Chapter 310: Parting with the past

Han Yan rolled around and reached out her hands to touch the warm chest, but she only touched empty air. She opened her eyes and sat up, then with the brocade quilt sliding down, beautiful spring scenery was revealed.

“Did he leave just like that? Damned heartless bastard.” Han Yan muttered as she suddenly felt her bed was very empty.

Han Yan lifted the brocade quilt, and looking at that dark red bloodstain on the bed-sheet, she became somewhat absentminded. She bent over and softly caressed it. No matter who the woman was, the bloodstain of the first sexual encounter was always somewhat emotional because that symbolized that the girl’s purity was lost forever.

“I have never thought that I, Han Yan would also have a time when I make an absurd error, Ximen Yu, you just wait and see.” Han Yan retracted her gloomy mood, then swaying her slender waist, she walked over to the window, and the gentle sunlight of the sun poured on Han Yan’s **, forming an indistinct light spot. Now, she unexpectedly appeared rather unusually bewitching.


Today, the atmosphere of Soaring Dragon City was unusually jubilant. The red silk ribbons were hung practically on every street of Soaring Dragon City. Emperor had already notified that today was the joyous day of the alliance of marriage between Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire. Violent Dragon Empire always had comparatively greater freedom of speech, so many common people knew the current circumstance of Blue Waves Continent. They also knew what Violent Dragon Empire establishing an alliance by marriage with Nalan Empire at this key moment imply, so everyone was full of smiles. Moreover, today, Emperor Long Zhan had personally ordered a big banquet throughout the city, so as long as it was within Soaring Dragon City, no matter whether a rich merchant or peddler, wandering beggar or stray beggar, all could eat rare delicacy today.

In the imperial flower garden of the imperial palace, Long Yi wore specially made wedding dress, appearing outstanding and extraordinary. In front of him, a large number of officials stood, including Emperor Long Zhan, his imperial concubines and his sons and daughters. The majority of people were beaming with happiness, and naturally, there was also no lack of people with gloomy complexion, for instance, Long Ying. Originally, he should have been the bridegroom, but this punk Long Yi seized that position from him. Just thinking of Nalan Ruyue’s that goddess-like appearance and temperament, he was unable to balance his heart.

“The auspicious time has come, let’s welcome Nalan Empire’s Princess Ruyue.” The rites official loudly called receiving the signal of Long Zhan.

Not long after, a group of Nalan Empire’s officials wearing Nalan Empire’s national dress slowly walked in. And in the middle of them, Nalan Ruyue with the support of Xiao Cui as if a myriad of stars surrounding the moon came in.

Long Yi turned around and looked, then his eyes widened. Today, Nalan Ruyue was truly lovely enough to cause the fall of a country. Her fame as the goddess was absolutely not an undeserved reputation. She also wore Nalan Empire’s traditional sea-blue colored bride dress which was folded above as if great waves. She had also applied an exquisite makeup, and with her delicate arched eyebrows and starry eyes accompanied by a coral bride crown, she appeared as if she was the princess of the sea. Just looking at her made people feel a pure and fresh aura.

Located on the southern side, Nalan Empire was a coastal empire, and the people of Nalan Empire held ‘immeasurably deep and magnificent scale sea’ in esteem. The ancestors of Nalan Empire made the living depending on the sea, so they possessed a very close relation with the sea that outsiders could never understand.

Nalan Ruyue walked forward with a shy smile of a bride. And seeing Long Yi’s surprised as well as admiring looks, she was happy beyond description in her heart.

“Nalan Ruyue pays respect to Your Majesty the Emperor.” Nalan Ruyue walked to the front of Long Zhan and gracefully greeted with courtesy, and secretly sizing up this Emperor of Violent Dragon Empire, she was rather surprised. Currently, Long Zhan looked pale as if he was ill, and he also appeared listless. His eyes were also cloudy and unclear. Unlike a middle aged-person who was just in his prime, he looked like a very old man. Was he the true Emperor or was he the fake?

“No need to be over-courteous, hereafter our empires will be in-laws. Ximen Yu is young and promising, I have always regarded him as my own son. I am very happy to see you two uniting in wedlock.” Long Zhan weakly said. When he mentioned Ximen Yu, he affectionately looked at Long Yi. This made Long Yi have goosesbumps, and he cursed this shameless old man in his heart.

Nalan Ruyue smiled and didn’t reveal even a trace of unusualness. She naturally knew the internal struggle of Violent Dragon Empire. One might well say that imperial Long clan and Ximen clan was already mortal enemies, but politics was like this. It was completely different from what was seen on the surface and what was going on in secret, she knew this point from experience.

“It’s about time, go and perform the ceremony.” Long Zhan said waving towards rites official.

The ceremony of the alliance by marriage of two empire and normal marriage ceremony was substantially different, it was more complex and tedious. Not only they need to kowtow Violent Dragon Empire’s successive late Emperors, they also need to kowtow Long Zhan which dejected Long Yi the most, furthermore, he had to kowtow eight times.

“Forget it, just treat this as kowtowing the dead.” Long Yi thought maliciously.

Nalan Ruyue found this somewhat funny, each time, they kowtow, from her angle, she could see Long Yi’s appearance of gnashing his teeth, and she suddenly felt that this bad fellow could also be cute sometimes.

This tediously long and tasteless ceremony lasted from morning 10 am to afternoon 2 pm, truly was not something a human wanted to do. He wondered which bastard think up this ceremony, truly was tormenting people.

Now, Long Yi was so hungry that his stomach was protesting. Early morning, after he had just returned to the home from Han Yan’s lady’s chamber, before he could even sit properly, the official of Ministry of Rites came looking for him. After that, he had to spend a great amount of time to freshen up and wear clothing, and he was not able to eat anything. Even after that, they didn’t provide him any food, wasn’t that truly too inhuman?

After the confusing and disoriented ceremony was over, next was luncheon, so Long Yi finally relaxed as he thought that he could finally eat something.

But who would have thought that the calculation of Long Yi would fail yet again. The officials came to purpose a toast, and each and every one of them spoke meaninglessly with him for a long time, which resulted in the arrival of the night banquet from luncheon. And surprisingly, Long Yi didn’t get the chance to eat anything.

At night, according to the social etiquette, bridegroom and bride must stay overnight at the imperial palace, while other officials could take along their family members to participate in the imperial banquet. This banquet was the celebration for the alliance by marriage of two empires, but the main protagonists Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue weren’t present at this banquet.

Of course, this kind of arrangement was not in accordance with Long Yi’s thought, merely Long Zhan unexpectedly declared that tomorrow he and Nalan Ruyue should leave for Nalan Empire to perform the ceremony. This means that he could stay in Soaring Dragon City for only one night. As long as he reached Nalan Empire and perform the ceremony, the full-scale war will begin immediately. The situation of that time, Long Yi couldn’t predict.

The luxurious room in the south-east corner of the imperial palace was Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue’s bridal chamber.

The room was decorated with bright red silks and satins with a big wedding candle. In the center of the room, there was a big luxurious bed, and on this bed, there was a brilliant red wedding quilt and lovers pillow.

The moment she entered this room, Nalan Ruyue suddenly got inexplicably nervous. She clenched her hands and her palms sweated. Will this bad fellow Long Yi truly abide by their agreement? What should she do if he didn’t abide? Thinking this, she secretly looked at Long Yi and saw that Long Yi was looking all around like a thief. Her heart tightened, could it be that he truly wanted to……?

“Ximen Yu, what are you doing?” When Nalan Ruyue was nervously thinking, she however saw Long Yi was taking out a table full of wonderful smelling delicacies from his space ring, then he fished out several bottles of first-class wine, so she asked.

“Eating, don’t you see?” Long Yi replied without lifting his head and appeared as if he couldn’t wait to begin eating like wolf and tiger.

“Of course, I know you are eating, where did these things come from?” Nalan Ruyue asked in surprise.

“Heh heh, I conveniently took them from the banquet. You also haven’t eaten anything for the entire day, right? Come, let’s eat together.” Long Yi laughed, looking at Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes, this fellow was truly a natural thief. Even though she was together with him for the entire day, she unexpectedly didn’t notice him taking these foods. But, looking at Long Yi carefreely eating and drinking extravagantly, she truly felt her stomach rumbling.

Nalan Ruyue also didn’t act politely anymore, she sat opposite to Long Yi, and began to eat elegantly. Comparing her elegant table manners with Long Yi was simply as far apart as heaven and earth. After eating a little, she was full, then she was immersed in staring at Long Yi who was eating. And she suddenly felt that this natural way of eating of Long Yi was very cute.

While looking, Nalan Ruyue suddenly woke up with a start, she wondered why she had such strange thoughts. How could this bad fellow be cute, he was hateful, just now was only her misconception. How could she think such embarrassing table manners cute? Nalan Ruyue glared at Long Yi, continuously self-hypnotizing herself.

Suddenly, Long Yi raised his head and saw Nalan Ruyue was gnashing her teeth, so he smiled and said: “What bitter and deep-seated hatred do you have with me? Why the hell are you looking at me as if you want to eat me?”

“Take a look at your table manners, not using the chopsticks, you are using your hand, do you also eat like this in your home?”  Nalan Ruyue replied.

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“Once in a while, what’s wrong with it? Men naturally want to eat a big bowl of wine and a big mouthful of meat, besides, I am hungry to the point of death, why should I act refined?” Long Yi replied while chewing the chicken leg.

Nalan Ruyue wanted to laugh but she endured.

“Want to laugh then laugh, suppressing your laughter can cause abnormal menstruation.” Long Yi smirked and said while eating like a wolf and tiger till he was full.

“You…so hateful.” Nalan Ruyue’s face became bright red hearing what Long Yi had said, then she angrily glared at Long Yi. This smelly fellow’s jokes were always dirty. He even cracked jokes about this kind of girl’s private matters.

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“Hehe, why are you angry? We are already close like this, what else is there that we cannot speak with each other.” Long YI conveniently used water ball magic to wash his hand while ambiguously winking towards Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue gritted her teeth and her expression become cold. She naturally recalled those ambiguous and intimate incidents she had with Long Yi, indeed, this fellow had already seen and touched her body.

“Hey, what’s with this expression? What I mean is, now we are already married, isn’t that already sufficiently intimate?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Nalan Ruyue was startled, then standing up, she retreated two steps and said nervously: “You promised me that you will not touch me, this is only a fake marriage.”

“Touch, not touch……” Long Yi softly murmured.

“If you do something, I…I will create an uproar.” Nalan Ruyue thought for a long time but she couldn’t find anything to truly threaten him.

Long Yi smirked, then shrugging his shoulders, he said: “You don’t need to cause an uproar, I am going out. Sleep properly, no need to worry that I will secretly attack you at midnight. I am going, see you tomorrow morning.”

Long Yi waved his hand towards Nalan Ruyue then disappeared without a trace from the room.

Nalan Ruyue opened his mouth wanting to stop Long Yi, but that fellow had already disappeared. And inexplicably, she felt some grievance in her heart and also somewhat empty.

“What is happening to me? It is best for me that he had gone. I never wanted to stay together with him.” Nalan Ruyue patted her face and murmured. She walked over to the bed and sat down, but the more she thought the angrier she became, therefore, she picked up the pillow and covered her face.

And after few seconds, Nalan Ruyue jumped about on the bed and closing her eyes, she loudly shouted: “Ximen Yu, I hate you.”

“Even if you hate me, you don’t need to shout like this.” Long Yi’s joking voice suddenly entered the ears of Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue was so shocked that she jumped, then turning her head, she saw Long Yi who had disappeared just a moment ago had already appeared in the room at an unknown time. She pointed at Long Yi with a red face and said: “You…didn’t you leave?”

“Well, I return to take something, but I never expect to hear you. As it turned out, you hate me so much, now I am truly heartbroken.” Long Yi placed the wine bottles on the table into his space ring, then sighed, pretending to be dejected.

“It’s not like that, I…I……” Because the performance of Long Yi was too vivid, Nalan Ruyue suddenly became stupid. She really thought he was truly dejected and nervously tried to explain. But she didn’t know what to say.

“I know, you don’t need to comfort me, I am going.” Long Yi sighed again, then disappeared again without a trace.

Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip, then snorting, she laid a barrier and entered into the quilt.


Long Yi flew out of the imperial palace in all smiles. Thinking about the expression of Nalan Ruyue, he was very happy in his heart. Perhaps, she really felt different from what she had said.

Not long after, Long Yi arrived at the mountain peak at the outskirts of the town. Murong Bo was standing there with his hand clasped on his back. Just now, he had used a sound technique to secretly call out Long Yi. Naturally, to train in this sound technique, the inner force was required, but Murong Bo actually was able to use this secret technique with his douqi after hearing the details of this technique from Long Yi. Although he failed many time in the beginning, but eventually he was able to successfully use this technique. This made Long Yi admire this old man who had reached Swords God realm even more and even more believed that everything under the heaven was same at the fundamental level, everything was ever-changing and also supplementing and complementing each other.

“Old man, why on earth are you calling me out on my wedding night?” Long Yi smiled throwing a bottle of wine towards Murong Bo. He recalled that Murong Bo was especially fond of wine, so he returned to take them back, but who would have thought that he would hear Nalan Ruyue shouting she hated him.

Murong Bo caught the wine bottles, and after impatiently drinking several mouthfuls, he said: “Fart bridal chamber, do you think this old man doesn’t know your marriage is fake?”

Long Yi laughed and then said in all seriousness: “Old man, I am leaving tomorrow, I have one request, can you promise me that?”

“Other than pulling me into this muddy water, all other matters are fine.” Murong Bo said.

“After I leave, I don’t know what will happen in Soaring Dragon City, I hope you can keep an eye on the safety of my family, and make a move to save them at a critical moment.” Long Yi said in all seriousness.  This was the matter he was most worried about at present. Although there were many experts in Ximen clan, but thinking about the dark forces behind Long Zhan, Long Yi always felt uneasy.

“I can promise this, even if you don’t say it, I would have done that considering the friendship I have with your grandfather.” Murong Bo readily agreed.

“Then thank you, I reap no little benefit staying together with you in this period of time, I cannot describe my gratefulness with words. Tonight, let’s dink to our heart’s content, I don’t know when we will be able to meet next time.” Long Yi said with a smile. Then picking up a bottle of wine, he bumped his wine bottle with the wine bottle of Murong Bo and drank a mouthful of wine.

Murong Bo also drank the wine and patting the shoulder of Long Yi, he said: “In fact, I should be thanking you, if it was not for you, then I would have never become happy like these days, moreover, I might not have met my granddaughter Murong Shuyu.”

“Anyway, where did you hide your granddaughter? She didn’t return to Proud Moon Empire and also isn’t in Soaring Dragon City, right?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“Heh heh, I can tell you, I told her to go to our Murong clan’s sacred ground to train.” Murong Bo laughed.

“Where is your sacred ground?” Long Yi asked.

Murong Bo looked at Long Yi and said with a smile: “You are not the people of my Murong clan, why on earth will I tell you? Unless you become my grandson-in-law one day, I can’t tell you. But your life is full of peach blossom with so many women, my granddaughter might not marry you.”

“Forget it if you don’t want to tell.” Long Yi replied, but he however was very curious about the sacred ground of Murong clan. But, Murong clan was a hidden clan, so outsiders would never know where their sacred ground was located.

Murong Bo laughed and said after standing up: “When you are away from your house, be a little more careful, especially towards women. It would be for the best if you firmly remember this old man’s advice. Don’t just look at the beauty of women, as beautiful women bring disaster. You should know that gentle women let men enjoy and do their best to help men in their luck with women, but vicious beauty could swallow you while without even leaving the bones.”

“Who do you think I am, in front of me, any woman will become as obedient as a cat. Even if she is a beauty that swallows without leaving the bones, I will change her into a soft and gentle fairy.” Long Yi proudly said.

“Smelly brat, why are you sticking your tail so high, be careful you will fail miserably.” Murong Bo scolded in jest.

“Rest assured, even if I fail miserably, I will not die, but, hearing you, it seems your experience is quite rich, however, why you are still ignoring two Great Holy Priests?” Long Yi said somewhat sourly. Thinking about Si Bi’s master Judith, that peerless beauty, and again looking at Murong Bo, this rotten old man, he felt that the heaven was truly unfair.

“Go go go, it’s already too late, quickly roll back to your land of warmth and tenderness, don’t keep talking nonsense here.” Murong Bo scolded in jest and knocked on the head of Long Yi.

Long Yi quickly dodged the attack. And thinking about it, he had a lot of matters left to handle. He had to bid farewell to his parents and wives, moreover, also had to visit Unparalleled Battalion to make some arrangements.

“Old man, take care and don’t die too early.” Long Yi said with a smile, then flew towards Ximen Residence.

“This smelly punk.” Looking at the disappearing back view of Long Yi, Murong Bo sighed. After getting along with this kid for a long time, he truly was somewhat reluctant to part.

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