Chapter 88: Even a crime wouldn’t be scary if we did it together.


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After utterly destroying the normal golem, I walked back to Saya while feeling satisfied with my revenge.

“I’m back.”
“Welcome back.”
“You did well.”
“Good work, Yato-kun.”

The three of them welcomed me in a nonchalant manner.
Looks like they’ve gotten used to these kinds of dangerous situations.
Sara, who was watching me deal with the golem in a totally different and leisurely way from earlier, sat in daze while fixing her gaze on the ground where the golem disappeared.

“W-What did you do……”

She asked in a trembling voice as she was crumbling on the ground. Maybe she was too astounded to stand since her legs were shaking.

“Sara, I know that you’re surprised, but that’s the reality. Kamiya Yato is like this. That’s all what you need to know. Don’t think too deeply about it.”

The experienced angel Lina explained to Sara.

As if she was sympathizing with her, Lina placed her hand on Sara’s shoulder as she explained.
Although, I’d like her to be a bit more accurate in her explanation when I’m present.
I was thinking of expressing my complaints about that part, but Sara spoke before I could open my mouth.

“No, that’s still absurd! What was that just now!? It makes no sense at all! Just what in the world could a human do to end up obtaining such a ridiculously powerful ability!? That’s too much, even for a cheat!!”

When she finally became able to talk, Sara started complaining again, one after another.
I kind of understand what you are feeling right now, but it was that God of yours who gave me this ability, you know.
Of course, I didn’t forget about that.

“Well, more importantly, the obstacle is now gone.”

I turned to look at the teleportation circle as I talked.
It was an intense battle, but the magic circle was still unharmed. I made sure that the impacts of the fight don’t reach it, after all.
Meru was still stiffness in her place since the moment I destroyed the normal golem.
Looks like she has fallen in a slump of despair.
I think I can approach the magic circle without any trouble this time.
When I stepped forth to take a close look at it, Sara called me to stop in a panic.

“Wait! What are you trying to do?”
“I’m going to use that.”

“Ha!!? Why?!”
“To teleport to Metron’s place and knock him out.”

Sara was taken aback for a second after hearing my answer, but then she immediately stood up in front of me with opened arms as a way to block my path.

“I can’t let you do that. I’m going to destroy it.”

I just remembered that she came to destroy the magic circle.
We have just battled together against that golem, it wouldn’t hurt if she changed her mind only this time you know.

“You won’t let me?”
“Of course I won’t! Why do you want to ‘knock out’ Metron-sama to begin with?”
“There are lots of reasons for that.”

I lost count on how many times I was about to die because of him.
I won’t allow him to escape after all those things he did to me.
I’m the type of person who takes any opportunity of revenge presented in front of him.
Knowing my aim for using the magic circle, Sara dragged Lina in the conversation.

“Lina. No matter in what way you have changed, I don’t think that you have lost your mind to let this guy go and attack Metron-sama.”
“Ah, well, you’re not wrong actually but…”

Lina shifted her eyes from Sara and returned an ambiguous answer.

“I want him to go through some sort of painful experience too…”
“A-Are you serious?……”

At least her eyes were dead serious.
Sara made a face that indicated the difficult time she had believing Lina’s words.
Well, Lina has her own reasons too; the type of reasons that are impossible to comprehend by someone who knew her even from a long time ago.

“You… what happened to you…”
“I will tell you the truth then…”

Lina summarized the harmful incident she went through in the past to Sara who was still making the same astonishing face.
The time when she got betrayed by Metron and locked up in the【Zero world】with me and the black dragon and how Metron attempted to conceal what happened.
Sara’s expression changed many times while Lina was explaining her past experience, however, she still continued to listen until the very end.

“——And that’s the reason behind my approval for knocking out Metron-sama.”
“I see………”

When Lina finished her story, Sara closed her eyes and contemplated.
She was most likely shocked from realizing that the God she served could do something like that.
It was indeed something to be contemplated.

As I was talking to myself, Sara had finally opened her eyes after coming up with a decision. She then said in a non-serious manner.

“I understand your feeling of wanting to knock him out.”

It was a carefree yet unwavering decision.
It made me doubt the fact that she was trying to stop me only a while ago.
I couldn’t hide my stunned expression after witnessing her instant change of mind.

“Is it okay?”
“Of course it’s okay! I mean, who wouldn’t want to go give him a punch in the face if they go through something like that. If it were me, I’d personally go and knock him with my hammer.”

As she changed the target of her complaints, she remembered the traps in the island and started getting irritated all by herself while adding “Aah! I’m getting pissed off too.”
What an easy-going angel.
As I was feeling impressed by her incredibly short temper, she suddenly made an uneasy face.

“Ah! But if you go punch him now, I’d be in trouble.”

She even muttered “reduction” at the end.
As I thought, the urge of wanting Metron to get punched can’t win against the tough social circumstances.
However, since I had already expected this argument to come up, I reassured her with a confident face.

“That’s not a problem. I’ve already prepared a plan for that part.”
“A plan?”
“Yeah. If I were to hit Metron, not only you but even Lina would end up in trouble. That’s why I already thought of a plan for it beforehand.”

Hearing my confident response, Sara lets out a sigh of relief.

“That’s fine then.”
“Alright, now without any further delay…”
“Wait! Desu.”

Reassuring Sara, I walked towards the magic circle again and this time, it was Meru who got in my way.

“I can’t let you get through, Desu.”

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She then opened her arms just like Sara and blocked my path. I could feel her strong sense of duty towards Metron as she did her best to protect this place.
When I started thinking of a way to deal with Meru who was bravely guarding the magic circle, I heard Sara’s voice, stabbing her again with the harsh truth.

“I told you, didn’t I? Metron-sama had already forgotten about you.”
“You don’t know yet if that is true or not, Desu.”

Despite denying it, Sara’s words seemed to have already reached her heart. She looked clearly less confident than before, but that didn’t stop her from resisting.

“Besides, that magic circle can’t function without my consent, so it would be useless to even try using it.”

Eh? Really?

I revealed a surprised expression after hearing those crucial words leaving Meru’s mouth.

“That circle was created from the magic I was bestowed from my master, Desu. Neither this circle nor this building would function without that magic, Desu.”
“What if I tried activating it with my magic?”
“It won’t activate, Desu.”

Oh my god!
I didn’t even dream of such an unforeseen situation to take place at this point.
This means that the only one here who’s able to activate the teleportation circle is Meru.
I honestly flustered from knowing this new fact, but shortly after, I recalled Meru’s reaction to Sara’s arguments.

“Hey, aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to know what Metron thinks of you?”
“…… What do you mean, Desu?”

Succeeding in pulling her attention, I revealed a faint, mischievous grin to the little girl who took the bait despite her vigilance.

“How about you go with me to see Metron?”



Abandoning responsibility.

“Lina, you really have changed.”
“You think so?”
“Yes, I do. Rather, why didn’t you go punch him personally after what he did to you?”
“Well, I do feel that urge sometimes, but still can’t bring myself to do something as daring.”
“That’s the only part of you that didn’t change.”
“That’s not the only reason…”
“What’s the other reason?”
“I’d get fired if I did it.”
“You have a point.”
“That’s why I shifted the responsibility to Kamiya Yato.”
“That’s a brilliant decision. That way you can just feign ignorance when something happens.”

“Hey you two, let’s have a little talk here.” ⇐ Yato

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