Chapter 59: Su Ke should learn from Edison Chen

“Skirt-chaser Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s evil clutches have extended towards a year one high school girl! Hot!” In the forum, such a topic had suddenly popped up, and its number of views nearly reached a thousand!

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Su Ke’s eyes widened as he clicked to enter the webpage. The first thing he saw was a picture of him having a meal with Liu Qing Qing in the Californian beef noodle stall. Wang Huan and Li Yan weren’t in the photo though.

In the picture, Su Ke was sitting together with Liu Qing Qing. Although they were somewhat reserved, their incidental smiles when their eyes met made it look like they were well-matched. Whoever took this picture was pretty good.

The second one picture is of when Su Ke and Liu Qing Qing walked into the school. Su Ke didn’t know when, but he had become so eye-catching that he had the rare honor of the paparazzi following him and taking photos.

There was a total of two photos and the replies below them that made Su Ke want to cry. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry though. After looking through the replies row by row, Su Ke ground his teeth in anger.

“The fifteenth moon is the roundest on the sixteenth day, Su Ke is a fickle minded man!”

“A group of egret flies up into the blue sky, Su Ke is stepping on three boats!”

“The cockboat has passed ten thousand mountains, the prettiest girl is Wei Lan!”

“Meeting them is also very difficult. Fei Fei, the school beauty, is a third-year!”

“Hearts that have a common beat are linked, it’s Liu Qing Qing in the photo!”

“The top floor has an original sesame seed-coated cake, I’m going for another!”

“Fei Fei, Qing Qing, and Wei Lan are the males attendant!”

“Su Ke, work hard. Learn from Edison Chen!”

“Edison Chen is a national idol. Su Ke, remember to bring a camera!”

“Three pretty girls are lining up for you. Su Ke, you should learn from Li Zong Rui!”

“Edison Chen and Li Zong Rui let you sleep with a different pretty girl every day!”

“The above people are a bunch of rogues!”

“If you get to close, you will surely get burned!”

Su Ke was on the verge of smashing his computer out of anger after reading through the replies. Each of them were like poets discussing amongst themselves. Nonetheless, their talents were admirable, unless they were actually from the humanities? However, it’s good because there were still people arguing back. After reading through them, Su Ke suddenly laughed.

“The above reply is really dirty, I’ll dump some water on you that has been used to wash feet.”

“The above reply is ridiculous, I’ll spray your face with a puppy’s pee!”

After reading through the forum for a while, Su Ke lost interest in the end and he got off the computer. Looking at his clock that hung on the wall, he saw that it was nearly 11 o’clock. Su Ke hastily finished his homework before lying in bed.

As Su Ke tossed and turned in his bed, the image of Luo Fei Yan’s radiant and enchanting eyes that hid her helplessness constantly appeared in his mind. For a woman without proper support, Su Ke had yet to notice her existence. How much work did she need to put in?

A man’s desire to protect women isn’t always completely related to age. Even children as young as kindergarteners have times when they heroically save the beauty. Su Ke, an 18-year-old youngster, isn’t an exception.

“Wu Cheng Jie! Wu Cheng Jie!” Su Ke frowned as he mumbled that name. The moonlight outside his window shone through the curtains, making the white light very faint. Without realizing it, his eyes closed and he fell asleep immediately.

“I’ll go to the university first and find Zheng Mo. It would be for the best if the mission is accomplished this week!” Su Ke left early in the morning and his mind was already thinking about the case. After all, looking at the current situation, this mission could still be counted as easy to complete.

As soon as Su Ke entered the classroom, he noticed that Wang Xiao Gang seemed to be waiting for him. Wang Xiao Gang immediately walked over and welcomed him when he saw Su Ke. He sniggered, “Su Ke, you, haha, did you see the forum?”

Hearing that question, Su Ke knew what Wang Xiao Gang was talking about, so he helplessly replied, “Don’t tell me that it’s that type of promotion plan! I’ll take your life!”

“Hey! This really isn’t me! However, that photographer has some skills. I can totally nurture him in the future to be my chief photographer. That viewfinder, angle, and adjusted focus. Simply put, he seemed somewhat professional!” Speaking until there, Wang Xiao Gang suddenly laughed again then spoke while pointing at Su Ke, “The most awesome part of the forum is all the replies though. Did you see them?”

Su Ke was speechless this time. Wang Xiao Gang didn’t lower his voice, so the students that were preparing for self-study began to cover their mouth to resist from laughing. However, it was rather fortunate that Wei Lan’s head was lowered and she didn’t seem to have any kind of reaction.

Wang Xiao Gang continued speaking.”Student Su Ke, I have to tell you something very serious. You’re very famous now! Extremely popular! Oh right, did you see the competition for the 10 most handsome boys in school that I sent to you?”

Su Ke shook his head, “Why would I still have the mood to see that! It nearly caused my mental state to go chaotic!” After saying so, Su Ke headed towards his seat. Before he could take another step though, his arm was suddenly pulled by Wang Xiao Gang.

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“It’s a great honor for me to congratulate you. The activity this time around will be public, fair and just. It will also be under my supervision. You’ve already been shortlisted for this competition. You’re also currently using an advantage of looking weak to overwhelm Lin Jian, a second year, and taking first place!” Wang Xiao Gang had a serious expression on his face, but a trace of craftiness still lingered in his gaze.

“Lin Jian? Who’s he?” Su Ke wasn’t interested in the 10 most handsome boys in school. However, once he heard the name that Wang Xiao Gang had spoken of, he seemed to have heard it somewhere before. He forgot where though, which is why he paused.

“Hài, it’s that second-year fellow from class (1). He’s called Rukawa Kaede by love-struck fangirls. He’s not bad at basketball, and there’s a rumor that he even plays on equal footing with people specialized in sports!” Wang Xiao Gang couldn’t stand Lin Jian, and being Su Ke’s best friend, he would naturally help him and not be an outsider.

“Oh!” Su Ke shrugged his shoulders and indifferently shook his head. He was finally released from Wang Xiao Gang’s pestering and returned to his seat. However, it was evident that the case of the new post in the forum would bring him some trouble, and this was just the beginning.

“Su Ke!” Wei Lan immediately stood up when the class ended and called out to Su Ke as she rushed towards him. While doing so, she cast a glare at Wang Xiao Gang who wanted to squeeze in, causing him to retreat.

“En?” Su Ke lifted his head and felt that it was somewhat unexpected. Although he now had a good relationship with her, she rarely took the initiative to find him. School hasn’t ended for the day either.

Wei Lan stammered as she hesitated. She then took in a deep breath and the two dimples on her cheeks were covered by blushes and she looked somewhat nervous. Su Ke could only ask, “What is it? Is there a problem?”

Wei Lan gritted her teeth before she finally spoke. “You…. did you see that post on the forum?”

“D*mn’t!” Su Ke sighed in his heart. In the beginning, he thought that Wei Lan wouldn’t even go and look at the forum. What’s more, she’s a member of the study committee, so she shouldn’t have a lot of free time. He also didn’t see her make any weird reactions this morning. Who knew that she would come and settle her score at the opportune moment.

“I’ve seen it! You’re talking about that post about me catching the thief!” Su Ke thought of an excuse, but deep down, he was extremely nervous. However, he wouldn’t easily bring up that post relating to the 3 girls and 1 guy. Even though he didn’t bring it up initially, it didn’t mean that Wei Lan wouldn’t ask about it!

“Not that. I’m talking about that post that advised you to learn from Li Zong Rui and Edison Chen!” Wei Lan said, feeling displeased as she looked at Su Ke.

“Oh! Li Zong Rui? Edison Chen? Never heard of them before. I don’t know about them either!” Su Ke decided to act like a fool until the end to avoid the spearhead. He then frowned while wearing an innocent expression on his face.

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