Chapter 60: A Heroic Gamble

“Stop playing dumb! Wang Xiao Gang was speaking to you so loudly this morning, the whole classroom could hear your conversation!” Wei Lan pouted, then she crossed her arms over her chest as she glared at Su Ke2Su KeMain Character.

“Eh!” Su Ke immediately withered, laughing bitterly. “That’s just nonsense!” He didn’t know exactly what happened, he just felt like he was caught having an affair.”

“What’s going one with Li Fei Fei and Liu Qing Qing? Why did you also go and eat with Liu Qing Qing?” Wei Lan got more agitated as she spoke, causing her chest, which was being squeezed by her arms, to become even more plump than usual.

Su Ke lifted his head and his gaze landed on her chest, making him even more dumbstruck.

“You, what are you looking at? Hurry up and answer!” After Wei Lan finished her homework last night, she originally wanted to look at the poll for the top ten most handsome boys in school, but Wang Xiao Gang had then told her what happened. Who knew that she would actually see a picture of Su Ke eating a meal with someone else, especially year 1 Liu Qing Qing.

Having worked herself up since early in the morning, she finally had an opportunity to unleash her anger. Looking at Su Ke’s attempts to act like a fool, she became even angrier. Actually, she also didn’t know why she felt betrayed.

Su Ke unconsciously scratched his head. He then decided to ask a more meaningful question to distract Wei Lan. “Actually, it’s nothing. Do you remember the girl called Wang Huan who was chased and beaten up by a group of people?”

“En!” Wei Lan nodded in response but didn’t relax in the slightest, her face just like ice.

“Didn’t I help her out back then? So she wanted to thank me for that time. The photo you saw was actually of Wang Huan and Li Yan. Oh yeah, Wang Xiao Gang was there too. Ask him yourself if you don’t believe me!” Su Ke then pointed at an innocent-looking Wang Xiao Gang that was already hovering behind Wei Lan as he spoke.

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“Ah?” Seeing Wei Lan turning around, Wang Xiao Gang was shocked and frantically nodded his head. “That’s right, that’s right! I was there too!”

Wei Lan seemed calmer and milder. Looking at the curious Wang Xiao Gang though, she ferociously yelled, “Stand aside!”

“Eh, I’ll just go away then. Call me if you need me!” Wang Xiao Gang was full of smiles as he nodded and moved aside.

“Look, I didn’t lie to you!” Su Ke spread his hands, trying to look more innocent. Seeing that Wei Lan’s mood had calmed, he quickly added, “That’s right, how are your revisions? Next week is our monthly examinations!”

“Stop trying to change the subject! I don’t need revisions to score higher than you!” Wei Lan angrily replied.

“That might not be true. I feel like I’ll surpass you in this examination!” Su Ke knew that Wei Lan was probably in the top forty for year three science classes, which is practically number one in class eight. Su Ke needed to distract her though, so he pulled out a card.

“Tch, stop dreaming!” Wei Lan knew about Su Ke’s very clearly. Besides his language grade, the rest were barely passable. Within the 800 people in year 3, his humanities grade hasn’t gone above 200. During his previous examination, he was ranked in the 500s. Behind that, and besides the people who didn’t study, there was also the people with an athletic ability.

So when Su Ke said that he would surpass her, her first thought was that he went crazy. No matter how hard you study, it was impossible to increase your rank by over 500!

Su Ke didn’t hesitate to blurt out, “If I score above you in the upcoming examination, what should we do? Is there a prize?” Even if he failed, he still wouldn’t lose that much.

“I agree with whatever you say!” Wei Lan became callous, but she still had a thought in her heart. Through this method, she could encourage Su Ke to work hard and it could be counted as a good deed. This, this is definitely the responsibility of a committee member!

Su Ke unknowingly lowered his voice while speaking.“Hei Hei, do you still remember what I said before?”

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Wei Lan furrowed her eyebrows, then she released her arms and put them it on the desk as she leaned forward and asked quietly.“En? What did you say?”

Su Ke noticed that Wei Lan was closer to him and that her white rabbits regained their original shape and swayed slightly. Quickly averting his gaze and taking a deep breath, he murmured, “Didn’t you say you wanted to kiss me before?”

“What?” Wei Lan bent down to listen attentively. Su Ke’s voice went even lower, then his face became red as he squatted to one side, unmoving.

When Su Ke finished speaking, he released a relieved breath when he saw Wei Lan’s shy and embarrassed reaction that was also really enthusiastic. He didn’t know if it was because Fang Fei Yi had already honed on him, but he tilted his head towards Wei Lan and said, “So? Do you dare?”

Wei Lan averted her gaze and looked around frantically, then she realized that no one was paying any attention to him. Even the obedient Wang Xiao Gang went to the toilet, causing her to relax a little bit.

Wei Lan’s face was taut as she confidently declared. “How can I not? I’ll definitely win anyways!”

“Good! It’s settled then. Don’t regret it though!”

“It’s a promise!” Wei Lan furiously nodded, but she immediately reacted, realizing that their deal was a little unfair. She quickly said, “Then what do I get if I win?”

When she said that, she saw Su Ke think for a little bit before replying righteously, “If I win, you kiss me! If I lose, I kiss you!”

“You pervert, why don’t you go die!” Wei Lan was nearly mad with anger, waving her fists and slamming them on Su Ke’s shoulders. “If you lose, you need to promise me that you’ll work hard. It’s enough for me if you improve even just a little bit!”

“Okay!” Su Ke nodded. At this moment, the bell rang for class. Wei Lan stared at him for a bit before hurrying back to her seat.

To win this bet, not only can they get more intimate, but he can also finish a task. The whole morning, Su Ke was attentive in class and quietly working hard. He still remembered to go to Lang Fang teachers’ lounge to find Zheng Mo during lunch though.

The more attentive he was, the faster time flew. When class finally ended, he was still reluctant. When he thought about Zheng Mo, he packed his table, then he waited until all the students had left before slowly walking to the teachers’ lounge.

A voice suddenly called out to him.“Su Ke!” Su Ke instinctively stopped, but the guy who was in front of him was a stranger. He then asked, “You are?”

“I’m from year 2 class 4. I watched our video on our school’s forum!” The male smiled honestly, but his next sentence created black lines on Su Ke’s head.

“I even saw the picture of you eating with Liu Qing Qing. I even have a reply for you!”
“Is there a problem then?”

When the boy spoke, he looked a bit anxious and concerned, “Yes, there is! I was stopped at the entrance of our school. The people there wanted me to find you. They’re waiting for you at the entrance!”

He thought for a little bit before continuing, “Be careful! I think they have bad intentions for you. If you don’t wanna go, then make sure you go hide for a while. I’m scared that they’ll become too impatient and just enter the school!”

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