Chapter 58: First Kiss Again?

In a drowsy state, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character felt something warm rubbing against his cheeks. He then slowly opened his eyes. The gentle rays of light from the chandelier gave a person a kind of warm and homely feeling. However, this place wasn’t his home!

At this time, Luo Fei Yan’s face appeared before Su Ke’s eyes. The blushing red on her face had yet to subside, and her wine red wavy hair was drooping down. Seeing that Su Ke had woken up, she faintly smiled and said, “Are you feeling better? How come just a single glass of wine is able to knock you out?”

“Uh!” Su Ke very quickly sat straight up on the sofa. Other than Luo Fei Yan, there wasn’t anybody in the surroundings. Du Wan was already long gone. As for Luo Fei Yan, she was holding onto a towel that was still emitting heat.

Thinking that at the last moment he had laid on Luo Fei Yan’s twin peaks, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for a fleeting moment. His mind was slightly swaying, but it was much better than before. Su Ke then squeezed out a smile before speaking, “I’ve never drunk any wine before, so I also don’t know why it ended up like this!”

“Can you still go home? Or do you want to stay here? There’s a room upstairs if you want it!” Luo Fei Yan put the towel aside and softly asked those questions.

“Uh! What time is it now?” When the beautiful boss said it like that, Su Ke realized that he must have stayed way past the knock-off time, which caused him to be somewhat anxious.

“It’s still fine. It’s not even half past nine. All of them left early today. If you’re not going home, you can call them!” Luo Fei Yan strangely wasn’t joking around, as she had a gentle smile on her face.

“I have to get home! My family will worry if I’m not there!” While saying so, Su Ke got up from the sofa and stretched his body. He didn’t expect that he would feel so spirited after sleeping like that.

“En! Take care!” Luo Fei Yan nodded her head.

“Sister Yan, I’ll go home first then!” When Su Ke spoke until there, he paused and hesitated on what to say next. Looking at Luo Fei Yan, he spoke, “Sister Yan, don’t worry. Everything will be alright!”

“Ya! Little Brother Su, Sister is very touched by what you just said! Come, let me give you a kiss!” While saying so, Luo Fei Yan once again used her one-second face changing special skill. She then opened her arms like she was going to give Su Ke a hug.

Su Ke once again became nervous. “Uh! Sister Yan, I’m going now!” While saying so, he already turned his head and hurriedly fled toward the stairs.

When Su Ke reached the first floor, Lin Xiao Bai was flipping through a magazine behind the receptionist’s desk. “Sister Xiao Bai, I’m going home!”

“Ok, be careful on the way!” Lin Xiao Bai then sent Su Ke to the door, and only when his silhouette had faded away, did she walked back. At this time, she saw Luo Fei Yan walk down the stairs.

“Gone already?” Luo Fei Yan asked that question while looking at the glass door.

“En!” Lin Xiao Bai nodded her head. When she thought about wanting to chat a few words with her boss, she found that Luo Fei Yan had already turned around and she seemed to have heard a sigh, but her boss’s back was still strong and upright.

When Su Ke returned home, he found out that his parents were already back and were waiting for him so they could eat together.

At the dinner table, Su You Fu twitched from the smell and asked, “Did you drink?”

“En! Drank a little bit of red wine!” Su Ke nodded his head. At first, Su Ke thought that his father would criticize him, but who knew that Su You Fu didn’t do anything but pat his shoulder and say, “Good boy, it’s fine to drink wine. Besides, you’re already 18!”

“Is there a father like you? You even encourage your own child to drink alcohol!” On the side, Zhang Xue didn’t think about it that way. While holding a bowl of rice, she pointed her chopsticks at her husband. She then turned her head and gave Su Ke some advice, “Son, don’t listen to him. You become very uncomfortable after drinking too much!”

Su Ke was at a loss for words.. He naturally chose not to entangle himself with his parents about this topic. After dinner, the first thing he did was go back to his room. He didn’t even look at his homework before going directly on his computer.

Baidu Wu person from Langfang city. These few words were enough for Su Ke to search for all the websites regarding him. Clicking on one of them, it was a newsletter about a conference regarding the integration of the multi-level marketing in the city. By coincidence, there was a featured article of the chairman and the Taiwanese leaders. Looking at the nameplate on the desk before them, Su Ke was able to easily identify the Wu person.

He was wearing white short sleeves shirt and black western trousers. His hair was combed very neat and tidy, and his face was slightly plump with a gold spectacle hanging from his eye.. He was sitting upright and still with a solemn expression on his face.

If it wasn’t because he was pestering Luo Fei Yan, Su Ke might have had a very good first impression of him. At the very least, he wouldn’t directly be addressed as a beast in human clothing

Su Ke then opened the second website. It was a newsletter of the Wu person being deeply concentrated while doing the basic inspection of the security of the market. The person looked the same as the previous picture, so it should be him. The Wu person was around 40, and during the inspection, he wore a faint smile on his face.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

How would he be able to help Luo Fei Yan? Su Ke wracked his brain around it, but he couldn’t find any reason. With just his identity as an 18-year-old and a 3rd-year high school student, this case was undoubtedly harder than climbing to heaven. The only hope he had would be his flower pickup system.

After releasing a sigh, he then entered the space of the flower pickup system. He suddenly found out that there was an additional mission on the LCD screen that he didn’t even notice. Could it have refreshed when he was unconscious?

“D*mn! Why are there so many first kiss missions?” Su Ke stared at the LCD screen in a daze with an expression on his face that seemed like he was about to cry but couldn’t. At the moment, the four missions on the LCD screen were as follows:

“Mission: Obtain Wei Lan’s first kiss. Reward: High school science proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

“Mission: Help Zheng Mo resolve her troubles. Reward: High school calculator skill proficiency.”

“Mission: Obtain Zheng Mo’s first kiss. Reward: Piano proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

Only allowed on

“Mission: Obtain Luo Fei Yan’s first kiss. Reward: High school science proficiency (Advanced Level).”

The last mission on the list to get Luo Fei Yan’s first kiss was the newest mission. However, among the four missions, three of them were to obtain someone’s first kiss. It was just too difficult!

Regarding Luo Fei Yan’s first kiss, could it be that she had always been protecting it? Su Ke didn’t know the answer, but deep down, he believed it to be true, as the flower pickup system wouldn’t be wrong.

If he was to complete this mission, he would be able to obtain the science proficiency (Advanced Level) reward. This also means that he would be able to clear one of the subjects. It being possible to score a perfect score for math and science was extremely attractive to him.

However, what he was thinking about the most wasn’t the mission’s rewards, but how to help Luo Fei Yan resolve her trouble and settle her case regarding that perverted Director Wu. He pondered over it, but he still couldn’t find a way. Could the ‘Help’ section be of help to him when it’s unlocked? Could there be a pleasant surprise?

When he pressed on the ‘Help’ button, a message immediately popped up.

“Completion of 20 missions is required to open the ‘Help’ section!”

“Current mission status: 22 missions total, 18 completed!”

Su Ke decided that he had to increase his speed of completing his missions. At noon tomorrow, he had to go to the Langfang Teachers University to find Zheng Mo regarding the basketball competition case. While thinking, he opened the Shi Qi Zhong web forum to check on the two videos that he left there.

After clicking it open, Su Ke was shocked and alarmed. Why did the world change to become like this?!

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