Chapter 52: Regarding Childbirth and Related Actions

Because there was the addition of Wang Xiao Gang, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character felt a lot more relaxed. During the meal, this fella had managed to skillfully tell a few jokes making both Wang Huan and Li Yan, two girls from the first class, have stars in their eyes. Even his gaze has changed.

Only Liu Qing Qing was quietly sitting at one side, occasionally smiling at Su Ke with a quiet and bashful smile. Su Ke’s feelings towards her grew a lot with every smile and frown she made.

“Alright! I’m full!” Wang Xiao Gang exclaimed in satisfaction, after letting out a breath and forcefully drinking a mouthful of soup. After that, he looked at Wang Huan and Li Yan who were opposite him and said, “Miss beauties, I don’t know if you can send me back to the classroom!?”

“Hey! Are you crazy? Asking us to send you!?” Wang Huan pointed at Wang Xiao Gang with wide eyes and said. “Your thinking is very creative though, we agree!”

Wang Huan pulled Li Yan up, then he rushed over to Su Ke. “Brother Su Ke, we’re leaving first!”

Wang Xiao Gang, this fella, laughed smugly and patted Su Ke’s shoulder. “Brother, I still have things to do, you two continue talking!” To incite their alone time, yesterday, he had eavesdropped on Liu Qing Qing’s confession, and naturally wanted to give Su Ke a chance to be alone with her.

Looking at Wang Xiao Gang heading out with Wang Huan and Li Yan, Su Ke and Liu Qing Qing looked at each other at the same time and said, “I can’t believe you and the two of them would be such good friends!”

“Wang Huan and Li Yan are my best friends from middle school. They’ve always looked after me!” Liu Qing Qing understood Su Ke’s meaning immediately. It was true that the two of them always had carefree characters, while Liu Qing Qing was more reserved.

Apparently, the departure of the three had managed to let Liu Qing Qing relax as she looked at Su Ke and continued speaking, “Brother Su Ke, did you know? I have this new hairstyle because they encouraged me to get it!”

“Oh? What happened?” Su Ke was intrigued. It was true that Liu Qing Qing’s fluffy short hair was very different from her personality.

“After our middle school years, we decided to study at 17 high. We decided during summer vacation that we would change my personality. That’s why we formulated a plan; change my appearance, then go and find a boyfriend.” Liu Qing Qing said as she touched her hair while remembering the past. “Brother Su Ke, what do you think?”

“It’s good! Very youthful and energetic!” Su Ke smiled and nodded. This time, he seriously took in her appearance. Liu Qing Qing was like the girl next door. While still young, she had the makings of a remarkable beauty.

“In order to give me courage, Wang Huan cut her hair really short, just like a tomboy. Li Yan was even more formidable; she got a tattoo on her arm!

So it was like that. Su Ke nodded in understanding. After knowing the full story, it wasn’t surprising that even with Liu Qing Qing’s personality, she would come forward and confess. So it was because of those two girls.

The two of them were talking while walking to school. A boy and a girl. The boy was delicately handsome, and the girl was energetic and youthful, easily attracting the attention of people around them. While Su Ke was anxious, he didn’t mind too much because Liu Qing Qing had confessed to him again just now.

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“Brother Su Ke, are you willing to be my boyfriend?” Liu Qing Qing’s eyes were very pure and clean, just like lake water. Only, Su Ke could feel the anxiousness she was starting to feel.

“Eh?” Su Ke went rigid when he heard that. His heart was beating wildly, and he didn’t know why, but at this moment, he started thinking about a few people; Wei Lan, Li Fei Fei, Lin Xiao Bai. There were actually so many beauties for Boss Luo.

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“D***!” Su Ke mumbled in his heart. Why did that devil boss enter his head? He quickly shook his head, wanting to get rid of his thoughts, but Liu Qing Qing was dumbfounded for a moment.

Her face had paled, her teeth were tightly biting her lips, and her eyes had actually become wet as if she was on the verge of crying. Her eyes were glued to Su Ke as she remained silent.

“Eh! What happened Qing Qing?” Su Ke finally realized Liu Qing Qing’s different attitude and was frightened for a moment.

“Brother Su Ke, when you nodded just now, were you rejecting me?” Liu Qing Qing choked with sobs and started to shudder as if she was trying to resist. In the next second, she would be crying.

Su Ke really lost his soul then. His hands unconsciously clenched tightly before relaxing, trying to compose himself.

At that time, Liu Qing Qing’s tears were a centimeter from falling, but after a quarter of an incense time, the owner of the tears was able to compose herself. Because Su Ke decided to expound on the reproduction of the human race, continuing the race and subjects talk was filled with philosophy.

Even though Su Ke’s talking was very typical, he thought that this topic was very profound.

“Qing Qing, that wasn’t my meaning!” Su Ke was very ill at ease. Looking at the moisture clearing from Liu Qing Qing’s eyes, he heaved a breath and was about to speak when he saw Liu Qing Qing’s eyes brighten. “Brother Su Ke, that means you agree!?”

“Eh! Qing Qing, do you know what happens between a couple?” Su Ke ground his teeth and finally said.

“Eating and window-shopping?” Liu Qing Qing furrowed her eyebrows. She didn’t why Su Ke asked that, but she thought about it before giving him an answer.

“Eh!” The corner of Su Ke’s mouth pulled up. “That’s correct, but what I mean is…. when a guy and a girl become more than friends, they become more intimate and start doing different actions! Do you understand?”

In a moment, Liu Qing Qing’s face flushed red, and her gaze became bashful while she nodded, saying softly, “Yes, kissing right?”

Su Ke was embarrassed. He thought that Qing Qing understood when she nodded. He didn’t expect that this girl’s understanding of intimate actions stopped at kissing. How was he supposed to explain it clearly to her!?

“Something beyond kissing. For example, when a boy and a girl are very compatible, then…. Then,” Su Ke was so red, he was about to explode. He forcefully took a deep breath and looked at the curiosity on Liu Qing Qing’s face and continued, “Have you attended physiology class? It’s the actions between a guy and a girl. Do you know what it is?? It’s that!”

“That?” Liu Qing Qing was even more curious, her clear pupils carrying a sense of intrigue.

“It’s that, the thing that will result in childbirth!” Su Ke was at his wit’s end. When saying the words, his heart had already leaped in his throat. Since he didn’t have much knowledge, along with this profound topic, he couldn’t find the right words.

When he finished speaking though, Liu Qing Qing had finally understood. Actually, this situation wasn’t rare since middle school. It’s just that, in the beginning, because of her pure thoughts, she really didn’t think about it. When Su Ke mentioned childbirth, it left her stunned.

At the very least, she didn’t know where to put her hands as she looked down. Even her ears were bright red. Even though it wasn’t two huge boobs rapidly moving up and down making her blush, the atmosphere was suddenly very ambiguous.

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