Chapter 54: Who’s Saying Old Cow is Eating Young Grass?

While talking, Luo Fei Yan put both her long legs down and slipped them into a pair of black leather high heels. Immediately afterward, she stood up. Seemingly like she felt tired from lying on the sofa, she forcefully stretched her back, then both her arms also stretched towards the back and then spread out, her twin peaks bulging forward.

Her body-hugging silver top couldn’t help but split open from being pulled to the left and right by her bosom. Inside, there were outlines in pale purple on the shirt. The thin lines served as a foil for her slender waist. Although Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had already seen those bulging twin peaks several times, he still couldn’t help but sigh at its magnificence.

Su Ke then gave a sigh and quietly leaned towards the back. In a split second, his mind became dazzled by the beautiful sight. The corner of Luo Fei Yan’s mouth slightly rose, then it gradually turned into a smile, which also contained a tinge of laziness and seduction. She then walked around the coffee table and arrived before Su Ke.

“Uh!” Su Ke slightly lifted his head and looked at Luo Fei Yan, failing to understand the situation.

“Little brother Su, are you thinking about protecting this sister?” Her voice was charming yet hoarse, and her gaze was gentle. Her slender waist swayed like a spring breeze, but she didn’t sit right beside Su Ke. Luo Fei Yan sat on the not so spacious armrest, and half of her butt was sitting in midair, while the other half crammed on the armrest, creating a streak mark.

Luo Fei Yan lifted her right hand, while her elbow was leaning against the sofa’s inside back. Her palm was holding her head up by supporting her cheek. Looking at Su Ke, she then blew at his head, which was now very near to her.

Su Ke felt a hot breath hit his ear area. The delicate fragrance that could stimulate people caused him to unconsciously shiver. His neck rigidly twisted towards Luo Fei Yan, and her exquisite appearance entered his gaze. Her skin was smooth and tender, like a crystal without the slightest flaw, just like a first-rate porcelain.

He retreated his gaze when their eyes met like he was electrified. He quickly lowered his gaze, but he once again met the sight of her twin peaks, which constantly moved up and down along with her breathing. The pale purple lines covered the two rabbits. It seemed like Su Ke had already seen through the heavy fabric obstacles, and was now able to see two hot and big steam buns which were exuding an aroma.

“Gūdōng!” He then swallowed down a mouth full of saliva. Su Ke’s little heart was jumping crazily, and when he thought about being that close to Luo Fei Yan and smelling her delicate fragrance, it felt like his butt was being poked by needles. Having his ear felt by the hot breath that had just swept by, it was very intolerable. He subconsciously straightened his back while having his thoughts shift to the side.

“Āi yōu!” There was a cry out in surprise.

Su Ke’s head knocked into Luo Fei Yan’s arm, which was currently supporting her head. Her elbow suddenly slipped down, and without her arm’s support, Luo Fei Yan’s body instantly lost control. Her body then slanted to the side and she fell down.

Before Su Ke could react, Luo Fei Yan had already fallen on him. Though this beautiful boss had a slim body, she still had weight. Due to this collision, Su Ke’s body also fell backward.

Luo Fei Yan was now lying on Su Ke’s body, one up and one down. As they were about to slip down the sofa, at a critical moment, Su Ke used his right leg and exerted some strength to hold his ground. Before Luo Fei Yan fell from his body, he forcefully hugged her by the waist.

Luo Fei Yan’s two big steam buns were instantly squeezed against Su Ke’s chest, and they very quickly changed out of shape. The soft and elastic flesh acted like a buffer, and they seemed like they had bounced twice.

The two were face to face and were even less than a centimeter apart. Su Ke could clearly see the delicate skin pores on her exquisite face, and Luo Fei Yan nervously blinking her long eyelashes.

Su Ke’s mind went completely blank. Even when their cheeks had bumped into each other, he didn’t have any impression of it. Luo Fei Yan was breathing against his cheek, making it very itchy. With her pinkish lips and both her cheeks blushed red, it gave an even more awkward and ambiguous atmosphere.

After a moment of feeling panic-stricken, Luo Fei Yan sobered up earlier than Su Ke. Though her whole face was flushed red, her heart was beating very fast, so she forcefully contained the bashfulness in her heart. Both her hands pushed against the sofa, wanting to get up, but at this moment, she felt a hand pressing against her butt.

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“Xiao Zheng Tai, is your hand on sister’s butt?” Luo Fei Yan couldn’t get up, so she looked up at Su Ke, who was still in a daze, and helplessly asked.

“Uh!” Su Ke finally reacted. Hearing Luo Fei Yan’s question, he then felt that his hand was supporting her round butt from the bottom, and it seemed like he had used too much force. He faintly felt an urge to mold those lumps, which frightened him, so he quickly retracted his hand.

“Āiyā! Āiyā! What have I seen? What have I seen?” At this moment, a cry of shock came from the head of the flight of stairs, causing Luo Fei Yan to be shocked. She then hurriedly stood up.

“What did you see?” Facing the staircase area, Luo Fei Yan asked while tidying up her clothes.

Su Ke took a few deep breaths, then sat up on the sofa and turned his head while thinking. F*ck! Isn’t that sister Tong Yan Ju Ru from <Shi Ba Mo>?

At the head of the flight of stairs, there stood three people. One of them was someone that Su Ke had the deepest impression of, and she had an innocent face, Du Wan. Although the other two were also very familiar, he didn’t know their names. With an awkward expression, he moved the corners of his mouth and gave a faint smile in a way of greeting them.

“I didn’t see anything. I’ll definitely not spread around the rumor that sister Yan raped Xiao Zheng Tai on the sofa!” Du Wan made a solemn vow and forcefully patted her big bosom.

Pū! Su Ke almost spurted out blood. What kind of trouble will he be in because of this?

After saying so, Du Wan righteously asked the two other girls, “The two of you also didn’t see anything right? If the two of you speak about the old cow wanting to eat young grass, your ending will be really miserable, you know? Oh right. Xiao Li, did you record it just now? You definitely mustn’t post it on the internet because it could easily teach young children to do bad things!”

Luo Fei Yan was momentarily speechless. Although she had been through many fights, this time she was also flushed with anger. It was one thing if she took the initiative to seduce someone, but this sudden accidental situation was another case. These two situations were completely different.

“Girl, if you continue to speak such nonsense, do you believe that I won’t really use that nude photo of yours as a little advertisement and post them on the utility poles?” Luo Fei Yan gently stroked her cascading hair, then began to fight back.

“Uh? When did I take that kind of thing?” Du Wan was reluctant to admit it, and she appeared to not have any fear.

“Oh! Is it? From what I can see, there was even a close-up of that photo! Zé zé zé, Tong Yan Ju Ru should be fake, especially that tattoo on your butt. It’s so splendid and magnificent!” It was like that picture had appeared right before Luo Fei Yan as she clearly described it.

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“Āiyā, I say sister Yan, where did we speak too? Oh right, today’s weather is quite good!” Du Wan was once again beaten by Luo Fei Yan, especially when Su Ke’s wandering gaze landed on her butt, so she hurriedly changed the topic. She then shifted her body and walked towards Luo Fei Yan while giving a loveable smile.

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