Chapter 49: Dine and Dash

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character didn’t have much of an opinion about the competition for the ten most handsome guys in school. Low profile people like him usually didn’t like being in the spotlight. If he didn’t seek fame, then he wouldn’t attract attention.

However, as soon as he thought about asking Liu Qing Qing out to eat, Su Ke felt apprehensive. Even though he’s asked Li Fei Fei out before, today was different because he had to face a girl who’s confessed to him, which is a completely different situation.

Plotting for lunch has taken up Su Ke’s mind completely. Wang Xiao Gang, a cheap person who wants to cause chaos, stuck to Su Ke’s side as soon as the first class ended. He started to teach Su Ke about the theory of promoting and the trick to operating an organization. Su Ke felt like he had countless flies flying around him. Right until the last bell rang, Su Ke still wasn’t prepared.

“So gloomy! If it continues like this, everyone should go home already!” Su Ke mumbled as he followed the throng of people going downstairs. The classes that were a year above him were one level up. When Su Ke reached Liu Qing Qing’s classroom door though, he realized that it was completely empty.

“D***! I’m too late!” Su Ke spoke to himself with a bitter smile.

“Brother Su Ke!” At this time, a familiar voice that sounded both diligent and surprised came from behind him.

When Su Ke turned around, a stern-faced lady Wang Huan, and the tattooed lady Li Yan were on either side of Liu Qing Qing, just like Wang Cao horses protecting their master.

“Brother Su Ke!” Liu Qing Qing said, then her lips curved slightly into an enchanting smile while she started blushing. It matched well with her clean delicate face, and her short golden fluffy hair.

“Eh!? You guys haven’t headed home yet?” Su Ke was shocked before he managed to give them an answer, smiling at the three girls.

“No, we were just at the toilet. It’s not like we were waiting for you to invite us to eat with you or anything!” Wang Huan said as she used her arm to nudge Liu Qing Qing. “Qing Qing, look, we didn’t wait for nothing!”

From the start, Liu Qing Qing just stood there blankly, her limpid eyes just staring at Su Ke. She had a soft light in her eyes, a smile on her mouth, and blushing red cheeks. She didn’t say anything, but she seemed to have a thousand words concealed in her heart.

At this time, Su Ke stared into Liu Qing Qing’s eyes. His heart was beating wildly, and he was unable to form any words.

“Brother Su Ke, are we still going to eat?” Li Yan then pulled Liu Qing Qing forward using her arm.

“Eh!? Eating! Yes! Let’s go! Let’s go eat!” Su Ke subconsciously nodded.

“Brother Su Ke, will you avoid us two light bulbs!?” Wang Huan was always wearing bright hoop earrings and had dazzling eyes that were always shining here and there.

“How can that be!?” Su Ke waved his hand, feigning an uncaring look. He was actually clueless inside though. The task was to personally ask Liu Qing Qing for lunch. If there were an additional two people, will that still count the task as completed?

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“Brother Su Ke, you’re dressed really handsomely today. It can’t be because you came all the way here just to ask us to eat with you, right?” Li Yan then looked Su Ke up and down, clicking her tongue in acceptance.

“Eh!?” Su Ke blushed, having been exposed by Li Yan. He did indeed change his clothes that morning into a white t-shirt and light-grey pants. Even though they weren’t fancy clothes per se, the whole ensemble looked really neat.

“Alright, stop joking now!” Liu Qing Qing finally spoke up at this moment with a gentle voice. Su Ke always felt like this kind of girl should have long hair and a white pleated skirt, just like a fairy. This girl actually had a head of short fluffy golden strands though, but it didn’t actually feel awkward.

“En! Let’s go eat!” Su Ke gave up, he didn’t really care how many people came now. He decided that he should just eat first. After speaking, he led the three girls out.

There was the stall outside the school that sold Californian beef noodle soup. Su Ke walked over to the stall with the three female students in tow, and when they entered the shop, they attracted multiple gazes from the other customers. If it was a normal shop, it would have been fine, but since the majority of the customers were students, they would naturally be more curious and steal a few more looks at them.

Wang Huan and Li Yan very naturally sat together, while Liu Qing Qing looked down as she sat down with Su Ke on the other side. This was actually the closest the two had been since the confession.

His heart was beating faster, and his hands that were holding onto the menu actually started trembling. Even after he breathed in deeply, d***, his hands were still shaking!

“Ladies first!” Su Ke knew he was far from convincing, so he quickly put the menu in front of Liu Qing Qing. He straightforwardly said, “Just order whatever you want, no need to hold back!” However, he was inwardly praying for help, especially when Liu Qing Qing had accidentally brushed past his arm, making him even more anxious.

Today, Liu Qing Qing had dressed especially for this occasion. As a top, she wore a body-hugging white blouse paired with a white and black striped silk tie, giving off a student look. Below, she was wearing a white and black striped mini skirt that showed off her long legs. If Su Ke bent his head even slightly, he would be within touching distance of her bare and clean thighs.

The layout of the shop was the worst though, the design was two long sofas on each side of the table. If Su Ke was to just slightly move his butt, he may actually be able to brush against Liu Qing Qing’s bare skin.

“Brother Su Ke! How about this?” Liu Qing Qing browsed through the menu before cutely asking for Su Ke’s opinion, pointing at the shop’s signature item, pickled cabbage.

“Eh!?” Su Ke inclined his head slightly, then cocked it to take a look at where she was pointing. He didn’t imagine that his sight would be taken up by her towering chest, especially with her striped tie hanging between them, but it did.

“Splash!” After drinking a lot of water, Su Ke didn’t even see what Liu Qing Qing had ordered, so he just nodded his head and made a small noise of assent. However, his eyes kept being drawn towards her chest. At that moment, he realized that he could see the radiance of spring between the buttons of her blouse.

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Even though that annoying tie was obstructing his view, it was only this ambiguous look that made it hard to suppress his mind’s nervous stimulation.

“It’s pure white! Definitely!” Su Ke mumbled to himself, his breathing getting heavier. Inwardly, he had the impulsive urge to open up her blouse and inspect the results. It was only when he heard Wang Huan and Li Yan ordering, did he quietly turn his eyes away.

“Hu! Impulse is a demon! Impulse is a demon!” Su Ke quickly calmed his breathing after saying that. Even though he couldn’t see how he looked like, the burning feeling on his face most likely meant that he was blushing again.

“Three bowls of Californian beef noodles, one order of peanuts in five spices, one Californian pickled cabbage, and one order of sour beans. The total will be $71!” The server standing in front of the table had inputted the order onto the screen, then quickly came up with the total bill.

Su Ke had already come prepared for the amount though. Either way, after this task was completed, he would immediately receive $500. This was definitely a profit, so he nodded at the waiter then shifted his body to take out the money.

Left pocket, empty!

Right pocket, also empty!

He checked again, but it was still the same. Su Ke was momentarily stunned. His face was burning, his forehead was suddenly filled with sweat, and his breathing was mess.

D***! When he changed his pants today, he actually forgot to bring any money!

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