Volume 1 Chapter 7: This Loli is a Little Naughty

Bella’s group evaded the labyrinth’s traps with help from Tanpur, at the same time, she got Tanpur to help her cut the wires to all the surveillance cameras so that the one behind the cameras would not be able to keep watch over their activities.

As for the Church’s knights behind them, Bella suspected that the cross on Eleanor’s neck was the thing that they had bugged; it was the only thing on Eleanor that was worthy of suspicion.

“Eleanor, can you give me your cross as collateral? I’m having second thoughts about not taking any, what if you don’t pay me after?”

“I’m not that kind of person Bella; here, don’t damage it! It’s the proof that I’m a holy knight, I will need it.”

“If it makes you any less worried, take this; just pretend we exchanged it for a while. Put it on, don’t keep it in your hands, I’m afraid of you losing mine too.”

Eleanor was rather amused at Bella, regretting her decision and taking collateral halfway. She took Bella’s cross that was made out of red metal, and studied it for a while, the cross didn’t seem to be any different from that of the Church’s, and she could not detect any trace of magic on it; it shouldn’t be a trap.

“How do you like it? Do you feel uncomfortable in any way?”

“I don’t feel anything wrong, isn’t it just a cross? Looking at you panic is making me want to panic too.”

Eleanor looked confusedly at Bella, but Bella did not give any explanations. Mia and Angel looked at Bella with a little puzzled look on their faces; the cross that Bella had given Eleanor was a Blood Cross, infused with dark powers, similar to the Dark Cross that Bella gave to Dolores recently. Both crosses were special equipment that had the ability to let their owners inherit the power of darkness.

But this sister was very evidently a human, they couldn’t put together what sister Bella was trying to do. Dolores on the other hand, sensed something and smiled knowingly at Bella and decided to start up a conversation with Eleanor. This confused Eleanor somewhat, the purple haired girl had been cold to her throughout their time together, even showing some hints of hostility.

And now she was passionately trying to make conversation with Eleanor as if they were longtime companions. But Eleanor had always been rather extroverted and decided to not look further into Dolores’ change of heart; she decided she had no reason to ignore Dolores now that the girl no longer held any hostilities towards her.
In the darkness, Tanpur witnessed all of this and realized that Miss Bella swung that way; he was already scheming of capturing some girls and present them to Miss Bella, she would definitely give him lots of rewards for doing so.

The thought process of monsters was rather simple; Tanpur let several of his avatars spread this intel to Skeleton King Fred and Skeletal Dragon Brant who were waiting outside. When Bella steps out of the catacombs, this intel would have already traveled into the ears of all the cadre level monsters in the Anola Clark strip.

Bella hid the joy in her heart, this Blood Cross was made by her and the two lolis using their blood; when Felia was revived, Bella discovered that the blood used in the ritual gave Felia quite a bit of dark power.

Inspired by this, the three of them created the Blood Cross and the Dark Cross.

There was one small disadvantage to the two crosses, however, and that was it required the wearers to be their nearing deaths before the crosses’ power can be activated; creating a new body infused with dark power for the wearers. Even though Eleanor had put on the cross, but she had not been ‘remodeled’ by the cross yet; Dolores was in the same situation as she had not faced any dangers during her time at Bella’s side. Bella was at a loss for what to do next, she considered ambushing Eleanor later and beating her to the state of near death and forcing her to be ‘remodeled’, but if Bella were able to do this, Dolores would have already activated the cross, Bella couldn’t bring herself to hurt women for no real reason. She could only hope that some trap ahead of them could help her out.

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During their whole time on this path, they had not encountered a single trap, Bella asked Tanpur and discovered that the path didn’t have any traps, to begin with; there was something fishy about this, it was definitely not a coincidence that they had not stumbled upon anything. Bella couldn’t find what was wrong and decided that she would cross the bridge when she got there; she also couldn’t do anything to the knights who were trailing behind them as she did not want to make a bad impression on Eleanor, it was rather annoying.

The group came to a fork in the path, the left path was covered in human remains, and not in a very pleasant presentation; evidently not the right choice. The path on the right side did not have any body-parts nor blood, but bits and pieces of broken armor; seeing this, Eleanor’s face changed drastically and she ran to the side with the broken armor.

Bella was afraid that something might happen to her and quickly followed. But before she did, she made Tanpur place Eleanor’s cross on the left path and carry some of the bodies from that side over so that both sides looked the same, she hoped that this would help them lose the Church’s pursuit.
When Bella got closer to Eleanor, she saw that the girl was staring at the scraps of armor on the ground, her face filled with sorrow.

“What happened Eleanor? You know the owners of the armor?”

“This is the armor of my personal knights, they must have met their ends at the hands of zombies; a few days ago, my good friend Roland and Kristoff Empire’s 1st princess, Kris Annie, were ambushed by zombies, this is exactly what happened to their armor. It seems that I arrived too late…”

Eleanor was lost in sorrow and did not see the strange look on Bella’s face. Bella looked at the armor scraps again, she realized that this scene did in fact, look exactly the same as what happened to Roland and Annie. She also saw that there were scraps of what seemed to be underwear; along with the corroded armor that looked the same as Roland’s at that time, Bella had an inkling of what had happened here. But hadn’t that old driver, Adris, been dragged by Maltz to the underground prison for some ‘philosophical’ discussion? Was there another driver racing here? if that were the case, this catacomb seemed to produce a lot of them.

“Are you sure that they’re dead? We haven’t found any bodies yet; maybe they were… Turned into zombies!”

“No, if it were just zombification, the armor would not be shredded like this. They must have been eaten, damn it!”

“Who told you that zombies ate humans?”

“The Church, what, you have a problem?”

“No… then what do we do, next boss?”

Bella looked at Eleanor who thought it natural that zombies ate people, she didn’t know how to explain to her. Damn Church, they’re miseducating people; at least the zombies under her command didn’t have the habit of eating other zombies.

“I don’t know either, what do I do, Bella? I thought that I would be able to make it in time…but…”

“Don’t panic, we can first set a small goal; find your brother. After we do that then let’s think bigger, what do you think?”

“Alright, it’s all that we can do now.”

“Nee-san, there’s a small nee-san playing hide and seek with us, she’s hiding inside that wall.”

Bella was about to continue comforting Eleanor when Angel suddenly came up to her and whispered in her ear. Bella looked at the wall not so far from her, she didn’t see anything there; Tanpur’s shadow was on that wall, he would have told Bella if there were an intruder. She was somewhat doubting Angel.

“You won’t be able to see her, the sister is hiding in a parallel space.”

“Parallel space? Then is she the one we’re looking for?”

“I think so, but it seems that she’s scared to come out; I and Mia can’t do anything to her if she stays in her parallel space. We only found her because Mia smelled some human scent on her, she should have recently been somewhere with lots of people.”

“Then let’s ignore her for now, tell Mia to pay attention to her movement, tell me if there is anything strange. Let’s continue forward.”

Jennette Noesha was currently hiding on the other side of the spacial wall and was observing the five girls on the other side. She had originally come out to look for the reason as to why her surveillance equipment was showing a black screen, through her special ability of ‘Time Memory’, she was able to discern that these girls were those who had destroyed the cameras.

“It’s those two, it’s been ten thousand years, I thought… but they give me a different feel than before.”

Noesha evidently knew the two lolis in Bella’s party; seeing those two, Noesha didn’t want to risk leaving her space.

As she watched Bella’s party continue their advance in the labyrinth, Noesha pondered for a while before deciding that she wouldn’t try anything against Angel or Mia. Noesha was currently low on power, she would definitely be at a disadvantage. Noesha would periodically spend large amounts of her power of space and time to travel to other dimensions; but would also expand more power to bring back items from other dimensions, the surveillance set that she had recently brought back had used up almost half her power.

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Only now did Noesha regain some of her power, she didn’t want to cross Mia and Angel, but she did not want to leave empty-handed either. After deliberation, she decided to skip the other girls and take Bella to teach her a lesson.

“Eleanor, let’s, eh, where did everyone go?”

As Bella kept walking, her field of view shook for a bit; when she returned to her senses, the labyrinth was still the same, but none of her companions were with her, even Shadow Demon Tanpur who had been following them in the shadows disappeared; it was as if she were the only one that remained in the world, had she been transmigrated again?

“Sister disappeared! What happened, sister Mia? Sister Eleanor and sister Dolores are gone too.”

“Don’t be so worried, that just now was a dislocation in space and time, sister Bella was dragged into the parallel space; sister Dolores and sister Eleanor should be transferred somewhere not too far ahead of us.”

“Then is sister Bella in danger?”

“I don’t think she’s in any danger, hard to say for the one who dragged her in though. Let’s go find the others first, sister Bella will be fine.”

Angel and Mia weren’t shifted, Noesha didn’t plan to move them in the first place, Dolores and Eleanor weren’t so fortunate and had probably been moved individually to somewhere ahead.

Bella was advancing carefully as she had no subordinates to help her scout ahead, she was scared of getting ambushed. As she came to a bend in the path, a strong wind blew towards her from the other side of the path.

“This wind…has some problems…”

Bella never learned any defensive skills, thinking that it was just a strong wind, she believed that she would be fine if she faced it head-on. The result was that after the wind hit her, her dark gold armor was blown into pieces, the armor breaking attributes was way too strong. It was one thing that her armor broke, but the wind also shredded the clothes that she wore under; in the blink of an eye, Bella was left wearing only her underwear.

Out of view, Noesha was also looking curiously at Bella, in her most recent travel, the underwear that girls wore there were the same as those that Bella was wearing currently; Noesha decided that she would ask about it after she catches Bella. As she thought about it, a sinister smile crept onto her face.

Even Bella’s weapon had been disintegrated, this wind sure was overpowered, even being able to break weapons. As for why her underwear was fine, she suspected that the one behind all of this had meant for them to remain. Bella still had some cards up her sleeve so she wasn’t too anxious. Based on some certain films from her previous world, she could guess the general gist of what was going to happen.

As Bella was waiting for her opponent’s next step, the ground opened up beneath her, and she fell into a hole that came out of nowhere. She didn’t know how long she was in the darkness, but when she came to her sense, she had discovered herself in a sealed room below ground; she tried to stand up but found that her hands were bound behind her by red rope, and the same had been done to her feet. As for the remaining fabric on her, they had disappeared sometime during her fall down the hole.

Bella tried to force herself out of the ropes but discovered that they tightened harder the more she struggled. This rope should be the same ones that had bound Roland and Annie. Bella didn’t know how to feel, she didn’t expect to receive the same experience as Roland and Annie so soon; fortunately, the one who tied her wasn’t as professional as the old gentleman Adris, it was only a normal method for tying humans.

“Knight sister, why aren’t you panicking?! In the books that I’ve read, the sisters all panic when this happens to them.”

As Bella was contemplating whether to show her cards, the one behind the scenes appeared. The voice sounded playful and female, Bella secretly let out a breath, luckily it wasn’t a male. It was a loli with pink hair in a twin-tail similar to that of Angel’s; but Angel’s hair was unadorned with accessories, this loli had a black silk ribbon on each of her twin-tails. She was taller than Angel, about the same height as Mia; her black dress gave off the feel of a vampire loli from the games in Bella’s previous life.

Her iris was red, but if one looks closely they would be able to discern the slight differences in the coloration of her irises, one was blood-red while the other was light red.

If one were to add small fangs to her delicate face, she would look exactly like a vampire loli. There was something about the loli that Bella was disappointed in however, the loli was not flat chested either; had flat chested lolis been a myth?

“Who are you? Hurry up and let me go you fiend! If you don’t…”

“My name is Jennette Noesha! Remember it, as it is the name of your new owner! I’ll take it that you agree if you don’t say anything.”

Noesha put a red ball gag on Bella, a wicked smile on her face. Bella’s brain short-circuited for a bit, wasn’t this the same procedure that she had done to two other girls just recently? How was this loli so proficient at it.

“Knight sister, don’t be so afraid, I just want to play a game with you! I won’t hurt you, but because you broke the equipment that I spend so much effort getting, you’re gonna have to use your body to pay for the damages~.”

As she looked at Noesha put a red collar on her, Bella finally realized that this loli was the owner of the surveillance cameras.

Bella looked at the various ‘equipment’ in the room, Bella had seen similar things in the videos of her previous life; this loli seemed to be a perverted type, Bella had originally thought that she was afflicted with the eighth-grade syndrome.

Noesha looked excitedly at Bella, she could finally practice what she had learned in her books after so long; she had studied the books for many years, but never had the chance to put it to use. A thousand years ago, she accidentally left some of her books and ‘equipment’ outside of the underground palace, and some old bastard had taken it; causing her much heartache.

Noesha was too excited to realize that Bella’s struggle was only her playing along with the loli; it was hard to say who would be the owner later.

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