Chapter 50: Have the Enemy Send the Money Up

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character lowered his head, his mind rapidly revolving. The present situation simply caused him to feel really embarrassed and unable to show his face. Inviting people to eat a meal with him, but not bring any money? If this was to spread, hēhē, wouldn’t he be mocked by other people?

Su Ke quickly entered the flower pickup system to try and find a solution. On the LCD screen, the mission had yet to be completed. After thinking about it, he came to a conclusion about why. He invited Liu Qingqing for a meal, but since the dishes had yet to be served, it certainly wouldn’t be counted. What to do now?

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Must quickly find help! The first person that appeared in his mind was that sly and cheap Wang Xiaogang. Though he had Wang Xiaogang’s phone number, where could he go to make that call? Unless he leaves these three young ladies and go out to find a public phone?

“Brother Su Ke, could it be that you don’t have any money?”

Sitting opposite him, Wang Huan noticed Su Ke’s peculiar expression. She asked him that question with a somewhat strange voice, while her eyes were wide open. When she said this, Liu Qingqing, who was sitting on the other side, also noticed it. Her body unconsciously moved to the side, like she wanted to turn towards Su Ke.

“Hā hā! Wang Huan, you’re really smart and heartless. You have guessed correctly, but it’s a pity that there isn’t any reward!” Su Ke then embarrassedly lifted his head and looked at the 3 girls. He might as well expose it, as losing face was better than throwing away the momentum. Su Ke shrugged his shoulders while forcing out a smile.

“Oh! My God!” Wang Huan slapped her forehead and was momentarily speechless.

“Hā hā! Brother Su Ke, I originally wanted to invite you actually!” It was rather unexpected that Liu Qingqing wasn’t even slightly annoyed due to Su Ke not bringing any money. She then brought out her small purse after speaking.

Su Ke momentarily felt depressed. Liu Qingqing’s performance wasn’t bad, but if it was any other girl, and the guy didn’t bring any money for their meal, the girl would definitely slap the table and turn around to leave in a huff. In addition, the girl would glare at him for a many number of times, plus a few uncountable silent curses.

However, if Liu Qingqing was to spend her own money for this meal, he would greatly lose face. Disregarding the fact that it was him that took the initiative to invite them for the meal, Liu Qingqing was the first girl to confess to him, so something like this should absolutely not happen.

Su Ke forced himself to relax. The closer it was to the crucial moment, the more he had to remain calm. He embarrassedly smiled at the waiter who was standing at his side, waiting for the bills to be paid, then said, “Please wait for a moment!”

The waiter’s attitude wasn’t bad, at least he didn’t talk bad in front of Su Ke. The waiter just nodded his head at Su Ke, then turned around to walk towards the door to welcome other customers.

“Brother Su Ke, don’t mind it. I…” Liu Qingqing didn’t expect such a situation, so her expression became awkward, just like Su Ke. She then took out a hundred yuan bill, wanting to hand it to Su Ke.

It was at this moment that Su Ke’s eyes shined when his gaze landed on the opening sliding glass door of the restaurant

“It’s nothing!” Su Ke gave Liu Qingqing a faint smile, then a gaze to have her relax. Afterward, he hurriedly turned his head and rushed towards the 3 people that had just entered, while waving his hand.

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“Li Daxing, come!”

The three people that had just entered the restaurant weren’t strangers, but just two days ago, he settled with them at the dining hall. They were Li Daxing, Li Lei, and one more fellow that was called brother Mao.

When Li Daxing heard someone calling his name, he was surprised at first, before he looked at where the sound was coming from.

The moment he saw that the person that was greeting him was actually Su Ke, the expression on his bruised face instantly changed. Without saying anything, he immediately turned around to leave.

“Hey! I told you to come over here!” Su Ke unconsciously raised the pitch and tone of his voice, making it sound somewhat cold.

“What is it!?” Li Daxing deeply breathed in. He tightly clenched his fists, before quickly loosening them. He did that a number of times before he finally calmed down, then he slowly walked towards Su Ke.

“Li Daxing?” When Wang Huan and Li Yan saw Li Daxing walking over, they unconsciously frowned. Su Ke could see the disgust and a little bit of panic in their eyes. He didn’t expect that these two bad girls would be scared of Li Daxing.

However, Liu Qingqing only lifted her head and frowned. She didn’t look at Li Daxing for long before quickly disregarding him. The hundred yuan bill was silently shoved back into her palm.

While Li Daxing walked towards Su Ke, he was madly cursing in his heart. As the injury on his face had yet to recover, and he was afraid about losing face at the dining hall, he dragged Li Lei and brother Mao to eat here. However, who knew that he would actually run into his enemy, Su Ke.

These past two days, Li Daxing has also been pondering again and again. At that time, if he wasn’t drunk, would he have been able to defeat Su Ke? At the very least, he wouldn’t have lost that badly, right? However, every time he thought about it, he would unconsciously think about Su Ke’s behavior at that time in the principal’s office.

Especially that sentence, ‘”Do you believe that I’ll hit you every single time I see you?” Every time he thought about it, he would also recall Su Ke’s faint smile, causing him to be unconsciously terrified. This was also the main reason why when he saw Su Ke, he would lower his head and plan to make for the exit.

Su Ke slightly lifted his head and looked at Li Daxing. It was obvious that this fellow’s gaze wasn’t natural, but evasive He was acting as if he was feeling impatient, trying to show off the spirit of the son of the dean of students.

“Is your injury getting better?” Su Ke smiled, and his attractive features under the sunlight gave a very warm feeling. However, in Li Daxing’s eyes, his small heart tightened. It was the smile that has always been revolving around in his mind.

Thinking until here, his state of mind that had been stretched to its limits, was immediately like a balloon that leaked out all of its air. He stammered, “Uh, already, I’m much fine already!”

“That’s good!” Su Ke nodded his head, then continued, “Can you lend me some money? Hē hē. When I left home, I was somewhat in a hurry!”

“Ok!” It was like he subconsciously reacted. With a relaxed expression, Li Daxing swiftly took out a stack of bills from his pants’ pocket and was about to hand them over to Su Ke.

“I don’t need so much!” Su Ke smiled, then took out a single hundred yuan bill from among the stack of money.

Seeing that Su Ke had only taken a single hundred yuan bill, Li Daxing nervously looked at Su Ke, then softly asked, “So, can I go already?”

“Do you want to eat together?” Su Ke sincerely asked, while pointing at his table.

“No, no need. We still have things to do!” Li Daxing hurriedly waved his hand back and forth and shook his head, seemingly very firm on his decision. After saying so, he still nodded his head towards Wang Huan and Li Yan before speaking again.

“We’re taking our leave now!”

“We won’t be sending you off!” Su Ke waved his hand, then watched Li Daxing leave with Li Lei and brother Mao, who didn’t say a word at all but just followed behind Li Daxing without turning back.

“Waiter!” Su Ke waved his hand at a nearby waiter, then handed the money over to settle the bill and received 29 yuan back as change

“Brother Su Ke, does this count as extortion?” Wang Huan asked as she watched the sorry figure of the trio hurriedly fleeing away.

“It shouldn’t count!” From this meeting with Li Daxing, on the contrary, Su Ke felt really relaxed. He pinched his chin and continued, “I just asked him to lend me some money, ok!”

“Then, would you still return his money?” Li Yan, with a face showing her desire for an answer, also joined in on the press conference.

“Um…. I most likely won’t!” After thinking about it for half a day, Su Ke frowned and very seriously continued, “Shouldn’t this case of mine be an emergency? No! It should be to rob the rich to help the poor!”

“Pū!” Wang Huan and Li Yan instantly broke into laughter, causing Liu Qingqing to also smile. The three of them even sang together, “No money! No money! Have the enemy send the money up!”

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