Chapter 51: Best Director

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had guessed correctly. Him borrowing money from Li Daxing didn’t smear his brilliant image, and the three girls even started admiring him more after it.

Of course, the main reason because of that is because Li Daxing wasn’t able to gain the 1st year’s heart and support. By relying on his father being the dean of students, and him being tall and strong, he would run amok and stir up trouble Many people want to punish him behind his back because of this.

“Brother Su Ke, you’re really too handsome! The look of Li Daxing restraining himself just now was like a bullied wife!” Li Yan had a feverish expression on her face, and her eyes were shining brightly. That wasn’t the full extent of her expression though, as she pulled up her sleeves and exposed her tattoos.

“What wife? Don’t speak nonsense! The real wife is here, isn’t she? Qingqing!” Wang Huan pouted her lips at Liu Qingqing and giggled.

Su Ke could feel Liu Qingqing, who was at his side, suddenly become nervous. Her body then suddenly stiffened and straightened. The black and white striped tie before her chest was also immediately slightly elevated.

“Uh! Come, let’s go eat first!” At this time, the beef noodles and the three plates of side dishes arrived. Su Ke hurriedly called out to them, as he was prepared to act as a proper host.

The rising steam brought along with the strong aroma caused those that smelled it to have their appetite stimulated. Liu Qingqing didn’t touch her chopsticks, but due to the word wife being said to describe her, she nervously bit her lips.

This won’t do! His mission was to invite her to a meal, but if she doesn’t take a bite, wouldn’t he have invited her in vain? What’s to be done about his mission then?

“Here! Qingqing, try this pickled vegetables!” Su Ke said it with ease, but the trembling chopsticks had already long betrayed him. Until now, this was his first time picking up food for a girl. This incident was of great significance and will affect people far and wide. It will also be later recorded as a milestone.

“Pā!” Su Ke originally wanted to put the pickled vegetables on the small plate in front of Liu Qingqing, but who would have thought that halfway through, due to his trembling chopsticks, the green pickled vegetables would have fallen into the bowl of noodles

The pickled vegetables dropped into the noodle soup, creating numerous ripples and causing a few droplets of soup to splash out. Su Ke looked on helplessly as he watched a drop of soup directly fly onto Liu Qingqing’s tie.

“Uh! I’m sorry!” Su Ke couldn’t have imagined such an incident happening. The first thing he did was to amend his mistake, then wipe off that drop of soup. When he thought until here, he began to act. His hands moved at lightning speed, and he didn’t ponder it any further.

When Liu Qingqing reacted, Su Ke’s hand had already reached her. WIth a silk scarf in his hand, his palm was already resting on her chest, and his fingers were now on her twin peaks.

Liu Qingqing was momentarily dazed, and she didn’t dare to move.

They were very elastic, causing his palm to sink in and be able to touch the end of her bra.

Everybody knows this, but a bra is like 2 halves of a small bowl that is tightly wrapped around 2/3 of a girl’s white rabbits. Hence, the top part of the flesh is only covered by a layer of cloth. The smooth and tender sensation was directly transmitted into Su Ke’s mind. Also, following Liu Qingqing’s heartbeat, his palm constantly shook.

Sure enough, Su Ke once again lived up to expectations. He became dazed, and the hand that reached out became rigid on the rabbits. His face flushed completely red after that.

“Uh! Brother Su Ke, I say, aren’t you being too much?” In shock, one of Wang Huan’s hand was pointed at Su Ke’s hand, while the other one was covering her small mouth.

As for Li Yan, her eyes were already wide open, but she couldn’t form words.

It was just like it temporarily stopped but choose to continue transmitting. In a short while, Su Ke began to sober up, and as quick as lightning, he pulled back his hand. His face was already as red as a monkey’s butt. Liu Qingqing lowered her head, but Su Ke could still hear her messy breathing.

“Uh! This…. Oh yes! Wang Huan, has the injury on your face healed?” In a panic, Su Ke hurriedly changed the topic. Right now, he was feeling extremely embarrassed. He really wished to find a hole right now and bury himself in it.

Fortunately, the instant Wang Huan felt the awkward atmosphere, she chuckled at Su Ke, then she reached out her hand to feel the faint scar on her face before replying, “Naturally! This Miss’s healing ability couldn’t be compared to ordinary people. Are you all eating? If not, I’ll dig in first!”

After saying so, she looked at Liu Qingqing, who already had her head lowered. “Qingqing, are you also eating? It smells really good!”

“Exactly, I’ll help myself too!” Li Yan, who was on the side, also began to pick up her chopsticks.

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Liu Qingqing then began to lift up her head. Her face was still flushed red, but she had calmed down quite a lot. She bashfully smiled at Su Ke, then she finally picked up a noodle, put it into her mouth, and very carefully chewed it.

Su Ke had an innocent girl-next-door impression of Liu Qingqing. She was really pure. She was totally not like the girl that had dyed yellow hair and the courage to confess to him.

At this time, Su Ke heard the beeping sound of the mission being completed from the flower pickup system. Su Ke silently sighed, as he didn’t expect the mission to be so troublesome.

“Kāchā!” “Kāchā!”

Su Ke vaguely heard several camera shutter sounds, so he turned his head in response, but he didn’t find anything strange. He didn’t take it to heart though

“Āi, Su Ke! Su Ke!” At this time, the glass door of the California Beef Noodles Restaurant was pushed open. Wang Xiaogang then walked in while looking around!

“Here!” Su Ke helplessly waved his hand as he thought in his heart that this cheap person didn’t appear when he needed him. When there was no trouble though, that’s when he appears.

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Wang Xiaogang looked in the direction of Su Ke’s voice, then he cheekily smiled. Taking quick steps, he arrived at Su Ke’s table. “Hēi hēi, did I disturbed you guys?”

Wang Xiaogang was tall and looked rather human. In class, he was a physical education committee member. In the past, Su Ke didn’t notice it, but after getting to know him better, he found out that Wang Xiaogang was a really cheap person.
“What is it? Do you have a problem with something?” Su Ke was rather surprised by Wang Xiaogang’s appearance.

“Aren’t I here to have a meal with you? On the way, I remembered that there’s nobody at home, so I returned to the room, but you were nowhere to be found!” While saying so, Wang Xiaogang nodded his head at the three girls in a way of greeting them.

“Move in!” After saying that, Wang Xiaogang unreservedly sat beside Su Ke, squeezing his butt in.

Without any choice, Su Ke could only move in towards Liu Qingqing. He couldn’t help but bump into her warm skin, which caused him to feel nervous. Su Ke then embarrassedly smiled at Liu Qingqing.

“Hey! Who are you?” From the sudden appearance of Wang Xiaogang, Wang Huan wasn’t very happy as she frowned.

“Hē hē, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Wang Xiaogang. Wang is the Wang from Wang Jiawei. Gang is the Gang from Si Pi Er Bo Ge [Steven Spielberg]. My career plan is to become a first-rate director!” Wang Xiaogang slightly straightened his back and very politely said his introduction.

“Pū! Do you regard me as an illiterate? In Si Pi Er Bo Ge, those 5 words, where did you get the word Gang? You might as well say that the Gang is from Feng Xiaogang!” Wang Huan was teased into laughter by Wang Xiaogang’s words. She was a giggling gorgeously dressed woman that had two big sparkling earrings that began to sway.

“Feng Xiaogang? He can’! Though the movie isn’t bad, his looks somewhat let down the audience. I want to be the most handsome man among directors, and the best director amongst handsome men!”

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