Chapter 55: Taking Liberties and Countering

“Little brother Su, I saw your video on the internet! Acting bravely to catch the thief? Very manly!” Du Wan stood before Luo Fei Yan and gave a flattering smile, showing a fawning behavior. Afterward, she ran over to Su Ke2Su KeMain Character like a senior officer inspector and patted on Su Ke’s shoulder.

“Hēhē!” Su Ke’s mind was still in the midst of registering what had just happened. His attractive cheeks had already flushed red like a baboon’s butt due to embarrassment. He could only give a silly smile while looking at Du Wan.

“Come! Tell sister what the two of you were doing just now. The sofa’s back was blocking my vision so I didn’t manage to see clearly. Are you two kissing?” Du Wan then took a step forward and placed a hand on Su Ke’s shoulder before moving closer while barefooted to his ear and whispering.

“Uh!” His brain was experiencing hyperemia; his breathing quickened, his heart jumped crazily, and the corner of his mouth started twitching. He once again returned to his previous state. His ear that was brushed by Du Wan’s hot breath gave off an unbearable itch. The barefooted Du Wan then put her big bosom against Su Ke’s arm.

“Hey hey hey! Du Wan, you’re doing it again! Don’t seduce my family’s Su Ke!” Luo Fei Yan reached out her hand and pulled Du Wan aside while she moved closer to Su Ke. Her left hand very naturally rested over his shoulder. “Let me tell you, little brother Su just now had already passed my test! He’s a thoroughly righteous person and very steady!”

“Uh! Sister Yan, so why is your family’s little brother Su starting to erect a tent?” At this time, a lady who had come up the stairs with Du Wan suddenly pointed at Su Ke and was laughing non-stop while covering her mouth.

At this time, even Luo Fei Yan, who had an arm around Su Ke’s shoulder also couldn’t help but lower her head to take a look. Sure enough, at the zip area of Su Ke’s jeans, there was a slight bulge, just like a small sand dune.

“D*mn!” Seeing everyone’s gazes concentrated on him, he also lowered his head. His face instantly became red. He turned his head and ran to the far end of the piano and hid behind the bead curtain, then he started taking deep breaths.

This little brother is so disobedient. Just now, he rolled with Luo Fei Yan on the sofa. Later, his arm was then pressed against Du Wan’s bosom. Finally, Luo Fei Yan had her arm wrapped around his shoulders. These repeated stimulations caused him to overlook his little brother’s feelings. He was too nervous, so he didn’t even notice his little brother rebelling.

This is so embarrassing! Su Ke was sitting on the piano stool and his mouth was feeling very dry. After his embarrassing moment, his little brother had finally surrendered, and it could be said that the situation had restored its calmness except the laughter coming from the outside.

In succession, a few more customers came in, causing the outside to become even more lively. Some acquaintances would still come over to greet Su Ke, and their smiling expressions became more and more profound, making Su Ke feel embarrassed.

Fortunately, from the second floor of the Cosmetic Club and onwards, these alluring women finally quietened down. Su Ke then stretched his fingers and calmed down the heat in his heart before beginning to play.

It seemed that as long as Luo Fei Yan is around, the atmosphere would become much warmer than before. Su Ke could also feel that the time passed a lot faster. After playing a few songs, Su Ke picked up to drink the mineral water which he had left at a side. After moistening his throat, he came out.

“Xiao Zheng Tai, sister is leaving!” Du Wan saw that Su Ke had finally come out, so she didn’t forget to tease him.

“Sister Du Wan, goodbye!” Su Ke replied with a red face. When he saw Du Wan’s smiling face, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as his mind unconsciously thought about the tattoo that Luo Fei Yan had previously mentioned.

“What kind of tattoos are they? Are they on the left or the right?” When Su Ke was still indulged in flights of fancy, Du Wan had already begun saying goodbyes to everyone. After waving her hand, she once again stopped in front of Su Ke.

From Su Ke’s perspective, it was like a pair of white rabbits bouncing around. Finally, they landed in front of him. Just when Su Ke had recovered from his messy thoughts, he watched as Du Wan suddenly pointed a finger at herself and said, “Little brother Su is erecting a tent again!”

“Ah?” Su Ke was momentarily startled. He subconsciously did a signature move from the Wu Dang School. Both his hands moved like lightning, but when his hand reached the specific location, he found that everything there was peaceful. His little brother was so quiet that it was like he was sleeping, and it didn’t have the slightest intention of lifting its head.

D*rn! I was tricked into a trap!

When Su Ke came around, the crowd of women was already laughing, especially the main culprit Du Wan, who was laughing happily while squatting down and clutching her stomach. Her bosom was bouncing crazily like they desired to jump out.

“Hū!” Su Ke fiercely breathed out and relaxed his overlapped hands. He embarrassedly smiled at the crowd, exposing a mouth full of white teeth, “Sister Yan! You see, sister Du Wan is bullying me! I want to see that photo you talked about!”

Luo Fei Yan was originally still watching Su Ke’s embarrassed state, so when she watched as he turned towards her and spoke that sentence, at that moment, she had yet to comprehend the situation. “Photo? What photo? Oh! I know what you’re talking about! You’re talking about that extremely clear and big photo of Du Wan’s naked body!”

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“Pū!” Hearing that, Du Wan was momentarily stunned. Her eyes widened as she looked at Su Ke. It was unexpected that Su Ke would actually make a joke about her, especially when he teamed up with Luo Fei Yan.

“Little brother Su, do you really want to see?” She’s really Du Wan. She was no longer smiling as she stared at Su Ke with two big pairs of watery eyes, plus an innocent expression on her face.

“Uh!” When he was asked that by Du Wan, Su Ke didn’t know how to answer her.

“Little brother Su, it’s alright, you have sister’s support. You can be frank with this Du Wan. Do you want to see it?” On the side, Luo Fei Yan hurriedly encouraged Su Ke. Under her spur, the crowd of innocent and matured young married woman began to clap loudly while shrieking, “See it! See it!”

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Su Ke could feel the conflict happening in his heart. Looking at Du Wan’s big glittering eyes and her long eyelashes, with Luo Fei Yan’s continuous coaxing, he finally made a difficult decision.

“Sister Du Wan!”

“En!” Du Wan acted like an innocent girl, but she was also very curious about Su Ke’s answer.

“How about…. how about I just take a small peak!” After a long time thinking, Su Ke whimpered his answered. Though his face was already flushed red, it still began to spread further and become redder. Su Ke’s words were like a bomb that had detonated in the crowd.

Du Wan’s eyes widened, as she had a shocked expression on her face. The crowd of ladies broke up in an uproar. Though in Du Wan’s eyes, Su Ke was seen as a little brother that she could take liberties off to cast away her boredom. Today though, she was actually giving liberties to this little brother. She unknowingly felt somewhat embarrassed, and her body started feeling hot.

Unwilling to lose, Du Wan shouted, “Can, you want to see? This sister will let you see eventually! However, there are too many people here. In a moment, go home with this sister, alright? Sister will let you take a good look at it!” While saying so, Du Wan catwalked towards Su Ke’s side. Her two hands clung to Su Ke’s arm as she slightly raised her head. It was like she was acting coquettishly while shaking her hips left and right without stopping.


Su Ke was once again defeated. His mind became completely blank. The feeling of that soft and elastic feeling that was constantly coming from his arm, especially with Du Wan’s every movement, Su Ke’s arm was constantly brushed by her round flesh. After being repeatedly brushed, his body started to tremble, and his breathing quickened, while his heart was bouncing madly.

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