when they are old, so what’s the point of offering their son for fostering if that was the case?

“Enough! Stop talking.”

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