Chapter 61: Looking for Money or Looking for Sex?

“En! I know, thank you!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character furrowed his eyebrows. His instincts told him that it was Huang Mao and his hooligans. Before, Wang Xiao Gang had already reminded him that this guy had come out from the guardhouse, but he still smiled at the male who gave him the news.

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“En, be careful! I’ll leave first!” The male then turned around after he was done, but he suddenly stopped. He then looked at Su Ke and laughed darkly, “Su Ke, you’re really formidable. The three girls on the forum are all your girlfriends?”

“Pu!” Su Ke nearly spat blood. Black lines adorned his head, he was also speechless and very embarrassed. Looking at the year 2 male in front of him fanning the gossip, he gloomily shook his head. “It’s all drivel, I’m not that close to them!”

“Oh!” The student seemed a bit disappointed and half in disbelief, which made Su Ke feel even more wronged. He didn’t know who was behind the scenes slandering him, but they made him out to be some playboy stepping on three boats at the same time.

Looking at the silhouette of the guy who was leaving, Su Ke paused for a moment, then went down the stairs. Even though the school gates surely had Huang Mao and his gang waiting there, hiding wouldn’t solve anything. He might be able to hide on the first day, but he couldn’t hide until the fifteenth. It was better to settle this now.

After receiving the proficiency in boxing reward, Su Ke felt like he wasn’t that weak, He wasn’t a young man who couldn’t even fight a chicken anymore. The way he now handles certain matters has also started to change, he no longer runs away.

After waiting for just a moment, almost everyone in school had left. The usually-crowded entrance only had a few students cycling away. Looking at the gates, Su Ke took a deep breath and moved his body a bit. Since there’s a high chance of a fight, he naturally needed to prepare himself.

After he finished warming himself up, he walked over while looking around. Strangely enough, he didn’t see a hint of Huang Mao and his goons. Did they leave first?

He continued forward, making himself look more conspicuous, but Huang Mao didn’t appear. A black car slowly pulled up at that moment, then it steadily stopped beside Su Ke.

“Hi!” Two men walked out of the car and headed towards Su Ke after greeting him.

Su Ke was stunned. They looked to be around 27 to 28 years-old. They had cropped hair, black aviator sunglasses, and tight army green shirts. They also wore army pants similar to those in movies and combat boots. Altogether, the outfit gave off a valiant and imposing air.

The male who spoke was expressionless. His posture was relaxed and natural looking, but he gave Su Ke a dangerous feeling. If this person were to act, it would be lightning-quick. He already had a lot of belief for people in army uniforms, and at this moment, he was very anxious.

“You guys are?” Su Ke asked softly, but at the same time, subtly preparing his body. He was really shocked though. Were these people actually hired by Huang Mao?

“Who we are isn’t important. What’s important is that our boss wants to see you!” The man’s voice was powerful and low, while his face was like a Chinese vampire with no change in expression.

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“Eh! Sorry, but I have something to do!” Su Ke changed his strategy. If he had to take action, he was afraid that he might be taken advantage of. It was very likely that he would be beaten by them very badly. Right now, he could only find another way to escape.

Since he was going to run away though, he needed to make these two men relax their guard.

“Big Brothers, it’s already almost 12, you guys should quickly go home and eat. I’m also a poor student with no money. I won’t delay your meal any further!” Su Ke ran his mouth and put on a harmless smile as he looked for an escape route.

Su Ke smiled and nodded, his mouth like a straight line. Before he could turn away and run, the other guy blocked his way like an impenetrable wall.

“D*mn!” Su Ke cursed in his heart. He raised his right knee suddenly, and in a flash, his leg stretched taut as he ruthlessly aimed one foot at the other man’s crotch.

When drawing a bow, pull it your hardest! When using an arrow, pretend you use it constantly! To shoot someone, first, shoot the horse! To capture a thief, first, capture their king!

Even though Su Ke couldn’t ‘capture a thief by capturing their king’, he could use ‘when kicking a person, first kick their crotch’. The kick contained immense power. If it really connected, the person he kicked may not have been able to have babies. It was unavoidable though. These two people put too much pressure on Su Ke.

No ambush, he reckoned that it’s not the right time to be nice.

“Beng!” Su Ke’s right leg exerted all its strength in the kick, but it was just like stepping on a brick. A jolt of pain then traveled from his foot. He then realized that the man in front of him didn’t dodge, he just lifted his knee and intercepted Su Ke’s leg.

Su Ke suddenly went down soon after. Not only did he not let the other man retreat even a tiny bit despite the pain in his leg, he bounced back immediately. Su Ke got up and turned around in a flash, preparing to flee.

“Ah!” Pain suddenly flashed across his shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Unknowingly, the one who was talking to him had reached Su Ke and struck him like lightning. One hand grabbed his neck, while the other grabbed both of his wrists.

“F*ck!” Su Ke was so anxious he wanted to curse his mother. Who the heck was this guy? He hadn’t even reacted and he was already captured. His hand technique was like the army restraining holds in movies.

“He can’t be actual military. If it’s really like that, it’ll be just like facing Guan Gong while wielding his broadsword, he could never win against these people!” Su Ke tried to wriggle away, but his hands were like clamps, securely locking him up. “Who are you people? I’m going to yell for help!”

“Don’t be scared. Our boss just wants to treat you to a meal!” The one who was nearly injured finally spoke, sounding more persuasive than the previous person. He then opened the car door as he spoke.

“Wei! Loosen up, my arm is about to fall off!” Su Ke was then unceremoniously dumped into the car with each man boxing him on his sides.

The man who didn’t get out started the car. He was dressed exactly the same as the other two. Suddenly, Su Ke noticed a photo on the front seat. It was actually the one showing him eating with Liu Qing Qing. Who knew that these people were so prepared. If he didn’t come out, then they would have used the picture to drag him out anyways. It was unavoidable!

Anyway, the situation was already like this. Even if he wanted to run, he actually couldn’t.

Su Ke felt that after he got in the car, these people were a lot more relaxed. The pressure on him also lightened, but he still couldn’t relax. He then smiled mischievously before speaking, “Big Brothers, it can’t be that you’re kidnapping me! Are you looking for money or are you looking for sex? Wei! If you’re looking for sex, I can’t satisfy you. If you’re looking for money, I think it would better if you bought a lottery ticket! My family doesn’t have any money, we’re super poor!”

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