Chapter 53: Is Assistant Bureau Chief Zhang So Powerful?

Su Ku looked at Liu Qing Qing. This lass slowly looked up, and saw Su Ke2Su KeMain Character looking at her. Her whole face was flushed red, her eyes glistened, her pearly white teeth gently nibbled her pink tender lips, and her breathing caused her nostrils to continuously open and close.

Su Ke knew his question was starting to circulate in her mind. Only, this method was too formidable as if when killing 1000 men, he loses 800 of his own. His own heart was jumping to its limit. Thump-Thump, a frenetic burst. This moment was critical, he couldn’t bear the slightest mistake.

“Eh! Qing Qing, you finally know about the things men and women do, right!?”

Liu Qing Qing gave a tiny nod in response. Hearing his words, her face became even redder.

“So we still can’t be a couple. You’re still really young, and you’re definitely not prepared for that. Giving birth is very painful!” When Su Ke’s throat moved, it was to swallow his saliva, but his voice was almost indiscernible. He was afraid that this girl would turn the tables and say that she was prepared.

Liu Qing Qing twitched her lips a bit before admitting defeat, her gaze hesitant. “Brother Su Ke, is it really very painful?”

“Eh! That…. Yeah, I heard that it was very painful!” Su Ke had a head of black lines. He himself had never experienced it, but to persuade Liu Qing Qing to take back her words, he could only nod.

“Then, is it possible that we don’t do things to give birth first?” Liu Qing Qing took a deep breath, as if she had made her decision. Her chest was puffed out, and her short puffy golden hair was dazzling under the sunlight.

“Qing Qing!” Su Ke was at his wit’s end. He had played his last card and still hadn’t solved the problem. He rubbed his nose with his forefinger and gave Liu Qing Qing a smile, “We can be friends first. But if you want to eat or go shopping, I can accompany you!”

“Then…. then is kissing okay?” Liu Qing QIng relentlessly pursued.

“Eh! This…. this, you have to look at the situation!” Su Ke had difficulties rejecting her plea. He knew for a fact that the moment he heard those two words, “his girlfriend”, the first person he immediately thought of was Wei Lan. He actually had no way of agreeing to Liu Qing Qing’s request.

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Still, Liu Qing Qing was like the girl next door who never had the time to experience worldly affairs. Looking into her eyes, Su Ke found it hard to reject her.

Hearing Su Ke’s reply, Liu Qing Qing let out a relieved breath, and then quickly nodded. “I understand!” The smile on her face looked so feeble as she faced forward and said, “Brother Su Ke, I think I’ll quickly do my preparations!”

Su Ke was rooted to the spot after hearing that. Looking at how Liu Qing Qing face forward without looking back, he was stunned.

Confused about their previous conversation, he walked back to the classroom with a conflicted heart. Staring at Liu Qing Qing’s back view, it felt like there was something leaving him, getting further and further away. He knew that he already had Wei Lan in his heart though. What exactly should he do, Su Ke didn’t know.

“Su Ke!” Wang Xiao Gang had already returned earlier. When he saw Su Ke entering, he immediately waved his hand, looking like something was up.

“What’s happening?” Su Ke was very jittery. He took a deep breath before he walked over.

“Actually, I wanted to tell you just now, that person, d***, I didn’t mean Liu Qing Qing though. What’s with your gaze? I mean that person you took care of at the school gate!” Wang Xiao Gang saw that Su Ke’s gaze was changing, so he knew that said something wrong and immediately tried to rectify it.

“En, what happened?” Su Ke nodded.

“I heard that he was coming back today! Be a bit more lively, I reckon that he will come find you during these two days!” Wang Xiao Gang knew the behaviour patterns of those types of hooligans, so naturally, he knew how to predict their avenging attitude.

“En!” Su Ke clapped Wang Xiao Gang on the shoulder, “Thanks!”

“No need for thanks, we’re all good friends. That’s right, what’s wrong with you? That Liu Qing Qing already confessed to you. Plus, it’s trending to find a younger girl these days. 16-years-old, and a fresh flower!” Wang Xiao Gang was smiling with exultation, his spittle flying.

However, Su Ke was in no mood to talk to him about that. He walked to his seat, his brain filled with the silhouettes of many girls; Wei Lan, Liu Qing Qing, Li Fei Fei, Lin Xiao Bai, and Luo Fei Yan. D***! Luo Fei Yan appeared in his mind yet again!

It was an afternoon of muddle-headedness. Despite his best efforts to be attentive in class, his whole brain was mush. After sending Wei Lan back when school was over, he was also preoccupied.

“Oh! Xiao Zheng Tai is here!” A slightly hoarse voice shouted. Su Ke felt a bit of glee when he heard that, as if he had been waiting for it for a long time. He looked up at the voice. Indeed, Luo Fei Yan’s blurry silhouette was reclining on the sofa in the lounge, sitting up and speaking at the same time.

“Sister Yan!” Su Ke was surprised. Luo Fei Yan hadn’t appeared for the past few days and sometimes he would think about what she was doing during that time.

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“Did you miss big sister!?” Luo Fei Yan straightened up after seeing Su Ke. Today, she was wearing all silver business clothes. Her legs, clad in a skin-coloured pantyhose, were raised, clearly showing off her delicate toes. Her body-hugging top was bulging at the front.

“Hehe!” Su Ke didn’t speak. Instead, he took a look around, and saw that there was no one else in the room, so he walked over and sat on the sofa opposite her.

Luo Fei Yan was smiling, crooking her head to look at Su Ke. Her face had a trace of exhaustion, and her wine-red hair was draped over one of her shoulders.

“Big sister Yan, you look very tired!” Su Ke didn’t know why he would say that, but it was like he almost couldn’t help himself. H his words still surprised Luo Fei Yan though.

“Seems like I can feel your concern! My heart is so warm!” Luo Fei Yan’s smile widened, but she still unwittingly reached out her hands to rub at her face a bit. When her jade hands were put down, she looked more vibrant.

“It’s that Wu Yi Ren again. That b****rd, just because he’s the assistant bureau chief of the company, he wants to take me as his woman! I’m not even trying to about it!” Luo Fei Yan’s appearance of her gritted teeth, as well as the strength of her vitriol, made it seem like that Wu Yi Ren was an enemy she couldn’t live under the same sky with.

“Assistant bureau chief? Wu Yi Ren?” After Su Ke heard this, he wrinkled his eyebrows. He heard his name before on the local news, but other than that, he didn’t have much of an impression. Su Ke could still deduce the melodramatic plot progression though.

“He wants to proposition you?” He didn’t know why, but a flame had been lit in Su Ke’s heart. His face went dark, as if he knew there was someone coveting his property. Unknowingly, he had blacklisted this person.

“Sigh! Let’s not talk about this anymore. That person, no matter what, is still an assistant bureau chief!” Luo Fei Yan could easily pick out Su Ke’s change in mood. The delicate and pretty boy in front of her, when he became grim, actually gave off a manly aura. She couldn’t help but smile at that.

“Is an assistant bureau chief that good?” Su Ke muttered softly in his heart. With the flower pick up, he believed that this situation could easily resolve itself.

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