Chapter 250 – Endless

Spirit Chef Yan was astonished by the news and quickly clasped his hands, “Thank you for imparting your teachings, Young Mistress!”

Huan Qing Yan had the Inheritance Room and possessed many recipes, so she did not find it difficult to impart a few dishes to her subordinates.

However, the Spirit Chef profession, unlike other professions, was very conservative. If a Spirit Chef manages to discover a new recipe or new methods of preparing ingredients, he/she would treat it as family heirlooms that would only be passed down to their descendants or disciples. This showed how precious recipes were.

Take the Huan Family’s pot of Thousand-Year-Old Aged Soup. It was only a slightly rare recipe, yet it was enough to support generations of descendants.

That was why Spirit Chef Yan was so excited. The new owner did not blame him for the poor business of the restaurant, but she even offered to teach him new recipes, so he had secretly swore to himself that he would do his very best to repay her kindness and not let the Huan Clan Restaurant fall to ruin ever again…

“As a Spirit Chef, one must know how to match the ingredients; this is also the most important thing as it will affect how much spirit energy is increased in the final product. Secondly, we must also not neglect the taste; humans have always held food with high regard and in our Spirit Treasure Continent, eating is a grand and important affair…” Huan Qing Yan took up the mantle of a teacher and began to patiently explain while cooking.

Very quickly, two dishes were prepared. As one was wholeheartedly teaching, and the other was wholeheartedly learning, the process was smooth and efficient. Spirit Chef Yan started to cook the new dish himself while Huan Qing Yan instructed him from the side.

Huan Qing Yan would not only point out the mistakes, she also made sure to add in encouragement during the process.

Her goal was to expand the Huan Clan Restaurant; after that, she could sell the large volume of spirit ingredients stored within her dimension to the restaurant. It would not only be convenient, it would also provide her with a source of personal income.

After she finished teaching Spirit Chef Yan, Huan Qing Yan activated her storage ring to cause it to glow, using it as a ruse to hide the fact that she took out batches of fresh ingredients from her dimension.

“If you need ingredients in the future, I will arrange someone to send them to you. Focus on expanding the business of Huan Clan Restaurant. If you met any difficulties, feel free to contact me anytime.”

Shopkeeper Ma and gang acknowledged all her instructions obediently.


Ji Mo Ya boarded the carriage and emotionlessly said, “To the Aged Consulate.”

Mo Si felt indignant at the injustice and said while driving the carriage, “Young Master, that fat chick is really too much. Young Master had learnt that she had offended Bai Chen Feng and quickly came over to check the situation, yet she did not even bother! Normal people would have wanted to return together with Young Master, yet she chose to stay behind to teach others to cook; does she know how to feel guilty…”

Within the carriage, Ji Mo Ya was shutting his eyes, his sculpted face displayed no emotions but the oppressive aura being emitted by his celestial-like visage could be felt by Mo Si who was outside the carriage.

Mo Si immediately trembled, “Arhem. Where are we going Young Master?”

“Aged Consulate.” A graceful refreshing voice replied.

“You are not catching the Greater Demon?”

“No rush, let’s wait and see.” When the Greater Demon was brought up, Ji Mo Ya’s expression slowly returned to normal.

When facing against demons, he has only absolute cold emotions.

The enmity he had with demons was beyond expression, this endless enmity would only be gone when one side was completely extinguished.

Mo Si replied, “If Young Master is worried, shall I send someone to watch over the fat chick?”

“No need.” A decisive tone returned.

The tone also meant that he no longer wished to speak about this topic, so Mo Si remained silent.


Crown Prince Estate.

Old Master Hou was displaying an enraged expression while standing within the study as he said, “Lord Crown Prince, Lord Emperor had issued a direct order to execute that immoral b*tch, yet it is ultimately just a ruse to appease the public. Our Hou Family is afterall still a noble family… *Sigh*, fine, so be it. But why did Lord Emperor choose to deceive the public and side with Lord Ninth? We must find out the reason behind it!”

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