Chapter 312: Set out (Mid)

“Han Yan.” Long Yi moved his nose and subconsciously called out.

Each woman had unique body fragrance, and Long Yi’s nose was very sensitive, so he naturally possessed the ability to differentiate his women with just their fragrance.

When Long Yi reflexively called out Han Yan’s name, the phantom in front of him had already changed into a figure. But to the surprise of Long Yi, this huge phantom unexpectedly was a pure white big bird. Its feathers were glossy and also exquisite, and its silverish white beak was long, thin and hard. On a whole, it looked just like a white crane of his previous world, merely its build was ten times bigger.

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Han Yan dressed in a close-fitting skirt was standing on the back of this white crane, and she was looking at him with a smile yet not a smile.

Beside a brook on the outskirts of Soaring Dragon City, Long Yi sat on the rock, frequently tossing little stones in the clear brook. As for Han Yan, she sat not far away from Long Yi. She had taken off her shoes and socks, completely revealing her fine snow-white small legs, and she often kicked the water of the brook. As for her magic pet, it had greatly shrunk and was combing its own feather beside the brook.

Most of the time, Long Yi’s gaze rested at this big bird which greatly resembled a white crane. Its flying speed was fast, but the most important point was, it could freely change its build just like Little Three and Violent Lightning Beast. From this point, it was definitely SS ranked magical beast, merely he didn’t know what other ability it had outside of flying.

And then looking at the sky, Long Yi couldn’t help but was unable to endure and said: “Why exactly did you bring me here? Come on, quickly speak, I don’t have time to waste with you.”

Han Yan however simply smiled then looking at Long Yi, she said with a smile: “What? Missing your women, let me tell you, I am deliberately wasting your time, I will not let you have your way.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, and suddenly standing up, he said: “I am not in the mood to bicker with you, do you think you can stop me if I want to leave?”

Han Yan immediately retracted her smile and with her beautiful face filled with a grievance, she said: “You are so heartless treating me like this. After forcibly taking my chastity, you are ignoring me, you seducing and then abandoning bastard.”

Long Yi had a blank expression, he was not that stupid to be deceived like this. Yesterday, if it was not for the shadow within his body, then he might have truly killed her, merely the shadow had said that she would be a good use to him, but, how come he was unable to see like that? He opened his mouth and said: “Don’t act. I admit that I took your chastity, but isn’t that chastity a weapon you sacrificed to deal with me? But it resulted in failure, isn’t that so?”

Han Yan was startled and giggling, she said fawning: “You are quite smart, how about you don’t go looking for those women and tonight I, Mu Hanyan will serve you even better?”

“Better is better, merely I fear that you will swallow me whole without leaving even bones, so I refuse politely.” Long Yi faintly said with a smile. Recalling the flavor of this woman he had tasted yesterday night, his heart rippled. Indeed, this woman was of best quality under the heaven. Until now, he still had a lingering taste of that marvelous feeling.

Seeing Long Yi turning to walk away, Han Yan urgently said: “Don’t go, I can tell you a number things you want to know.”

Long Yi paused having heard what was said and said with a smile: “You will tell me anything I want to know?”

“Of course not, but I can selectively disclose a little.” Han Yan stretched out her hand and caressing his chest, she looked at him with her charming eyes.

“But, why do you want to disclose to me? Aren’t you afraid of your organization finding that out?” Long Yi doubtfully looked at Han Yan and said.

“Sit down, I’ll slowly tell you to listen.” Han Yan said just like a little girl.

Long Yi hesitated for a moment, but he still sat beside Mu Hanyan, as he truly was curious about Han Yan’s identity.

Han Yan moved closer to Long Yi, then tightly hugged the arm of Long Yi with her jade arms, and rested her head on the shoulder of Long Yi just like a pair of sweethearts who were in mutual love for many years. This was very natural and ease without a sense of contrition.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t belong to any organization, I am me, you can do whatever you want to do with me, and no one will come to trouble you.” Han Yan said.

Long Yi frowned, then what relation did she have with sister-in-law Liu Shi as well as that black-robed man. He asked: “What relationship do you have with the dark forces behind Long Zhan? Don’t tell me that you don’t have any relation.”

“I have, but I cannot tell you this, I can only tell you that I have a small relation with them, but I am not subjected to their control.” Han Yan slightly smiled and said.

“Then, why did you seduce me last night?” Long Yi turn his head, and placing his chin on the head of Han Yan, he smelled her delicate fragrance.

“I wanted to control you.” Han Yan replied without the slightest hesitation and her little hand unexpectedly began to caress the thigh of Long Yi.

“With your body?” Long Yi smirked and asked.

“You can say that. Now you should already know that Beitang clan is actually on the side of Long Zhan and they cursed you using such means. But, because you are comparatively more pleasant to my eye, I thought to save you that’s all, but who would have thought that you are simply not cursed.” Han Yan giggled and said.

“You are saying that you want to control me to save me?” Long Yi said.

“Without controlling you, how else can I save you? Don’t you already know the power of Puppet Imprecation Magic, it can instantly explode your body, and not even your remains will be left. But if I were to control you, then I will not be so cruel to make you die, isn’t that saving you?” Han Yan defended herself by sophistry, and her little hand was drawing the circle in the inner thigh of Long Yi, and intentionally or unintentionally, she was touching Long Yi’s little brother.

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Long Yi remained silent but his little brother however began to stand up under her teasing. He caught her naughty little hand and said: “Don’t move randomly, otherwise you have to be responsible for the consequence of your action.”

“What consequences, I am already yours, whatever you do to me, what can I do to stop you?”  Han Yan smiled and freeing her hand, she directly caught the crotch of Long Yi.

Long Yi gnashed his teeth, this bitch, he truly wanted to immediately push her down and have a battle outdoor. It was hard to maintain his fragile self-control when she was challenging to him like this.

“So hard? This place is very remote, I am sure that no one will come here.” Han Yan flickered Long Yi’s little brother that wanted to break out of his pants, signaling Long Yi to eat her.

Long Yi cursed in his heart, and his big hand grabbed her ** and said: “I have a question, why were you able to sense me yesterday? I believe that I had completely concealed my aura, could it be that you saw me?”

“This question, I will reply when we meet next time, is that okay? Let’s do the important matter now.” Han Yan’s beautiful face reddened as she muttered. Her little hand however had already untied the belt of Long Yi, entering his underpants.

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