Chapter 206 – Greetings Old Ancestor

A few young men who had not met her before were awestruck and stared blankly at the beauty in front of them.

Huan Dong Hai’s face darkened.

‘There should be no one informing her, why is she here?’

The incident this time was deliberately started when she was not in the Huan Estate, and the plan was to set everything in stone before she was informed. When the matter was sealed and had reached the point of no return, she would have no other choice but to follow through.


‘With the Old Ancestor as their shield, we are also not afraid of Huan Qing Yan spoiling our plans. Even if she did manage to spoil our plans, we still have a next move, humph!’

When Madam Huan saw Huan Qing Yan, more tears fell from her face, “Qing Yan, the Old Ancestor and your clan uncles wants us, widow and orphans, to foster some sons into our family…”

Huan Qing Yan quickly went up to Madam Huan to help her up.

As a Four-Star spirit master, she had managed to hear most of what had been discussed when she was outside and walking towards the ancestral hall.

These people have truly done well!

Using her absence to arrange such a nice show…

This show was something that did not happen in the previous life. In the previous life, these people openly preyed on the assets of the Huan Estate. They hadn’t thought of using this ‘fostering’ method to get what they wanted.

She wondered who was the one that gave them the idea?

The matter regarding her papa’s corpse being stolen was yet to be solved, maybe she should start from these people to connect and locate the mastermind behind the scenes…

When she thought till here, Huan Qing Yan calmed down greatly; after consoling Madam Huan, she also praised Huan Xing Han, “Little Xing Han, you have done well. You beginning to look like a great man, Sis did not love you for nothing.”

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Huan Xing Han clenched his fists to express that he would work harder from now on.

Huan Li An squinted his eyes before pointing at Huan Qing Yan, “Are you the eldest daughter of the Huan Family? You are so old now?”

“Yes. Greetings Old Ancestor.” Huan Qing Yan bowed respectfully at Huan Li An.

Huan Li An continued, “What did you just say? Bullying a widow and a orphan? Who is bullying a widow and an orphan? We are just planning for the best way to pass down your father’s inheritance, fostering these young capable men is the solution… in the future, when you are married off, you will also have some people to support you from the back!”

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Huan Qing Yan replied, “I made a rash comment when I saw my mother weeping in front of the ancestral tablets, I hope the Old Ancestor would forgive me for being too harsh with my words. Old Ancestor, you might not know this but spirit masters with high star talent like me have an unlimited potential, and our lifespans are also boundless. Therefore, we would not casually marry and have children. So, Old Ancestor, please be rest assured regarding this matter. Qing Yan, however, feels exceptionally grateful towards Old Ancestor’s kind intentions…”

Huan Dong Hai was stunned, he knew that Huan Qing Yan was not a person they could easily trifle with. He had expected her appearance to be accompanied with a great confrontation and argument, yet she had unexpectedly expressed words of gratitude?

‘She must be planning something’, Huan Dong Hai decided that he must stop her from speaking any further, “Huan Qing Yan, what are you trying to do? Think about your papa in heaven, do you wish for the Huan Family to end its line just like this?”

“My little brother is currently healthy and fine! Huan Dong Hai, how dare you curse him in front of our ancestors! If our Huan Family line ends, then it must be because of the words you spoke today!” Huan Qing Yan coldly glared at him.


Huan Li An waved his hand, “Qing Yan lass, tell us your stance regarding this matter in front of the ancestors. You are a clear minded person and is not as muddle-headed as your mother, your brother is also too young to understand this. Tell me, do you agree or disagree with the fostering ceremony?”

The gazes of everyone in the Huan Clan focused on Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan smiled and said, “The clan relatives are all willing to send us their sons to boost the luck of our Huan Family; this is something I am naturally happy about. However, our Huan Family has always followed our ancestral rules diligently which states the main family line must not be mixed up. The Huan Family will only accept Xing Han as the young master of the main line; if they wish to join us through fostering, they can only be fostered as secondary sons*…”
(Cuppa: No legitimate claim over the family’s assets)

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