Chapter 48: Best-looking Guy in School

After eating, it was already close to ten. Su Ke2Su KeMain Character first finished all of his work before he hurriedly sat down in front of the computer. Even though he would never admit it, he still minded that video of himself.

When he logged onto the website, he never imagined that the video would be trending. He watched it again before scrolling down to the comments section.

“Looking good little punk!”

“Nowadays, there aren’t many people that cheer you on like this!”

“Wah! Your movements are so cool! Just like Zhen Ji Dan*!”

“What Zhen Ji Dan? More like Lin Xiao Long!”

“Looks good, and the character is good. Good luck to you!”

Looking at the lines of comments, Su Ke’s smile slowly widened. Doing the right thing is very meaningful. He doesn’t know what the forum is like.

After Wang Xiao Gang shared the link to 17 other web forums, he attracted a lot of attention. That class 1 lady opened her computer and found the invitation link on the forum.

However, below that post, there was another one. This one also had a title related to her.

“Powerful explosion! Su Ke protected the beauty in the cafeteria using his fists and legs to beat up the son of the dean!”

The one who posted it was anonymous. They were probably afraid of getting found out by Dean Li. Su Ke moved his mouse around, then a video image came into view.

The video was taken using a phone. Even though the image was quite blurry, someone could still make out his strong and vigorous body. His agile movements were very detailed too. However, the focus was on Li Da Xing, who was covered in vegetable soup. There was also Li Fei Fei, who was about to lose her head in fear, and Su Ke, who was standing there righteously.

Additionally, with the way the person filmed everything, the phone had the ability to zoom in at a great distance, giving a close-up of his face. He had smooth cheeks, shining eyes, and his mouth seemingly curved into a smile, giving off both a cool and charming feeling.

The video wasn’t long, it was only a little over four minutes. However, the whole incident was written down on the image. If not for that, he may have been shaped into a school tyrant who only relied on brute strength.

“Lin Da Xing is such a hateful person, he frequently bullies class 1 freshmen!”

“Su Ke is so formidable!”

“Agreed! He even had an overwhelming victory that was 1v3, amazing!”

“That girl also seems to be the school beauty, Li Fei Fei! Su Ke is protecting the flower from a violent dragon!”

“What seems like it? It was Li Fei Fei from the start. The two of them were in a meeting, can’t you see that?”

“Oh! My heart is broken. Li Fei Fei is my ideal partner and she wants that cheap rascal Su Ke?”

Su Ke, Su Ke, I love you, just like a mouse loves rice!”

“On top is an obsessive love. Appraisal complete!”

“I see that Su Ke’s been walking home with the girl in his class, Wei Lan everyday. He obviously already has the class beauty, now he wants the school’s beauty too? Go die!”

“Su Ke is a skirt-chaser. Stealing the class beauty, and stealing the school beauty. If I met him, I’ll wreck his chrysanthemum**!”

“I’ll definitely wreck his chrysanthemum. I’ll be out back laughing. The class and school beauties will return with me. That’ll be perfect!”

“That will be too perfect. Stop dreaming! Look at yourself before spewing bull****, your just a big fool!”

“Above is a god, but he seems to have a screw loose!”

“Stop bad-mouthing my Su Ke he’s a good person!”

Su Ke moved around his mouse, then started looking through the replies. His face changed from green to white, causing him to feel very depressed. It was originally a small matter, but he never thought that he’d become a skirt-chaser. At least there were a few who still recognized his heroism. If not, he’d be depressed to death.

He turned off his computer, then laid down on his bed. He tossed and turned, but he still couldn’t sleep. Instead, he entered the space to woo girls. He saw the help option on the electronic screen, then casually pressed it.

“Help function requires 20 tasks to be completed.”

“Current task progress: 21 tasks total, 17 completed!”

He only needed to complete 3 more tasks and Su Ke could use the help function. Looking at the tasks on the screen, there were still 4 unfinished tasks which were as follows:

“Task: Get Wei Lan’s first kiss. Reward: Intermediate mastery in science.”

“Task: Invite Liu Qing Qing out to eat. Reward: $500.”
“Task: Help Zheng Mo solve a problem. Reward: Mastery in high school calculator skills.”

“Task: Get Zheng Mo’s first kiss. Reward: Intermediate mastery in piano.”

“Tomorrow, I’ll ask Liu Qing Qing out for lunch first! This task seems to be the easiest!” Su Ke mumbled to himself. Of the four, one of them was to help Zheng Mo play in a basketball competition. At the moment, the date hasn’t been set yet, so this has to wait until they meet up again to discuss. Also, the difficulty was too high for the other two tasks to get their first kiss, so he wasn’t considering that now.

Not realizing it, Su Ke had fallen asleep. One night of dead sleep later, a new and wonderful day began after welcoming the early morning sunshine. Just as usual, when Su Ke walked into the classroom, Wang Xiao Gang suddenly popped up.

“Su Ke, Su Ke, you’ve read through the forums yesterday, right!?” Wang Xiao Gang asked that question in his ear with a lowly smile and one arm slung around his neck

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“I saw it!” Su Ke felt depressed after thinking about it. There were actually people who wanted to wreck his chrysanthemum. Just thinking about it made him have goosebumps, and replying would make him dispirited.

“You really became famous! Let me tell you, I specially took a look around yesterday. The video has already received 8000 hits. Also, the comments have reached over 600 pages. I can read it to you line by line!” It was clear that Wang Xiao Gang had also seen the “wreck his chrysanthemum” comments. If he wanted something more vulgar, there were even more vulgar comments than that.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

“Stop being so bored. 600 pages, just skimming through them would take an hour!” Su Ke shook his head, then tilted his head away, wanting to get out of Wang Xiao Gang’s armhold.

“What!? You look down on me! I read it very thoroughly! I only took an hour and 35 minutes to read 600 pages. After thinking about it, you are very likely to become a very famous person!”

Wrinkling his eyebrows and tilting his head, Su Ke asked, “Did you do something strange again?”

“Haha, no wonder you’re a very good friend. Only you understand me! The me who is determined to become a famous director has recently started to analyze the rise and fall of the entertainment industry. I realized, that as long as there is an appropriate promotion, a pig can still become a fairy!” Wang Xiao Gang’s gaze was very deep. Besides for a bit of eye gunk that he’s never cleaned properly, his eyes seemed very profound.

“After that? Su Ke asked.

“After that! After that, I’ll start up a vote for the top ten most handsome men in school and just nominate you as a candidate. I’ve decided that I want to make you famous!” Wang Xiao Gang proudly poked his eyebrows, smiling in achievement.

“F***! Wang Xiao Gang!”

“What? Not happy?”

“Why don’t you go die!”

*Winner of multiple Wushu world tournaments
**Chrysanthemum is slang for a**h**e

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