Chapter 210 – Word Sealing Curse!

They were confident that the other party had no evidence to deal with them.

Huan Li An did not speak any further; instead, he released his hunting cat type spirit treasure.

The translucent body of the cat spirit hung in the air as it began to sniff the heads of each person.

Yet it seemed it was not sniffing for a scent…

Huan Qing Yan felt amazed at the scene.

In the reincarnated girl’s memories, the Old Ancestor only appeared when the Huan Family completely collapsed; at that time he did not reveal his powers as a Six-Star spirit master to help them. All he did was taking in Huan Xing Han to take care of him…

She was sure that this old man was also a Six-Star spirit master then!

In the end, the cat paused when it reached Huan Dong Hai before it released a yowl; it seemed that it had discovered something.

Huan Li An immediately said, “Dong Hai, speak, confess the mistake you have made. Apologize to Bei Ming’s tablet as well as to his family and we can discuss things further.”

A flash ran through Huan Dong Hai’s eyes, but he kept his composure and replied, “Old Ancestor, I have nothing else to say. I did not do anything to Brother Bei Ming…”

Suddenly, the cat released a roar at Huan Dong Hai’s body, causing Huan Dong Hai’s rat spirit treasure to escape from his body in fear.

What immediately followed, was Huan Dong Hai opening his mouth to speak in a cat-like voice, though his words were pronounced very clearly.

“…… Zhang Chang Fu was bribed by me, the body of Brother Bei Ming was also stolen by me; someone had offered an extremely high price for Brother Bei Ming’s dead body…”

Huan Qing Yan quickly followed up, “Who is that person?”


When the word was spoken, Huan Dong Hai suddenly began to throw a fit without any symptoms; his limbs twitched uncontrollably as white foam gathered in his mouth. The next moment, he died on the spot!

Huan Li An said in shock, “Word Sealing Curse!”

‘What’s Word Sealing Curse!’

The reincarnated girl replied, “Word Sealing Curse is a high level technique, and rumor has it that only a True Spirit Master or higher would be able to learn this skill. The person that is cursed would be forbidden to say specific words, and if they do, the curse would activate…”

Huan Qing Yan suddenly felt that things were getting more and more complicated.

It seemed like Huan Dong Hai did not know that the Word Sealing Curse was placed on him; in the end, his life was lost just for that bit of profit.

When Huan Dong Hai died, a woman in luxurious attire screamed and ran out from the crowd. Huan Dong Hai’s son also rushed out and both of them began to cry and howl at the heavens.

“Husband, Husband…”

“Old Ancestor, why must you force him to death? Even if our Dong Hai did something, it was not enough to bestow him a death sentence.”

Huan Li An also felt that the unexpected situation had caused things to get out of his control, he recalled his cat spirit and did not continue the investigation; instead, he angrily said, “All Huan Clan members listen up! The Huan House is unable to accommodate any ingrates that would harm their kin! For the glory of our Huan Clan, I have been misled by the words of all of you; although this old man is old, my heart is not foolish. Anyone who dares to do anymore ill to your own clansmen for the sake of personal benefit from now on, do not blame this old man for kicking you out of our clan!”

The people all stopped talking and did not dare to make anymore comments; in terms of seniority, Huan Li An was the eldest in the clan. In terms of cultivation, no one was able to win him.

Huan Li An released a long sigh and kicked them out of the hall.

When the clan relatives saw a person had died and witnessed the prowess of the Old Ancestor, none of them wanted to stay any long and quickly left. As the mummering crowd left, Huan Qing Yan kept having the feeling that someone within the crowd was staring at her.

The gaze she received was ill in intent, and it also possessed a lecherous feeling in it…

She tried to find out who it was, but she was unable to pinpoint the person.

When everyone finally left, only four persons remained: Huan Li An, Huan Qing Yan as well as Huan Xing Han being carried by Madam Huan.

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