Chapter 249 – Miser

Huan Qing Yan admired it for a while before she suddenly got curious, “Young Master Ya, can you also give me a set of words so that I can carry it with me every day?”

“Why?” Ji Mo Ya’s voice returned to being calm and disinterested.

“At times when I think of you after you leave the Hanging Cloud Empire, I can look at your calligraphy and remember the person! Your words are so beautiful; you can just write your name, Ji Mo Ya, for me to use it as a souvenir, okay?”

She was already looking forward to the day of him leaving?

Of all the travels he had done and experienced, this was the first time he had encountered a lady that could dismiss his charms so easily.

Shouldn’t she be weeping now? Using the reason of having her bare body being seen by him to request to be a concubine and return to the Ji Mo Clan with him?

Why did this girl not speak anything and already thought of matters after they part?

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Ji Mo Ya’s mood fell uncontrollably; he no longer displayed his signature smile that he so often used as a noble gentleman, and he immediately replied, “No.”

Huan Qing Yan felt that Ji Mo Ya seemed to have suddenly become unhappy; just as she was feeling confused, Shopkeeper Ma came in with the waiters who were carrying dishes.

Huan Qing Yan softly muttered towards Ji Mo Ya, “Miser.”

She ignored him and gave the calligraphy on her hand to Shopkeeper Ma, handling it carefully like handling a treasure, while she said, “This is a valuable calligraphy created by Young Master Ya. Quickly get someone to frame it up before using it to replace our current signboard.”

Shopkeeper Ma looked at it and also praised out loud, “Divine words, divine words!”

Ji Mo Ya did not display any expression of happiness; after he had a bite of each dish, he stopped eating.

Huan Qing Yan was curious as Ji Mo Ya usually was not a picky eater!

He would basically eat every dish that she made.

Therefore, she also started to taste the dishes, but as expected, they indeed tasted weak…

“Young Master Ya, be patient, I will head down to the kitchen to cook up some dishes now…”

Who knew that Ji Mo Ya suddenly stood up, “No need, this young master has suddenly lost the appetite.”

As he spoke, he calmly departed with a neutral expression and moved with the grace like an immortal.

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Huan Qing Yan quickly chase after, “Young Master Ya, Young Master Ya, I have some matters today, so I would not return to the Aged Consulate with you first. I wish to take a day off today!”

Ji Mo Ya originally slowed down his steps deliberately, but the next second, his body emitted power as he quickened his steps and disappeared through the main door of the Huan Clan Restaurant.

Huan Qing Yan muttered behind him, “Seriously, what’s with that face, it’s only some not really nice to eat food!” She had already offered to cook some dishes for him! That miser not only did not want to give her calligraphy, he also nitpicked here and there.

So be it, she did not want to think about this hard to please Young Master for now.

The most urgent matter now was to search for Huan Jiu Li and assist him to escape from the capital…

Huan Qing Yan went to the kitchen.

The head chef was not a Basic Rank like what the rumors outside were spreading; in fact, he was an Intermediate Spirit Chef, an extremely fat uncle that Shopkeeper Ma referred to as Fatty Yan.

Other than Fatty Yan, there were no other spirit chefs, and the remaining chefs in the kitchen were all ordinary cooks.

As each spirit master had their own style, Huan Qing Yan did not comment much; instead, she planned to pick some of the easier recipes within the Basic Inheritance Room and teach him.

“I will now cook two new dishes. Once you have mastered it, I want these to be our new specialty dishes within half a month. If the response is good, ask Shopkeeper Ma to inform me and I plan to teach you a new dish every half a month…”

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