Chapter 56: Not Good At Drinking!

Du Wan seemed like a grey wolf who wanted to devour the innocent white rabbit. She suppressed a smile, watching Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s rigid expression, even though she had to sacrifice quite a bit. Her chest was pressing up against Su Ke’s arm, rubbing against him and causing a slight swelling in her chest, especially her flower buds in the front becoming faintly erect.

First of all, don’t mention that this is her own instigation. According to her character, this is something she cannot retreat from. So, even though Du Wan was full of smiles and feeling very smug, she inwardly felt very hot, and her heart started beating faster. Her small hand was holding Su Ke’s, and she didn’t know who was sweating, but it was all wet.

Du Wan, who found it impossible to stop halfway through, gritted her teeth and resolved to not relax. She watched Su Ke’s delicate and pretty face that was within reach, then his face blushed completely red. Sweat was beginning to gather on his forehead, and his breaths were getting shorter, dripping onto Du Wan’s slightly raised face and making it warmer.

“So? Little boy, do you want to come home with big sister?”

How could Su Ke answer right now? He was already panicking. However, when the two of them were plastered together, Luo Fei Yan didn’t speak up, and she didn’t have any reaction.

“Li Li, do you think that Du Wan is burning with desire?” Luo Fei Yan crooked her head. She was already talking to the girl beside her, acting as if she was witnessing a movie.

“I agree, Sister Yan. Don’t you know? Little Wan has gone bad! I think your family’s Su Ke will suffer a calamity. He’ll be devoured by Du Wan until not even a single bone is left!” The woman called Li Li was the one who climbed the stairs with Du Wan. She seemed to understand her very well. While speaking about it, her eyes lasered in on Du Wan’s act of seducing Su Ke. She noticed that Du Wan’s gaze was full of vigor.

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Su Ke swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his legs already going soft, and his eyes beseeching Luo Fei Yan for help. Who knew that Luo Fei Yan would treat the mature woman who was like a wolf as a free show!

“Eh! Sister Du Wan!” Su Ke used a lot of effort to open his mouth, but his voice was hard to make out as it trembled.

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“En?” Just this small skill and Du Wan’s gaze turned foggy. Looking at Se Ke, her eyes lit up with love, then she slightly parted her lips with an alluring luster.

Their eyes met, and Su Ke and Du Wan seemed to become absent-minded.


A phone suddenly rang. It startled Du Wan from her absent-minded state, and it also disrupted Luo Fei Yan’s good show.

“Whose phone is it? Hurry up and smash it!” Luo Fei Yan was furious, almost exploding. It was such a crucial moment, so how could it be screwed up? She wrinkled her brows and looked for the offender. Her gaze swept to the woman beside her, and the ringing was becoming more familiar as she listened to it.

“***, it’s actually my phone!” Luo Fei Yan looked at the spectators who had nearly suffered a catastrophe and embarrassedly stuck out her tongue. She then ran over to the sofa. When she picked up her phone, her body immediately felt sluggish, showing a bored exterior.

Regardless of the place and time, Luo Fei Yan is always the one who shone the brightest, so her every move is always noticed by the women. All their movements suddenly ceased. Even Du Wan turned around while releasing Su Ke’s hand.

“Wei, Chief Wu!”

Su Ke’s ears perked up. Was this chief Wu the same one that Luo Fei Yan said was the toad who wanted to eat swan meat? Thinking until here, he got fired up and unconsciously extinguished the flame in his body, calming himself down.

Even though Luo Fei Yan’s voice was indifferent, the look of despise on her face couldn’t be faked. “En! I know, I know. Mayor Lin is your family’s matter. Didn’t you tell everyone about this during the last time we ate?”

“En?” Su Ke furrowed his eyebrows. Why was another Mayor Lin mentioned? This Lin is quite daring, he still wants to eat any kind of bird he comes across! From Luo Fei Yan’s slightly-raised eyebrows, it could be surmised that she was restraining herself from fidgeting. She was unwittingly getting annoyed.

Luo Fei Yan found a comfortable position on the sofa while leaning backward, her legs naturally lying on the coffee table. “Haha, Chief Wu, you’re too hateful. However, I’m very busy for the next few days. You should also know that I still have a shop in Tianjin!”

“That’s right, I need to rush over tomorrow! No need, you’re so busy. How can I let you fetch me!” Luo Fei Yan casually replied, her tone and expression have a very stark contrast.

“Alright, alright. Someone’s on the toilet, so let’s stop talking!” Luo Fei Yan’s tender voice made people feel moved. It was somewhat spoiled and somewhat enticing. Her expression looked like she wanted to trample her phone.

“Sister Yan, is it that Wu Yi man?” Du Wan had let Su Ke go, swaying her body and swinging her well-developed hips, then she sat down beside Luo Fei Yan.

“Pissed your aunt off! Is being related to a mayor that amazing? I’m so angry I want to hire a contract killer!” Luo Fei Yan didn’t directly reply to Du Wan’s question because she then threw her phone away. In a fit of rage, she tore off her western-styled suit, rubbing the sleeves.

“Ruo Lan! Pour me a glass of alcohol!” Luo Fei Yan looked impatient, unconsciously pouting and crossing her arms over her chest. After she finished speaking, she vehemently let out a breath, her chest and arms were both held up in an imposing manner.

“Ruo Lan, pour me one too!” Du Wan was innately loyal. She had one hand on Luo Fei Yan’s neck while shouting.

At this moment, a beautician replied, “Is red wine ok?” She then made her way to the bar in the leisure area and opened one bottle of highly refined red wine. She then set down two glasses and filled them.

The liquid was rose-red. Following Ruo Lan’s footsteps, began to shake. Su Ke could smell the alcohol. He then looked at the beautician named Ruo Lan while she steadied the goblets.

The light-pink beautician uniform was just like the ones nurses wear in hospitals. After that, two luxuries were behind the pink top. The bump hinted at the deep ravine in between. Before long, Ruo Lan stood up with a charming and gentle smile on her face for only a moment. However, Su Ke only spared a single glance without the slightest amount of desire.

“You guys head home first!” Du Wan really resembled an older sister. Waving, then facing a group of friends, these women could tell that Luo Fei Yan was unhappy. Even though they usually can have fun together, but at this moment, they didn’t know what to say. They then grabbed their stuff one by one and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, Luo Fei Yan picked up the goblet in front of her, and without any hesitation, she drank the whole thing in one gulp. Her mouth had a few drops of wine that were red like blood about to drip down. Luo Fei Yan’s tongue then swept up the droplets.

“Su Ke, come here! Accompany big sister for a drink!” Luo Fei YAn suddenly raised her hands and pointed at Su Ke. Her fingers wiggled a bit. Paired with the picture of her tongue licking her lips, it was very enticing. Su Ke saw that Luo Fei Yan seemed like she had a protective impulse though.

But, but! I’ve never really drunk any alcohol before! Su Ke would surely get drunk rather quickly!

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