Chapter 209 – Six-Star Spirit Master!

This was the first time that Huan Li An had heard about Huan Bei Ming’s body being stolen. When everyone was using him, they would call him Old Ancestor; when they had no use for him, none of them would bother to visit him or gift him any items. All this time, Huan Bei Ming was the only person who had bothered to visit and take care of the old man.

When Huan Qing Yan explained the incident in detail to him, Huan Li An was greatly enraged.

He pointed at the Huan Clan members that had filled the ancestral hall and said, “All of you kneel in front of the tablets of our ancestors immediately!”

“All of you are truly black-hearted. It is bad enough that Bei Ming’s funeral offerings were stolen, yet you all even planned to steal his body! Are you still members of the Huan Clan? All of you are utter ingrates! Who is the one started this, come out immediately!”

Huan Qing Yan was rather surprised, she never expected this old foolish ancestor would react so violently; he must have truly cared for her papa.

From the reincarnated girl’s memories, the Old Ancestor was a side-character throughout the whole time. After the Huan Family was torn apart, Little Xing Han had nowhere else to go; it was the Old Ancestor who took him away in the end.

In addition, he had an extremely bad impression of the reincarnated girl. Not only was he displeased with her, he also gave her a thorough scolding. After that, he no longer appeared in front of her.

A commotion started within the ancestral hall, but no one kneeled as told.

Huan Dong Hai said, “Old Ancestor, how could you listen to the one-sided words of that lass? Brother Bei Ming’s body being stolen was arranged by their estate’s housekeeper, and it has nothing to do with us.”

“Exactly, the Old Ancestor must have turned foolish due to his age. He is not getting his facts right!”

“Let’s not bother about this old man, let’s leave.”


Pa Pa Pa~ !

With a few loud sounds, the doors of the ancestral hall were shut when there was no wind.

The group felt an oppressive pressure coming down from above, causing their legs to go soft as they uncontrollably began to kneel on the ground.

Huan Qing Yan also felt the same pressure; however, her pig spirit that was residing within her wrist grunted a couple of times and dispersed the oppressive aura that was placed on her.

Huan Qing Yan looked at her surroundings in shock. That old and weak looking Huan Li An had disappeared; Huan Li An’s eyes were clear and sharp while a cat-like spirit treasure appeared in front of him. Like Huan Bei Ming’s spirit treasure, it was an Almond-Star talent, and on top of its head, were six shining stars!

A Six-Star spirit master!

Huan Qing Yan was startled, this powerless looking old man was actually a Six-Star spirit master!

Fortunately, she did not choose to use force when she first arrived; if she were to go up against the combine might of a Six-Star spirit master as well as the other Two, Three, Four-Star spirit masters amongst the clan relative, she would never be able to escape unscathed, let alone bringing her mother and brother along with her.

When she remembered that she used Shifting Phantom Steps earlier on to position and draw a spirit word above Huan Bei Ming’s tablet, it was likely that Huan Li An had already noticed the real intention of the clan relatives and chose not to expose her…. Either for the sake of her papa or maybe he had some plans he wished to execute.

Like Huan Qing Yan, many people on scene were also greatly surprised; no one expected the weak looking old guy that was half a step in his coffin was actually an expert in disguise, a Six-Star spirit master!

“Old Ancestor, the saying that ‘an expert does not reveal himself easily’ is truly meant for a great person like you!”

“Oh my god, the Old Ancestor could be an official with his cultivation as a Six-Star spirit master. He could be supported by the royal family and be bestowed an estate. Why torture himself by staying in this old and tattered ancestral hall…”

Huan Li An said in a deep ferocious voice, “Whoever is involved in Bei Ming’s incident, own up now or if someone knew about the truth, come out and reveal it. If not, do not blame this old man for being ruthless and clean up the trash within the clan on behalf of the ancestors!”

“We do not know anything, Old Ancestor!”

“Indeed, it is done by the servants of their Huan Estate…”

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