Chapter 57: You Want to be Breastfed?

“You need to come over!” Looking at Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s sluggish face, Du Wan walked over to him and pulled on his arm, practically throwing him onto the sofa.

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After that, she brought the bottle of red wine over and picked up a cup along the way, then she poured some wine while walking over. When Du Wan finally stood in front of Su Ke, the cup in her hand was filled with red wine.

“For you! Cheers!” Du Wan seriously looked at him, even nodding as she finished speaking. It was as if it was a very solemn handover.

Su Ke glanced over and widened his eyes. He looked at the goblet filled with red wine, rippling along the rim of the cup. Under the light, it shone like rubies, contrasting with the sparkling pure goblet and giving off a dream-like feeling.

“Hurry up and take it! Be more manly little boy!” Du Wan held out her arm while handing the goblet over to him. Su Ke could smell the alcohol from the goblet seeping into his heart. Between a rock and a hard place, he could only subconsciously pick it up.

“That’s right!” Done speaking, she picked up the bottle again and filled up Luo Fei Yan’s cup again. “D*** that *** Chief Wu! Cheers!”

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After that, Du Wan picked up her glass and tipped it at Luo Fei Yan and Su Ke.

Luo Fei Yan had already drunk one cup, and while she didn’t look too drunk, her face was already very red, and her breath was like chrysanthemums. She then took a deep breath and lifted up her glass again.

“Good! Cheers!”

When Luo Fei Yan finished speaking, her and Du Wan looked at Su Ke.

“Uh!” Su Ke suddenly realized that he’s never had any alcohol from a young age Beside the few times that Su Ke had the fortune to dip his fingers into Er Guo Tou (sorghum liquor), he had never even touched beer before. The cup of red wine in his hand now seemed like a grenade.

“Little boy! Will you accompany big sister for a drink?” Luo Fei Yan looked at Su Ke’s dazed expression, her right hand was once again placed on his brows, lightly patting them. She then smiled.

Her voice was husky and sexy. Even though it wasn’t as beautiful as the sounds of nature, it was even more enticing. When she was speaking, the taste of the red wine in his mouth slowly dispersed around, staining his cheeks red. Right now, Su Ke was looking into her eyes as if he could see into her heart.

He started feeling a kind of melancholy, frustration, and helplessness. Su Ke realized that he was feeling these complex emotions rather quickly. Luo Fei Yan then smiled with her eyes and her pupils undulated. Her voice might be casual, but Su Ke knew about the depression in her heart.

“Good! Cheers!” Su Ke clinked his glass against Luo Fei Yan’s and Du Wan’s, then directly poured the wine into his mouth. The wine, which was sour with a slightly sweet taste and a strong alcoholic smell, was mixed with a faint feeling of vertigo. Just like that, the novice drinker Su Ke swallowed the red wine.

“Well done!” Even though Luo Fei Yan and Du Wan were a bit surprised, they were more amazed. Su Ke, that little boy, had just downed a whole glass in a short moment of manliness. The two of them shared a smile, and in a moment, finished off their glasses in just two to three gulps.

They should actually be savoring this high-quality wine. Luo Fei Yan drank two cups in one go. Although she usually drinks a small cup every day, she couldn’t help but feel dizzy, so she put down her cup. She leaned back a bit and lifted up her hands, one going around Du Wan’s neck, while the other one rested on Su Ke’s shoulder.

“These are for you guys!” Luo Fei Yan hugged the two of them tightly. When she finished speaking, she leaned against Du Wan and planted a kiss on her cheek, then she suddenly listed against Su Ke instead.

Her wine-red hair bounced along with her head across Su Ke’s cheeks in a burst of numbness. He was stunned, as Luo Fei Yan’s flushed and delicate face got closer and closer.

His heart was already beating fast because of the alcohol, but it became even faster now, and his cheeks were hot. Even though he told himself that he should move away, his body was already out of control.

“Bo!” It was a light sound, but it was like thunder to Su Ke’s ears. His cheeks became hotter when Luo Fei Yan’s lips meet them. They were soft and slightly cold, Even though the feeling was very fleeting, it left his mind blank. He practically forgot how to breathe, and he didn’t dare move, causing his limbs to lock up.

“Sister Yan, if that Wu Yi person makes trouble for you, I’ll go and make some noise. Let’s just say that he’s unfilial until he has to come down!” Du Wan held the view of a ten-year-old while saying such ruthless words. She then stood up and refilled the three empty cups.

“Forget it! I opened the door to do business because being nice brings business! What kind of situation have I never seen? Even if I can’t play with him anymore, it doesn’t affect me that much!” Luo Fei Yan was very persuasive, but not just Du Wan, even Su Ke could hear a sense of helplessness in her words.

“Oh? If Tianjin is fine, I know a few people. My dad can also help. If he’s not in the gallery, he can’t display his talents though!” Du Wan was also agitated.

Su Ke heard from Luo Fei Yan that there was a beauty club in Tianjin. Who knew that his own beautiful boss was so formidable for also having a finger in Tianjin. Tianjin was one of Huaxin’s four mini municipalities, and its economy was very strong. If you had enough to have a beauty club there, Luo Fei Yan was worth at least 1 million according to Su Ke’s calculations.

Listening to it though, it seemed like this Wu Yi person was very troublesome. Even the stormy Luo Fei Yan was helpless. Could it be because that fellow has a mayor as a relative?

Unknowingly, Su Ke felt that his brain was starting to become dull. He shook his head, but it had no effect. He wanted to stand up to go and wash his face, but just as he was about to, he realized that golden stars were scattered in front of him. The world spun, then his body fell straight into Luo Fei Yan’s arms.

He last felt his face lying on her shoulder before being tightly hugged, his face being pushed into her chest. While he was comfortably sandwiched between her two big buns, he drifted off.

Luo Fei Yan saw that Su was falling and about to hit the floor, so she pulled him close, accidentally bringing his head into her chest. They were separated by only a piece of cotton. Su Ke’s hot breath blew onto her snow-white chest, making her shiver.

“Uh! Sister Yan, you want to feed him?” Du Wan looked at Luo Fei Yan’s posture, and without pausing, she blurted out those words while pointing at Luo Fei Yan’s chest.

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