Chapter 62: Man-Eating Demoness, Liu Fei Hong

“Don’t be so nervous, Boss just wants to invite you to a meal. You’ll know when we get there!” Seeing that Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had calmed down, the two men sitting in the back felt relieved. The man who had his knee kicked by Su Ke didn’t show any change in expression. Rather than that, there was a faint sense of pain coming from the sole of his feet

“Is it really for a meal?” Su Ke then looked at the two men whose attitudes didn’t become rigid due to him running away the instant he turned his body. Of course, the main point was that he didn’t cause any trouble for them. Su Ke timidly asked, “I don’t need to pay?”

“Hēhē!” This time, nobody responded to him at all. It was dead quiet in the car, so the only the sound being produced was from the car tires against the road. Looking through the window in all directions, Su Ke noticed that the car was actually heading towards the development zone.

“Hey!” Su Ke scratched his head. “Aren’t we getting close to the point where someone saw a part of a corpse on TV?”

However, Su Ke very quickly realized that there wasn’t anyone responding to him. Their eyes were also blocked by their sunglasses, so it was impossible to know what they were thinking about. Since Su Ke sat together with them, he was able to feel their hard metal-like muscles in their bodies that felt like they were filled with explosive power.

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Though Su Ke knew that he shouldn’t be in any danger, he still carefully made some preparations. The car began to leave and go downtown, but the development zone was also unexpectedly very bustling.

The car then suddenly stopped in front of a restaurant. On the platform, there were two waitresses in crimson cheongsam standing on each side of the revolving door. Their hair was combed to the back of their heads, while their chests were puffed out and drawn into their abdomen; the front curved out and the behind stuck up. Both their palms overlapped in front of them while they wore a smile. They were very slender and elegant.

After Su Ke walked out of the car, he suddenly noticed a highlight. It was unexpected, but the bottom part of waitresses’ cheongsam had a big slit in it that already reached their thigh. From the light breeze that brushed by at that moment, their skirts slightly swayed. The snow white skin of their jade colored legs was sometimes partly hidden and partly visible. It seems that if a gale swept by, their bottoms would be exposed.


“Let’s go! The Boss is waiting for you inside!” When Su Ke was in a daze, he was patted on the shoulder by a man behind him before he came back to reality. The restaurant before him had 5 stories. The outside wall had some kind of golden glass, so when the sun’s rays shone on it, it looked splendorous and majestic. Directly before them was the restaurant’s signboard, “Bluish Green Sea & Cloudy Sky”

“Uh! I don’t know the way!” Su Ke complained in his mind. He wanted to leave right away, but he didn’t know where to go. He then embarrassedly turned his head and looked at the two men behind him.

“Let’s go!” At this time, the man who captured Su Ke took the lead and guided Su Ke into the restaurant. When they then passed through the revolving door, the two waitresses that had smiles on their faces slightly bowed. Their actions weren’t very big, but Su Ke didn’t see the spring scenery from the swaying of their skirts that he wanted.

However, now wasn’t the time to ponder over this question, because after stepping into the restaurant, he would soon be able to see the mysterious Boss! What kind of person is he? Could he be the yellow hair’s backer? While walking up the stairs, Su Ke calmed his breathing. Even though his heart was still nervous, the emotions on his face had already calmed down.

On the second floor, there was a waitress in front of the door to Purple East Hall that was young, beautiful, and wore light makeup. She then nodded her head at the man in front, causing Su Ke to guess that they knew each other.

“You’re Su Ke?” The woman also wore a cheongsam, which means a cheongsam must be this restaurant’s working attire. She wore a red cheongsam with a high collar that was embroidered with a hundred flower designs. It was very exquisite. The end of her cheongsam reached above knee level. The entire cheongsam outlined the lady’s elegance and curves, as well as her fully filled chest area. When she spoke, both her palms overlapped in front of her.

“En!” Su Ke nodded his head. At the same time, the head waitress before him pushed the door open, then she slightly took a step back to create a path before saying to Su Ke, “Please enter!”

Su Ke then took a deep breath before striding in. Even if the Boss was an immortal or a monster, since he came all the way to this point, he certainly had to meet the person. After he walked in, he was instantly stunned.

The whole hall was extremely spacious and the sunlight was shining through the glass window. The costly air conditioner unit that operated with electricity was making a low-pitch sound. When Su Ke first entered, he immediately felt that his whole body was comfortable and invigorated.

There was also a big round table that could at least sit 15 people. On it, there was a crystal clear glass lazy susan that had peanuts, melon seeds, pistachio nuts, and many other refreshments on it. When his gaze drifted further into the room, he noticed that the place had charm and beauty.

At a corner, there was a small bar with a menu of all sort of drinks and wines above it. It had red wine, white wine, and a great variety of beverages. Beside the bar, there was a genuine leather sofa that looked extremely soft and comfortable. Su Ke then noticed that there was a lady currently sitting on it and looking at him.

She had short hair that parted from the middle, giving her an experienced career woman vibe. She also had a typical oval face, heavy eyebrow makeup, and a pair of bright eyes that seemed to be able to see through the heart. She had been staring at Su Ke ever since he arrived. She also had a pointy nose and lips that looked like they were put on a rouge. She quietly sat on the sofa while slightly leaning against the soft backrest. Her hands were resting on each side to support her body, giving off a very relaxed impression.

Even though she just lifted her head to look at Su Ke, she gave him a kind of oppressive feeling.

After around a minute had passed, the room was very quiet as the two stared at each other.

“Su Ke?” The lady suddenly smiled, exposing her white teeth as she stood up. The suffocating atmosphere from before had thawed when she spoke.

“Yes, that’s me! You are?” Su Ke was confused, as he originally thought that the mysterious boss that was waiting for him was an old man. However, who would have thought that it would actually be a young lady who looked to be around 30. Her whole person looked to be swift and decisive, while she gave off a faint domineer over the opposite gender.

“I’m Liu Fei Hong. Us meeting right now was a bit forced, so please understand! Come, sit!” Liu Fei Hong was wearing a simple black blouse that had its bottom hem tucked in, causing her well developed upper body to be more obvious. At this moment, Su Ke noticed that she was actually wearing man-size trousers. Her clothes were actually very gender neutral. While pointing at the chair before Su Ke as she spoke, Liu Fei Hong had already sat down in her own chair.

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“Oh!” Su Ke was even more confused by Liu Fei Hong’s attitude. He didn’t know her intentions, so he decided that he would take things as they come. He then nodded and sat down, but his mind was working very rapidly. Who was this Liu Fei Hong?

He had heard the name before, but he didn’t have any impression of it. In the midst of pondering over it, someone knocked on the door twice, then a group of waitresses in red cheongsams walked in one by one in an orderly fashion while carrying dishes of food.

Su Ke had a feeling as if maternal grandmother Liu had entered the grand view garden. The dishes on the table in front of Su Ke looked good, smelled good, and they would surely be tasty. There was chicken meat, duck meat, fish meat, and everything one could imagine. They were also all unique, just like pieces of art. They instantly caused Su Ke’s belly to growl in hunger because after school, he hadn’t eaten yet,l so he was already quite hungry since the beginning!

“Sister Fei Hong, you can call me if there’s anything you need!” The lady who had been guarding the door from the start bowed and muttered those few words before catwalking out. After a while, the table was filled with delicious food. However, Su Ke’s memories then were stirred by these three words; Sister Fei Hong.

“Sister Fei Hong! Sister Fei Hong! D*mn, could you be that man-eating demoness, Liu Fei Hong?” Su Ke was momentarily shocked by his assumption. Liu Fei Hong was the hooligan’s well-known boss in Langfang. It was said that she had around 3 to 4 hundred people under her command. He didn’t think that she would be the yellow hair’s boss. It looked like he had kicked an iron plate. What should he do about this situation?

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