Chapter 311: Set out (Beginning)

Soon, Long Yi returned to Ximen residence. At this time, Ximen Nu had went to participate the banquet, but Dongfang Wan had politely declined to attend with the pretext of sickness as she was injured. And at this moment, she was chatting happily with Leng Youyou, Nangong Xingyun and Beitang Yu. And seeing the sudden appearance of Long Yi, all three of them showed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“What are you all chatting about? Chatting so happily.” Long Yi entered with all smiles.

“Other than talking about you, they mention you in their every sentence, I wonder how many lifetime’s blessing this is.” Dongfang Wan laughed. Before, this son of hers was regarded as a calamity of girls, causing anxiety among the people of entire Soaring Dragon City, simply to the point where everyone turned pale at the mention of his name. But now, he however was surrounded by beautiful women. Each woman beside him was more beautiful than other. This made her grinning from ear to ear, and she was already imagining herself playing around with many grandchildren.

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The three girls bashfully smiled, merely it was hard for them to completely conceal that pain of parting.

Dongfang Wan saw the intertwining expression with sparks flying in all direction of four people, therefore, no longer becoming the annoying third wheel, she left leaving behind some words of advice to Long Yi.

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After Dongfang Wan left, Nangong Xiaongyun was the first person that was unable to endure anymore. She shed tears without speaking. It hadn’t been a long time since they had married, so how could she bear to part with him?

Long Yi sighed in his heart. He had long expected this situation. He did all he could to console her.

“Okay, don’t cry, it’s not like I will never return, I will immediately return back after the ceremony in Nalan Empire.” Long Yi stepped forward and hugging Nangong Xiangyun, he consoled her patting her back.

“Even if you return back immediately, the round trip will take at least three to four month, what should I do in those time?” Nangong Xiangyun sobbed and said. She was not a weak person, but the love made her heart as soft as the dough.

“Parting is for the better reunion, and one cannot avoid the separation and union while living, so you should face them strongly. Moreover, tasting the flavor of missing every now and then is a happy matter, do you understand?” Long Yi consoled Nangong Xiangyun while simultaneously looking towards Beitang Yu and Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou smiled looked towards Long Yi, merely there was hard to conceal bitterness in this smile. Missing every now and then was truly a happy matter, but many times it however felt as if millions of ants were gnawing their heart, agonizing them and also make them harder to breathe. Leng Youyou knew that she couldn’t follow Long Yi to Nalan Empire, in fact, she had already received the order to return to Dark Church quite a few days ago, but she postponed her date of return again and again because of Long Yi. And now that Long Yi was going, she will also not stay here.

“I do not understand, and I don’t want to understand either. You have yet to leave, but my heart is already aching to the point of dying.” Nangong Xingyun choked in sobs in the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi was helpless, if one day, he could take along all his women with him traveling throughout the world without any worry, then how wonderful that would be. But he knew that this wish was still extravagant hopes at present.

As if the tears of Nangong Xingyun had affected them, tears began to appear in the eyes of Leng Youyou and Beitang Yu. Beitang Yu opened her mouth to say something, but all words were stuck in her throat, then she rushed over and tightly hugged Long Yi from behind. Now, with Beitang Yu on his back and Nangong Xingyun in the front, Long Yi was wrapped like a dumpling.

Both front and back sides of Long Yi was soaked with tears.

And only after a long while, the emotion of two people stabilized a little, otherwise, Long Yi doubted that he would have drowned in tears.

“Well, don’t cry, whoever cries again, I will hit her **, why are you all crying as if we are going to part never to meet again?” Long Yi reached out his big hand and wipe their tears. Seeing them cry like this, he felt sour and astringent in his heart.

“My husband, we’ll not cry again, now, it’s already late, how about we go to sleep.” Nangong Xiangyun with tearstains on her now beautiful red face said looking at Long Yi with her tearful eyes.

Long Yi stuck up the corner of his mouth and expectantly said with a smile: “Tonight, how about you three serve me together?”

The three women bashfully looked at each other. Every one of them were unable to be so open yet but they were reluctant to leave Long Yi tonight, after all, they only had tonight before Long Yi leave for Nalan Empire, so tonight was very precious for all of them.

Long Yi saw that the three women were embarrassed and weren’t replying, so he said with a smirk: “Okay, that’s settled, now, I will go to Unparalleled Battalion to handle some matters. As for you all, return to the room and wait for me after the bath.” Finished speaking, Long Yi disappeared from the hall.

Three women looked at each other in blank dismay and their beautiful face reddened. Could it be that tonight they were destined to have ‘licentious without principle’ night?

Long Yi used Soaring Magic flying towards military camp, but in his mind, he was having a fantasy of the beautiful circumstance sleeping together with three great beauties. How good would he feel when he have 4P! Long Yi drooled while thinking.

The military camp was still guarded heavily. There were numerous hidden lookouts with gleaming swords and spears in the sentry post, and the entire military camp was surrounded with dense killing intent. Compared to the joyous atmosphere of Soaring Dragon City, this atmosphere of this place was as far apart as heaven and earth. Everyone else could be lax, but the solider should never lax, and especially when the more lively and the more festive day it was, the more intense the responsibility and job they had.

Showing his military tally, Long Yi entered the military camp. But many soldiers looked at him strangely, because, he, a bridegroom was coming to military camp in his wedding night.

And before he arrived at Unparalleled Battalion’s barracks, Long Yi heard the enthusiastic cheering sound of soldiers. Now, it should be the time of training after supper, where they get comparatively more freedom, and generally, nobody cared about others at this time. They would either train alone or look for other people to train together. But, they usually look for people to duel at this time, so the atmosphere at night in Unparalleled Battalion was very enthusiastic.

Seeing the arrival of Long Yi, the soldiers on duty immediately saluted him. And Long Yi just waved his hand and entered inside.

Inside, he saw that soldiers had completely surrounded the open and spacious campsite. He estimated that all the people of Unparalleled Battalion were gathered here. This made Long Yi curious. Who exactly were dueling now to actually attract so many people?

Long Yi curiously squeezed in, and those soldiers who were pushed aside by Long Yi got mad and thought to beat the person who was forcibly squeezing, but seeing he was their General, each and every one was startled. They wanted to salute, but Long Yi stopped them.

Squeezing to the front, Long Yi understand why there were so many people that came to watch. As it turned out the people who were dueling were unexpectedly his brother-in-law Nangong Nu and Xiao Yi’s big brother Tyrant Bear. According to the rules of Unparalleled Battalion, as long as you think you are better than your superior, you can challenge him, and the challenger will replace the challenged superior if the challenger won the challenge. Could it be that Nangong Nu wish to take Tyrant Bear’s position?

Long Yi looked at this duel with interest for a while, then shaking his head, he smiled. There was a gap between the strength of Tyrant Bear and Nangong Nu. Nangong Nu was a magician, and undergoing the temper of Unparalleled Battalion, although his he had greatly strengthened his physical body and was pretty good in close combat, but, he was after all only an Intermediate Magician, so his destructive power was limited, moreover, because of his young age, his physical strength was also comparatively weaker, so how could he win against Tyrant Bear? Still, this courage and guts were commendable.

In fact, Tyrant Bear was continuously letting Nangong Nu make the moves, as even though this was a duel, it could also be considered a training. But at that time, Tyrant Bear happened to see the arrival of Long Yi, then instantly dodging the ice arrows of Nangong Nu, he instantly appeared behind Nangong Nu, and then carrying him like a chicken, he threw him away.

Bang, the clouds of dust flew up as Nangong Nu fell to the ground, and he gritted his teeth in pain. If he had not learned to minimize the damage when one lost his balance in the air, then he might have his bones broken.

Tyrant Bear laughed, then striding over to Long Yi, he performed a military salute and said loudly: “Subordinate Tyrant Bear pays respect to General.” Only at this time, all the soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion learned the arrival of Long Yi and all of them saluted him in succession.

Nangong Nu immediately got up from the ground seeing Long Yi, then rushing over, he happily asked: “Brother-in-law, isn’t tonight your bridal chamber? How come you are here?”

Long Yi knocked the head of Nangong Nu with some strength and instructed: “Did you forget? In military camp, call me General, if you repeat this mistake again, then you will be punished under the military law.”

Nangong Nu stuck out his tongue and straightening his chest, he loudly said: “Yes, General, this subordinate will not repeat this mistake.”

Long Yi smiled nodding his head, then patted his shoulder.

After that, commanding other soldiers to continue training, Long Yi called Tyrant Bear along to one corner of the military camp.

“Tyrant Bear, you should also know that I will be leaving Soaring Dagon City tomorrow. After I leave, there might be some unexpected incidents, at that time, you should do what you need to do, but you have to remember one thing, Unparalleled Battalion is an independent battalion, is I, Long Yi’s independent battalion. Even the emperor himself doesn’t have right to order you all. Do you understand?” Long Yi said with a tone filled with huge pressure. His these words were tantamount to seeking a coup.

Tyrant Bear with serious complexion firmly said: “This subordinate understand. Other than General’s command, Unparalleled Battalion will not obey anyone else’s command. Unparalleled Battalion is loyal only to the General alone.”

Long Yi nodded his head in satisfaction and said: “Then, I leave Unparalleled Battalion to you, when the war starts, you all will be in the forefront fighting against the enemy. Your dream of sweeping over the battleground will be fulfilled soon.”

Tyrant Bear was excited knowing the day to realize his dream was not too far away.

Long Yi again instructed on a number of matters that need to be paid attention, then looking at the sky, he left the military camp.

“I wonder if Leng Youyou and others have already taken a bath. Tonight, will they really serve me together? If that happens for real, then how wonderful that would be.” Just thinking about this, his heart was burning. He couldn’t wait for even a second more to go to his savory bedroom.

But just when Long Yi wanted to rush back at full throttle, a phantom suddenly appeared in front of him blocking his path, and a familiar delicate fragrance entered into his nose.

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